lol double kill

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A little bit of Yugeom in my life A little bit of BamBam by my side A little bit of Mark is all I need A little bit of JB is what I see A little bit of Youngjae in the sun A little bit of Jackson all night long A little bit of JINYOUNG HERE I AM

Thoughts of purple and blue~

tfw you and your bro pine in silence…. This pic turned out way more emo than I wanted. I will never do double lighting again, this killed the man.

looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you: chloe

looks like they’d kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: frank & samuel

looks like a cinnamon roll & is actually a cinnamon roll: warren & kate

could eat 5000 cinnamon rolls: max, probably

a sinnamon roll: nathan

the baker added a butt-ton of salt instead of cinnamon & fucked up the recipe: brooke


the ‘ultimate defense’ of the fog sanctum protected iwa-san from not only the physical effects of the damocles down, but also the disturbance of being so close to the death of a king on his weismann levels, the very thing that caused habari jin’s sword to break, necessitating his death…


not good enough to fight munakata after his clansmen show up.  just.  i dunno, i can see scepter 4 pushing him back or even injuring him, but this big dramatic pool of blood…

it doesn’t make much sense.