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suicide squad is SO GOOD i want to watch it like another fifty times in the theaters. obviously bvs is a masterpiece of the highest order but susq is filled with love just as much.

IT WAS SO GOOOOOOD I LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!!! Like BVS, I’m going to refrain from saying how many times I’ve seen it since it came out lol AND I’M GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT BC I HAVEN’T MADE ANY LONG COHESIVE (LOL me cohesive lol no) POST ABOUT IT. ARRRIGHT LETS DO THIS.

Being familiar with Ayer’s kinetic style, *I was looking forward to this sine it was announced. He has hip-hop and the urban infused in his very character driven movies. He likes movement and color and sound in a way that is very antithesis to Snyder and what I mean by that is, Snyder (with Larry Fong) is very still. He likes movement, color and sound too (my GOD sound is such a character in Snyder movies), but he also loves long shots, wide perspective, and slow motion. Ayer is everywhere without the single shaky camera aesthetic (I appreciate this so much bc shaky camera drives my migraine addled brain crazy). He loves close ups and movement. There’s a shot in Harsh Times where Christian Bale’s character just gets out of a car and walks up to a house and the camera moves around him in such a way that I legit rewinded like ten times because IT WAS SUCH A GOOD SHOT and literally nothing happens. He’s just walking. BUT IT’S SO GOOOOD GODDAMN.

ALL THIS TO SAy: Suicide Squad is getting a lot of shit for its editing and strange pacing, BUT IT TOTALLLLLY WORKS FOR ME. bc this kinetic type of style fucking works for a movie that clearly wants to hold on to its comic roots, that follows characters who are in always reeling in a way. I’ve only read SOME suicide squad, but I read a lot of comics, and the disjointed ness of panels and the juxtaposition of character/art/pages is constant (if it’s good I mean), and that’s what suicide squad felt like. The way BVS felt like an epic graphic novel come to life, suicide squad feels like the 50 page intro follow up, kinda like how rebirth reintroduced everything.


FIRRRRST bc it’s one of the more bizarre complaints: THE MUSIC IS BEAUTIFULLY WOVEN INTO THE STORY. The score is brilliant. At first it didn’t resonate so much with me like the MOS/BVS score, but after playing it on constant loop, it’s gorgeous and funky and weird. THE ADDITIONAL MUSIC IS BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT. i hear hot topic like all the fucking time associated with this movie and fine, whatever (why are people so fucking pressed about this to begin with? like, hey, don’t be an asshole?), but my goodness THIS MOVIE IS HiP HOP ALL THE WAY and i knew going into it that it’d have some bc Ayer LOVES hip-hop. Let’s just break down the first three songs used to introduce the emotional backbones of the movie, floyd, harley and amanda (bc you can do this with all the music used and this post is gonna be long)

Floyd + House of the Rising Sun = Oh mother, tell your children///Not to do what I have done//Spend your lives in sin and misery//In the House of the Rising Sun (I hate bringing in cut scenes bc they don’t count until there’s another version relesed, but there’s literally a scene with floyd looking out at the sun ya’ll

Harley + You Don’t Own Me (little sidenote: i own a lesley gore record lol): You don’t own me//Don’t try to change me in any way//You don’t own me//Don’t tie me down cause I’d never stay (she’s HANGING from the bars and um, the ending lolololol)

Amanda + Sympathy for the Devil: Pleased to meet you//Hope you guess my name//But what’s puzzling you//Is the nature of my game


AND THESE ARE JUST BITS OF LYRICS. All the songs work the same way! Culminating in the final scene when the score itself is remixed with Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. IT’S SO LOVELY and if someone says hot topic they’re just ignoring the pure classic/pop/hip-hop infused into this movie. They’re literally wrong. lol

SECOND and i’m only going to stay here for a little bit bc lol. Enchantress is, yes, a generic villain. BUT HOLY HELL HOW MANY GENERIC CBM VILLAINS HAVE WE HAD? A BILLION. HOWWWW MANY OF THEM WERE WOMEN? I’ll wait lol. And how many of them are actually part of the main story, with attachments to a main character? how many of them are actively trying to recruit the heroes over and over AND OVER AND OVER and offering them something valid? when harley went to her in the end, the first time I REALLY HAD DOUBT I WASN’T SURE SHE’D STICK WITH HER FRIENDS AND THEN SHE DID AND I WAS ALIIIVE. i love enchantress. i love that her generic villainness has meat. that she feels and is dangerous. i love that she is a clear juxtaposition to the villain-heroes and that THEY EMPHATICALLY REJECT HER.

THIRD: my beautiful beautiful beautiful CHILDREN. my squad. my babies. my loves. yes, more could’ve been done with the squad like katana and cros. BUT WHAT WE GET IS SO WONDERFUL. everyone is fleshed out to some degree (even joker! leto’s performance i liked  but won’t talk about bc fuck joker lol), everyone has unique quirks. everyone feels and is different. everyone contributes to the climax. they’re dark, dark, daaaark characters, but the thesis of mos/bvs holds: we must stand together. we must fight. WHEN GIVEN THE CHANCE, WHEN GIVEN COMPANIONSHIP, THE SQUAD PERSEVERES

and this movie IS extra, imo, same as mos/bvs. it has so many layers, so many things to unpack, so many character beats to disect, so many dynamics to love and to abhor, to study. so many visuals for my visuals loving eyeballs. the actors brought they’re fucking a-game. not once in this movie did it feel ashamed to be what it was, and that is a movie full of batshit crazy people finding something in each other, even if its undefined and weird and chaotic.


*totally forgot to add: i do not really care too much for marketing, and watch trailers once (or try to, i broke this rule for wonder woman), because it’s all misleading. i follow promos through tumblr, and avoid clips. and never, ever, ever EVERRR read reviews. it’s important not to be too saturated by a movie, any movie, so this definitely added to me enjoying a lot more. i’m a firm believer of seeing the movie first before diving into the internet swamp for it. and this isn’t just for suicide squad. i did it for bvs, too, and for every movie i see in general because i go to the movies A LOT.