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#Carlos jamming out to Uptown Funk when he thinks nobody is looking.

#Carlos jamming out to Uptown Funk when he thinks Cecil is looking.

#Carlos finding out that Cecil hates the song.

#Carlos playing it in his car every time he picks Cecil up from work and on his phone whenever he can squeeze it into a situation, grinning like an idiot.

#Carlos sleeping on the couch.

#Probably keeps listening to it anyway 


my mom was in the next room xD
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cuddlyclarke asked:

Sorry don't mean to pressure you or anything but could you actually write a little drabble for post/114903701434/solluxcraptor-youre-too-cute-to-be-single with like any of the ships from the 100? That would be amazing but you can totally say no. :)


ok ok ummmmmmm here we go i’m gonna go with minty bc 

(a) i’ve recently discovered that’s a thing

(b) they’re my most unproblematic and adorable faves and 

(c) they’re both cute as heck so literally either of them could be saying it to the other so yknow

short minty drabble under the cut

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anonymous asked:

oh wow, that strip about crossdressing just gave me chills. just imagine how much fun Hitch would have while dressing up those dorks lol. corsets, stockings and MAKE UP. jeez, she would manage to make a beauty out of Marlowe (we all know he is hopeless). and Jean would def ranting about everything

“Oh, don’t be such a baby.  It’s not like it’s even a life or death mission,” Hitch chirps, yanking on the cords of Marco’s corset so his waist inches smaller.  It tears a low, breathless sound out of his throat, and his palms hit the desk as he leans forward.

Jean gives him a conflicted glance as he holds his own slack corset against his chest.  There’s something oddly appealing about the scene, with Marco red-cheeked and a little breathless as Hitch hauled another gasp out of him.  “Here, I’m stronger,” and he shooes her away to take the metaphorical reins.

Marco gives him a worried look as Jean puzzles out the mass of laces and grommets.  Hitch, already fully dressed, swished past him giddily to fuss over Marlowe’s wig.

“It’s not just about strength.  It’s about control,” and Marlowe’s noise is more comical than anything as she pulls him down to her height.  “It’s about knowing when to stop.  No amount of tightening is going to give any of you breasts.”

Jean pulls anyway,and Marco gives a high-pitched noise and grabs the desk, ears burning.  At least the skirts are hiding any unexpected boners from this expedition.