lol don't talk to me

one of the reasons im so shitty at talking to people is because i can’t believe that im someone people want to talk to as opposed to them feeling like im an obligation so when people message me i always think that ignoring them would relieve us both of the burden

you know when u talk to someone for the first time online and u think they’re rlly cool but then the conversation stutters and u take a little longer to reply because every message u send is an opportunity for them to not reply and you can pretend things are okay if they’re static but you don’t trust yourself to say the right things and eventually your own self doubt causes conversation to die and you end up sabotaging a friendship before it’s begun because you’re too terrified to let even the smallest unknown into your life? bc i feel

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I told you, I won’t run anymore.


So why are you still carrying me?


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On Ke$ha’s hit 2010 song, Blah Blah Blah, she says “zip your lip like a padlock”. I never even questioned this 7 years ago but I’ve been thinking about it lately. It makes no sense. Padlocks don’t zip. 

Okay so I’m all for Damien getting his ass kicked, but what breaks my heart about this episode is Caleb losing the control he spent so long trying to achieve. Caleb is a kind and sweet boy, who has been scared of hurting others from the start. He had only lost his temper once since starting therapy with Dr. Bright (the school dance incident), and afterwards he said “I’m not dangerous, I promise.” because losing control and being perceived as a threat is what scared Caleb about his ability. I mean, this kid takes herbal tea in flasks to parties not to lose his head and drink! He has spent so long going to therapy, doing exercises, trying to control his anger, trying not to get overwhelmed by negative emotions, and coming such a long way from where he started -only for it all to be taken away by Damien now. 

I know that the situation called for it, and Adam (and maybe the others) would have gotten hurt otherwise. I even think Damien deserved it, if we’re being honest here, but I hate that it had to happen at the cost of Caleb’s hard work to reach the point he was at. I’m not sure how this incident will affect Caleb’s progress or his emotional and mental well-being, but I’m worried about whatever consequences it will have. And most of all I hate Damien so so much for making Caleb do something he was scared of doing for so long. 

Nothing resonates more with me than that episode of Catfish where Nev and Max (yes I know it was Tyler Oakley) take the girl to meet the guy and it actually is the guy. So they confront him why he never really talked or video chatted her, and he was like, I just don’t like to talk, I’m more comfortable texting.