lol dis shit makes no sense


My mom shocked the shit out of me the other day when she gave me this. It belonged to my grandfather, her father. He died when I was 3 so I never really knew him. I had no idea until now that he had served in WWII. All she knows is that he was in the Army, no details on campaigns or his unit. I guess I have a research project now. Seeing what he carved into the scabbard, my life all of a sudden makes a lot more sense. Also I know now where I get my horrible spelling skills from lol

Okay so this is a super quick thing I wrote based on this idea (click this bc it won’t make sense if you dont lol) It’s basically what would happen if Veronica got pregnant w JD’s kid before he died and decided to keep the baby, and she’s making things work, but then Heather, Kurt, and Ram pop in for a surprise visit to fuck shit up lol. Idk if I’ll continue it, I guess you guys can tell me what you think.

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