lol don't really care


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Excuse me sir, could you just not?

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Like just… stop that? 

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That was really unnecessary, you know.

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Did you just?

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Oh no, you didn’t!

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It’s not funny!

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This is too much.

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I didn’t sign up for this. 

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Sir, what are you even? 

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Well, now I just feel attacked.

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Stop ruining other men for me! 

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Please, just stop.

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No, this is not going to work on me.

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Uhm.. I mean, if you insist. 

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No! Go away!

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So pretty.

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Wow, so rude.

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For reasons

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Fudge you. 

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Jared Padalecki approves this message.

I could’ve put it under a cut but I didn’t. Get over it. There’s never too much Jensen Ackles on your dash. 

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Excuse me, sir, could you just not… 

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Please stop. 

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No! Just n o! 

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Why can’t you just stop?

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Why do you try to kill me?

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What did I ever do to you, sir?! 

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Ugh, have mercy! 

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Jared, I beg of you! 

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Please, let me live! 

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Why so pretty? 

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Why so handsome? 

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Why so cute?

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Why so sexy?

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Just why?

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I never asked for this.

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I don’t need this.

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Starting to feel how hot you are?

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This offends me.

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Are you done?

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Of course not…

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Oh, for fuck’s sake!

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Go away. 

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Disclaimer: This post was not made by Jensen Ackles. 

I could’ve put this under a cut but I didn’t. Sue me. Everyone needs Jared Padalecki on their dash.

[Jensen version]

everybody gather round! ✨ hold hands with the person next to you 👭👫👬 welcome. this is a prayer circle for Joaquin. 👐 everybody send out good thoughts and positive vibes for our favourite snake 🐍 light a candle for him 🔥 let’s all pray he doesn’t get killed tonight 🙏🌙

Me: Okay I’m gonna get into this group what does their music sound like?

Y’all: Their members are really funny omg you need to watch their six hour vlive also here’s a youtube playlist of all their variety appearances.

Me: … that’s nice but like, their music though what does their music sound-

Y’all: Here’s 14 predebut dance videos look at that synchronization i👏🏾con👏🏾ic👏🏾

Me: but what about the mus-


Instinctual Variants and Cruelty

Tbh tho, each instinctual variant stacking has a degree of cruelty associated with each.

Sp-blind is perhaps the least cruel of them all depending on how one looks at it. They can simulate closeness as well as be close to family and friends. But on the flip side, their cruelty shows on the way they treat themselves. By designating acquaintances and friendships as more important than themselves, all their resources — energy, time, sleep, money, etc — go to upkeeping these relationships. They run themselves figuratively bankrupt of everything they have.

Sx and so-blind both differ on the level of cruelty depending upon what viewpoint they are seen from.

Sx-blinds remain cruel to those that view them to be close friends. By putting themselves and their social acquaintances as foremost, they easily neglect and sometimes downright abandon those that have emotional connections to them. Sx-blinds can leave as quickly and easily as they come. Ask them if they fondly recall your friendship a few years down the line and chances are they won’t even be able to remember your name.

Lastly, so-blinds are cruel to anyone and everyone that wishes to be their friend but doesn’t fall within their sx category. So-blinds aren’t quick to call someone a friend. Even knowing them for a year coupled with countless deep conversations may not be enough. It is not uncommon for so-doms/fixes to realize somewhere down the line they mean nothing to their so-blind friend, and no matter how much they can try, their efforts bring them farther from becoming a true friend of the so-blind.

This is really late but I read The Cursed Child. And it emphasizes how Albus Dumbledore is an utter trainwreck and everything about that is amazing.

He is just completely projecting. All the fuck over the place. His relationship with Grindelwald, Ariana’s death - in DH, it’s obvious how much he blames himself and it screwed him up (‘You cannot despise me more than I despise myself’), but Cursed Child makes it more abundantly clear.

Portrait!Dumbledore tells Harry that he’s ~blinded by love~ when it comes to giving advice about his son, and Harry is later like ‘wtf, Dumbledore?’

Dumbledore is a character who makes so many bad decisions and bad judgments. Everything looks like The Grindelwald Situation 2.0 to him. This was probably his POV on Snape and Lily, and Newt Scamander and Leta Lestrange as well.

And this part in Cursed Child:

Of course I loved you … and I knew that it would happen all over again … that where I loved, I would cause irreparable damage … I am no fit person to love … I have never loved without causing harm …

Albus Dumbledore believes that love is the most powerful magic in the world, and that he doesn’t deserve it.

I’m going to be really disappointed if Jude Law!Dumbledore isn’t like this: whimsical and clever on the surface, but also a complete disaster of a human being.

Also, I really loved this callback:

Harry, there is never a perfect answer in this messy, emotional world. Perfection is beyond the reach of humankind, beyond the reach of magic. In every shining moment of happiness is that drop of poison: the knowledge that pain will come again. Be honest to those you love, show your pain. To suffer is as human as to breathe.

-Portrait Albus Dumbledore in Cursed Child

No man or woman alive, magical or not,  has ever escaped some form of injury, whether physical, mental or emotional. To hurt is as human as to breathe. Nevertheless, we wizards seem particularly prone to the idea that we can bend the nature of existence to our will.

-Albus Dumbledore’s commentary attached to The Tales of Beedle the Bard

We call everything on the ice “love”.


thank you everyone for waiting! this painting was huge (my first 18″x24″ watercolor!) and took a while for me to sit down and scan (on a letter-size scanner ;__;), but i finished it weeks ago and figured i ought to continue my yuri on ice spree, haha. everything about yuri on ice was lovely. it’s so full of love. it filled me with love and now i have to try to love waiting for season 2 i guess

i’m bringing this as a print to some cons in march, and i’ve still got more paintings on the way (and potentially larger yoi projects down the road….), so keep an eye out! until then, SEE YOU NEXT LEVEL <3

Your Reality - Doki Doki Literature Club (Experimental Thingy)
Team Salvato - Fuuka-P (midi file)
Your Reality - Doki Doki Literature Club (Experimental Thingy)

I made this in Garageband in like 30 minutes.

Credit goes to Team Salvato for the original soundtrack and Fuuka-P on youtube for the MIDI file.

A book broke my heart yesterday ♡ so now I need a lot of Khadgrin hugs to fix it ✿