lol dumb kid

  • Nitori: *takes a deep breath*
  • Nitori: I lo-
  • Literally everyone who knows Nitori: yes, you love Rin, we know, you love Rin-senpai so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much and he's so cool, you just love Rin, we KNOW, you love Rin you ducking love your Rin-senpai ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE RIN WE GET IT.
  • Nitori: well then

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Stuck on talking about a pic, when Cheryl's pregnancy was first speculated in March, lmao, a year before the birth (that, analyzed, the kid seems to be born way before the 23th March), and her bump was inexistent in an interview, and when papped just a few hours later she was prominent as hell. But sure, no proof!!! Y'all good to analyze tattoos from a mile distance, and not what it's just under your noses? 😂 and sorry if “y'all” offended, since it seems like a big deal

Your clearly don’t know a pregnancy timeline lol she might have used the pregnancy rumors but she was obviously not pregnant back in March. See? That’s the problem, you want to come here talk about this but you don’t know one shit 

I went into the Youtube comments on the official upload of FFXV Brotherhood episode 2. I was expecting people to be like ‘lol this dumb fat kid was Prompto haha’ but something bizarre has happened.

All of the comments I’ve read are positive? Like ‘I’m so proud of Prompto for sticking to his goal so he could feel good about himself!’ and ‘Wow, Prompto was out of shape as a kid and now he’s the fastest runner out of all the characters, maybe there’s hope for me, too’

Like. Since when was the Youtube comment section so…Positive? Have I unknowingly entered an alternate universe?…

Hey, kids! Since in my timezone it still is Christmas, i’m posting this. 2016 was a very special year for me, and i wanted to celebrate it with you, guys! So here are my favourite blogs and mutuals (in no particular order). I hope that in 2017 we can continue to share amazing posts and jokes! 

The bold ones are special ones. They’re friends or blogs that i truly admire.

@vetto17-teo11-andme - @keygoguma - @life-volleyball - @cichypit - @ivanzaytsev - @maxholts - @felicityromanova - @volley-dumpling - @processedbeat - @xlucavettori17x - @zaytsevs - @simo-wonderboy - @scarboroughfair-ophelia - @youngodanf - @pl-volleyball - @maximum-holtage - @itsmatteopiano - @pleasecometomolico - @simxnegiannelli - @theitalianwall - @jaeschkes - @volley-b-all - @mememegustas - @kurekvolleysiatke - @myvolleyworld - @facu-conte - @just-volleyball - @candeurworld - @tripleyturn - @majaaa9 - @modena-volley - @luca-vettori - @lucavettoris - @volleyballismylovee - @volley-is-the-best - @dragantravica - @pallavolando 

I’m sorry if I forgot someone, my memory is always playing tricks on me. Happy holidays, enjoy it, and i’ll see y’all in 2017!