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iKON members and their failed attempts at flirting

Here you go ♥ Btw all of these are my own creations except Yunhyeong’s, that’s a real story.
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The flirting: “Both my hearts beat only for you!” *points at actual heart and then at mole*
The reaction: “Gotta make sure no one sees how embarrassed I actually am.”

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The flirting: “Your name means flowers? All of a sudden I’m starting to like flowers now.”
y/n: “Dude, I can’t date.”((can’t believe I’m hurting my baby but I had to use this))
The reaction: “I’m not hurt, not at all. Just uh got something in my eye… Yeah…” 

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The flirting: “So like I heard you like rabbits. So… like- Umm… Could I be your pet?”
y/n: *highly amused* “So you’re into pet play lol.”
The reaction: “Shit I sounded like a creep. That sounded creepier than it did in my head. ‘Flirt with her’, they said. ‘You got nothing to lose’, they said. Nothing to lose except my life.” 

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The flirting: *texts* “I hope you know Sepiar, because you take my breath away.”
y/n: *calls him squealing* “Oh my gosh, it’s CPR but that was so cute.”
The reaction: Doesn’t understand his mistake but it was a win-win situation so he doesn’t even mind.

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The flirting: “The night sky is a representation of how I feel around you. Peaceful.” 
*thunderstorm starts*
The reaction: “Still accurate though.”

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The flirting: “If you told me I had a good body, I’d totally hold it against you.”
y/n: “That’s not flirting, that’s just narcissism.”
The reaction: “Okay maybe it wasn’t that well thought out.”

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The flirting: “Come over tonight, I’ll leave the back door open.” *wink wonks*
y/n: *plays along to fluster him* “I’ll see you then!”
The reaction: “Wait! I was just joking! Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into… I didn’t want this, my parents are over. I’ll barricade the back door.”

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I finally got myself to play the TMGS3 Premium PSP version.

I had never brought myself to play the Premium PSP version before because initially I thought (aside from the slightly modified gameplay and one additional secret character) it’s basically the same storyline with the same characters, so I thought I’m pretty content with just the NDS version. Although I still haven’t finished all the available routes (Damn you, or rather, bless you Konami for making so many routes in those three games), I’ve been replaying the NDS games many times already, so a couple of days ago I decided to give the TMGS3 Premium PSP version a try for a change. I know right? I’m so late in the game, literally.

And can I just say that I really love the Angel (Tenshi) and Sweet Devil (Koakuma) mode options?

To be honest I was skeptical about it before, but after actually playing the game, I find it to be a nice addition. When I got the Sweet Devil status (and watched how the game’s dialogs change and listened to the guys’ squeal-worthy reactions), I thought “OMG finally. Personality!”. And by 'personality’, I don’t mean the typical Japan-originated otome game heroine personality (at least of the ones I’ve played so far), which is cute, sweet, selfless, angelic do-gooder. Not that those personalities are a bad thing, but I really (really, really) wouldn’t mind some variations.

I’m not saying that being in Sweet Devil mode makes you an evil character. You just gain a more playful yet charismatic personality which enables you to have the upper hand in some situations, while still being a nice good girl. Who wouldn’t want that? In addition, I personally think that being in Sweet Devil mode gives you a sense of closeness with the guys, because you act more carefree and playful around them and they treat you accordingly (the scene with Konno-senpai which follows once you gain the Sweet Devil status totally surprises me, lol). This is especially great with the Sakurai brothers, because you three actually act like close childhood friends around each others.

[I always have this image in my head of a not-so-angelic heroine who could potentially form an infamous Habataki Gakuen Delinquent Trio with the Sakurai Brothers.]

You have no idea how much I had wished for the TMGS heroines to have such personality, because I think it’ll be hilariously perfect to deal with certain guys. Like Saeki from TMGS2, for example. I wonder what he and his mean tsundere self would do dealing with a Sweet Devil heroine, lol. They’d be a hilarious pair, I’m sure.

*Potential minor spoilers ahead*

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