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Don’t make a whole house pay for the mistakes of a few generations. People change, ideas change and everyone deserves a chance. Blaming the Slytherins for what some members of their house has done in the past is ignorant and useless. We belong in Hogwarts as much as the other three houses. We aren’t better than anyone else and no one is better than us, we are all equals. Everyone is different and this is who we are. 

Just because the people you know in the series turn out to be bad most of the time doesn’t mean we all are. A sample doesn’t define a population. Not everyone’s a saint or a sinner, there are colours other than black and white. 

Curious  (Loki Laufeyson x reader)

Fluff yo (and like 0.1% angst if you can even call it angst lol)

This is for @sanjariti game of prompts challenge!

Text in italic is flashback and italic underlined text is a text message

NOTE - In this story, Pietro did NOT die during the fight with Ultron and whatever. This a good two/three years after that incident .. lol I don’t know the timelines. 

WARNINGS - Character death

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x reader

Prompt: “H- how long have you been standing there?”

Words: around 2.2K

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Heya folks, I’m back!

I should be good to update The Ice Plague tomorrow, but then it’s going to one update every two weeks for a little while, I wanted to start strong. But I have a rule that I can’t update a chapter until I’ve completed a chapter and I’ve just fallen behind lol.

Unfortunately I don’t have an update for The Golden Age that Never Was. Didn’t get as much writing time while I was away, hoping to make up for that this week. <3

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I think that Dany is attracted to Jon because she thinks he's 'special' like her. Now this doesn't mean they're kindred spirits or anything. Rather, in her narcissistic mind, he's like a male version of herself: young, attractive, great leader, white savior, fierce warrior, special snowflake (lol). Of course, I don't think that she's truly interested in having a man or children anymore? I think those dreams died with Drogo and her son. That's why she won't want to share the throne with Jon.

I think she won’t want to share the throne because it’s her life’s work; she thrives on being the centre of attention, and being looked up to. In Mereen she is frequently called ‘Your Worship’, ‘Your Magnificence’, ‘Your Radiance’ etc. Not even Cersei Lannister has time for that kind of bullshit flattery, but Daenerys laps it up. She thinks she’s being clever, allowing the Mereenese (and the Qartheen before that) to flatter her while also mistrusting them. She is an excellent liar, calling Xaro her ‘friend’ while thinking how she only needs him for his ships. She constantly has the goal of Westeros in mind, often at the detriment to her ‘people’ (even though the Mereenese, and the Dothraki before that, disgust her). I could talk more about how she views the various peoples she meets in Essos, but I won’t here.

I don’t know if she sees Jon as a white saviour. Perhaps she does. In any case, she has absolutely no grasp on his character, and would like to desperately believe she knows him (she soaks up all that ‘northern fool’ honourable ‘you’re not like anyone else’ nonsense).

Personally, I think she is not attracted to Jon himself. Now I don’t mean physically- he’s clearly an attractive man, and Daenerys finds attractive men attractive or arousing even if she doesn’t like them, or finds them ridiculous:

‘The three men were erect. The sight of their arousal was arousing, though Daenerys Targaryen found it comical, as well.’ - Daenerys II, A Dance With Dragons.

So, that she’s attracted to him means nothing. She does seem to find him ridiculous, lumping him in with the likes of Daario with that quote to Tyrion about being brave and stupid (I can’t find the exact quote, forgive me). She has shown she has absolutely no regard for him as a person at all. She doesn’t let him leave Dragonstone, she expects him, a King, to kneel before her, and thinks she can use her beauty to get what she wants like always. She wants the idea of him, the King chosen by his people, well loved and just. All the things she is not.

Joke’s on you, Daenerys. That sexy bastard is playing you at your own game.

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SO happy cp is finally getting those coins and more exposure to other Arrowverse audiences. But, I'm hoping you'll do Iris/WA scenes from the other crossover shows so I don't have to actually watch them?? lol I don't want to break my perfect record of never tuning into Error or LOT

I got you, Anon. LOL

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I am so sick of trying to explain things (esp related to feminism) to men, having them dismiss me bc I don't have proof, then when I find and send them studies or whatever they just go "lol I don't want to read that cuz I don't care but Im still right" Why are they so proud of their ignorance and laziness??

I have no idea, but god do I feel you. I’ve been through this soooo many times, especially talking about male violence. I think it comes down to hating feminism, not wanting to listen to women who are right, not caring about women, wanting to be smarter than women, and/or thinking they know better and do not want to hear anything to the contrary.

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Jared leto wear the same trousers and it looks normal on him maybe harry likes his trousers like that :/ god only knows why tho lol

We don’t discuss jared leto in this house especially not paired with the world “normal” gosh he’s satan dipped in glitter that uses bug repellent as perfume

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i mean personally my family's always had our non-jewish neighbors involved in our holidays and i don't think it's good to completely discourage and ban non-jewish folks from participating as long as they're doing it respectfully and not attempting to claim our heritage as their own. i obviously don't share your experience (especially being from an area with a v large jewish community) but i kinda feel like saying "no no no no never ever take part at all" is just leading to uneducated non-jews.

hm i guess i should clarify. i think non-jews participating in jewish traditions is fine as long as they’ve been invited (i invite my non-jewish friends to shul all the time lol) BUT what i don’t want to see happen is rosh hashanah become securalized/commercialized/stripped completely of its jewish origin and connotation to the point that anyone feels like they can celebrate it without even the mention of it being jewish.

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Jake did have a full head of hair where did that come from!!! I knew he wore a piece over is bald spot but did he get plugs or is he wearing a full on weave or wig now??

LOL, I really don’t know, but this cracked me up :))))

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Hello!//waves// um so this might sound weird but could you/anyone else recommend me some mysme writing blogs that you like? It's okay if they post other stuff too!! Don't get me wrong, I still love you mama and read your things religiously but you know, different people write differently?? Yeah?? Sorry bye ily!!!

LOL you don’t have to be sorry? The more the merrier in this fandom, I would never be offended if you read others’ work…I READ OTHER PEOPLES WORK HAHAHAHA

Anyway YES MY DARLING. I’m on mobile but I have a big list compiled here
Also, look through the notes please because several other amazing writing blogs promoted themselves in there so this should keep you busy for a good long while! Happy reading!! 💕💕💕

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smutbangtan replied to your post “I like to call Yoongi and JIMIN short and giggle but today I realized…”

As long he’s taller than me I don’t care lol ��

I legitimately don’t care if he’s shorter than me.  Jimin could be only 10 centimeters tall and he’d still be one sexy mochi worthy of all the love and affection.

Originally posted by kazu1827

I’m kinda tall, and I’ve dated men who were much taller than me, about the same height as me, and slightly shorter (1-2 inches shorter/ 2.5 - 5 centimeters shorter).  I’ll just say that height had little to no impact on the quality of our dating lives.  If anything, it was the tallest guy that created the greatest limitations in our sex lives – certain sex things were more difficult because of the height difference and body parts don’t line up, kissing him while standing created neck strain… stuff like that.

But at the end of the day, when you are lying down – height means next to nothing.

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Jack says he doesn’t have a favorite color, but then he sees you talk about your favorite color and why you love it so much and suddenly he has a new appreciation for it so when people ask what his favorite color is, he just says your favorite color. -chicken nug anon (I didn’t put in a specific color so that it could kind of be personalized??)

lol i don’t have a favorite color bc i’m too indecisive and they’re all so pretty