lol dont make me choose fandom ships

hey so shipping is ultimately a fake and inconsequential thing but also like, a thing that i think a lot of people dont register is that someone’s blog is their space, and choosing to follow them does not make it partially ur space (part of y i turned off anon was because of this phenom lol) so this is really my platform for self expression first and foremost and if the idea of me, as a lesbian but also as like. a person, expressing discomfort/distaste with the way a fandom treats/conceptualizes/pairs off female characters i like impedes ur enjoyment of ur own bad taste so much you can’t deal with it i implore you to either 1. say something to my face so that we might have some chance of seeing where the other person is coming from or 2. removing yourself from the personal space i’ve created and finding one where you dont have to deal with Nasty Toxic Ship Policers processing their own dislike for shit

this is a mean post but like i feel like this has happened more than once and i’m really just? kind of done putting up with it its not fair to anyone involved