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OBJECTION! A skeleton cannot use their skull to suck up the smoke!

Are you trying to say that magical skeletons follow the human biology rules?? I say, that magic cigs and magic skeletons work in their on way!!

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I was looking back at those old comics I did 2 years ago and wanted to whip up a more lighthearted ending to it.

Edgeworth found a way to tame Kay and became that one teacher who constantly calls your parents when you misbehave.

Turns out it’s 50% effective

I wanted to translate Edgeworth’s profile from Gyakuten Saiban Fanbook since this is one of my favorites pics of him when I noticed they used a lot of ‘japanese expressions’ to refer Phoenix and Edgeworth relationship that may get lost in translation: 親友 (shinyuu/closest friend), 友人 (yuujin/best friend), 幼なじみ (osananajimi/childhood friend) and it also says they are connected by a bond of trust and confidence.

We got some relationship goals there, huh.

What’s so perfect about my crime?
You and I bear the same sadness,
The one who loved, the one who was loved.
We’re fated to put each other on trial.

- Ren’ai Saiban / Love Trial, 40mP feat. Hatsune Miku

Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)
my vocaloid playlist put on renai saiban while i was playing ace attorney and i knew what i had to do
(reposting for Narumitsu Day 2017!)


WrightWorth shitposts transformed into comic strips!!!

Well, I saw that the last doodles I posted about them became quite popular, so I tried to do something special with this new simple style. I only used my mouse to draw this… it was quite difficult, but yeah I finished on time (insert applause here)