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i hope this isnt redundant but maybe you could translate Fools? because i love it and theres only 23 chapters out and 😭 I 😭 NEED 😭 ps- is it rude to ask this? if it is ill never do it again i swear

it’s not rude to ask! don’t worry ^^ the problem with Fools is that there’s already been a lot of issues when the author found out about it being illegally translated by others before, and so i’ve been steering clear of that along with lezhin comics. 

but then again, i did think that maybe just doing text translations for Fools might be okay… since i don’t think that’s illegal. and seeing as how chapters for that are free with an account as well, it might be something i’m considering if it’s something a lot of people want LOL so feel free for anyone to leave an opinion on it :D

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Love love love the idea of boycotting reblogs of toxic larries. Would it be possible for you to have a master list? Just line what you have, bh has this nice post but they were also the ones that started this. That would be so helpful.

I was gonna sit on this until I did it myself but part of adulting is learning when to delegate lol, so as I am about to go into work, would anyone like to even just reblog this with some names you know of (or that I’ve already pointed out) that do these big posts and should be boycotted? Just add on whatever and we can get a chain going and a list compiled. And whenever I see one I will call it out as I have been.

Thank you for the support!!!

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Hey Ivy! I saw you were just in London. I'm going at the end of May/beginning of June! Any recommendations? I've already done the main sites (Tower, Crown Jewels, St Paul's, & Westminster Abbey). Did you do anything a bit off the beaten path? Something maybe most rushing tourists would miss? I'm collecting suggestions from anyone I can, & I feel like (based on your blog) we'd have common interests lol. Thanks! :) 🇬🇧

Oh this is my favourite question ever! Do I have recommendations? Gosh, I have a few…

Let me know if you need more! I could go on and on…

Levi’s handwriting

I read AU smartpass latest story yesterday and couldn’t stop grinning because of Levi >< Now we finally know that Levi’s handwriting is incredibly beautiful.

Petra told Levi that his handwriting was beautiful when she saw his signature on the documents. Levi asked her if she thought that he couldn’t read or write because he came from underground city. Petra was upset because she never had such idea. (I feel sorry for her lol She asked the question out of pure admiration but Levi’s language was just too bad lol) 

 After that, she delivered the documents to Erwin’s room. He saw Petra’s troubled face so he asked her what happened. And he smiled after Petra finished her story >< (Why Erwin has to smile at Levi, directly or indirectly, in every smartpass story lol they are such sweet old men couples) 

 Erwin told Petra that Levi might not well-educated as those who were raised normally in the city but his wisdom about the world and ability to look through people was no match for anyone here. 

 Erwin and Hanji began to recall their nostalgic memories when Levi had just become a captain. He asked Erwin, Hanji and Mike (They were co-workers back then) a question: ‘Whose handwriting is the best among you guys?’. At first, they didn’t quite understand Levi’s issue because for them, Levi’s writing and reading ability wasn’t bad at all. He seemed to do document work without any trouble. 

For Levi, being a captain means that he has to handle tons of military documents. Even though Hanji did tell him that his reading and writing ability was the same level as the veterans and he also had an aide who would do document work for him if he wanted, Levi still insisted that as a captain, trust from subordinates was very important (like…the mechanism will fail without subordinates’ trust) (Levi is  so cute that it hurts lol) 

 Therefore Levi, who had already been able to read and write, began to study again from the beginning and before anyone knew, his handwriting became incredibly beautiful and clean as if it was published on newspapers. (Levi did claim that Erwin’s, Hanji’s and Mike’s handwriting were very bad lol I think the worst among them is Hanji XD) 


 I always thought that eruri’s handwritings are beautiful and Erwin’s is better but I was wrong XD Levi being a perfectionist is adorable >< 

 Sorry for not fully translating and my poor English ^^; 

Yo, did anyone else

think that maybe the actual reason why Dan isn’t recording videos in his bedroom anymore, is because he doesn’t have one and he’s actually sharing with Phil now… and that’s why they don’t want to do an apartment tour?
Which means — yes, they’re already married, because sharing a bed before marriage is a sin.
Lol bye.

I never would have expected this like???

• Yuri knows how to pole dance??? Does anyone know how hard it is to pole dance because I do, and Yuri knows how to fucking pole dance.

• Yuri stripped near enough naked in front of everyone, and pole danced with a near enough naked Chris I’m fucking dying

•I have a sneaking suspicion that Chris whispered into Yuri’s ear “challenge someone to a pole dance competition” devil on the shoulder style, and when yuri did Chris, already naked was like “we’ll ok then it’s you’re idea lol”

• Yurio pretended that the dance off was embarrassing but that kid was going fucking hard

•Viktor went along with it !!! He took photos of Yuri as he was in a dance off. This old man fucking fell in love long before he saw that video post.

•Viktor happily danced with Yuri cause this must have never happened before. Like this must have been the first time anyone had any shred of confidence to just go up to him and challenge/invite him to dance with them.

•nobody stopped Yuri, like they all loved it!!

•Yuri doesn’t remember a thing, and nobody made a joke??? Like if he’d gone quiet for six months and showed up again, I’d at least make a “tough hangover huh?” Joke I mean come on!!



Wonho x Reader


Warnings: Language


Originally posted by wonhontology

Your POV:

You were sitting on the couch in your apartment actually doing some homework when you heard your phone ringing. You looked down to see that it was a call from Wonho. You bit your lip. You still hadn’t really talked to him or come to terms about his confession. You sighed realizing you can’t just ignore him forever. You picked up your phone and answered.

You could hear loud music in the background. Did he accidentally call you? Or was he drunk calling you? You frowned at the thought “Hello?”

Eventually you heard an all too familiar voice which suddenly made you feel uneasy instead of love. I.M?

Wonho’s POV:

“Where’s Y/N? Why didn’t you bring her to this party. Oh, maybe because you don’t want her to see you sitting here sucking on some other girl’s face?”

I.M scoffed. “Tell her then. I see you haven’t since that one day you caught me. Or does she just not believe you? Some friendship if you ask me.” I.M got up to leave abandoning the girl he was making out with alone.

In which she turned to me, “Great, you made him leave. How will you make that up to me?”

I just laughed and walked away. Looking at my phone to see that Y/N had hung up. Frowning I ran out to my car to rush out to her.

Your POV:

You hung up and tossed your phone across the room. You were feeling angry but mostly at yourself. The denial you were in was big and you couldn’t believe that you let yourself believe he was faithful. You’ve been through this before and yet you still chose to not believe your best friend. You went pacing around unsure of what to do with all your pent up anger. You couldn’t even get yourself to cry due to your anger. You grabbed the plate that was on the coffee table and flung it at the wall in which it shattered. You took deep breaths in and out. Realizing that it actually felt nice so you went to the kitchen and decided to throw things everywhere. Not realizing the cuts on your hands and feet. That was until someone had grabbed you from behind.

Wonho pulled you to him and hugged you tightly. “Stop. Look at what you’re doing.”

You looked around and then at your hands. Then at Wonho who looked concerned and then his face began to blur since tears started to fall.

“How’d you get in?”

“That’s what you ask?” He scoffed attempting at small humor. Then saw your serious face with tears falling, in which he wiped. “I broke the door, sorry.”

He then picked you up and took you out to his apartment just across the ways. Sitting you on the couch. “Stay I’m going to get a first aid kit and then attempt to fix your door so at least it’s shut.”

You nodded with tears still falling. Once Wonho walked out you let yourself cry more. Of course you were hurt by what I.M did to you but you were more hurt at how you treated Wonho who has only ever been there for you and supported you. You couldn’t understand how he could treat you so nicely. You felt a pain in your chest and you grabbed your chest putting your head down to cry.

Wonho POV:

I just placed the door in its place making sure it looked closed and then ran back to get the first aid kit from my bathroom. Coming back to neal on the floor in front of Y/N. Grabbing one of her feet I took out glass pieces I saw then cleaned it with some alcohol and wrapped it. Eventually doing the same to her other foot and hands. Once I finished I looked back up at her noticing tears. I reached out and rubbed her arms. Which only lead to more tears.

“I’m sorry” She mumbled.

“What are you sorry for? I’m sorry you had to go through this again. I’m sorry that I couldn’t end this between the two of you sooner.” I gave her a small smile.

She looked at me with such hurt eyes in which I felt my heart hurt. I swear I’m going to kill I.M for making her look like this. “For being such an ass to you.. I feel so bad for not believing you.” She hiccuped. I went and got her water in which she chugged and then I sat next to her and hugged her. In which she responded by nestling her head on my chest.

“I am going to be here for you.. No matter how you treat me.” I kissed her head. “You know I love you, Y/N. I’m not using this as an opportunity to get the girl. I just want you to know. You don’t have to reciprocate them now.. Or ever.. But I can’t keep it in anymore.”

She nodded. “I understand now.. I’m so sorry..” I picked her up and took her to my room and laid her down. Laying the blanket on top of her and then kissing her forehead. “I’m going to clean your room and then I’ll be back.” I saw her curl up and close her eyes which was my sign to go.

“Thank you Wonho..” I heard her mumble before I walked out closing the door.

Your POV

“..i love you” you mumbled as heard the door close shut. Suddenly missing Wonho’s presence but sleep was tugging at you and so responded and fell asleep.  

Wonho POV:

I walked into her apartment with a tool bag and decided that the first thing I would have to do is fix the door properly. Then I grabbed the broom and dustpan and began to clean up all the glass pieces. Eventually after making sure every piece was picked up I grabbed the trash bag full of glass and brought it out to toss it in the trash bin outside. I felt my phone vibrate inside my pocket and pulled it out to see Kihyun calling. I answered.

“Hello? Kihyun?”

I can hear the music in the background. Were they still at the party? They knew I would leave as soon as I dealt with I.M to go to Y/N so they brought a separate car. “Oh Wonho! Did you get to her? Is everything ok? Did you guy’s makeup?”

“Yeah, everything is fine. She’s currently resting in my apartment. She had made a mess of her house but I cleaned that up. Yes, I believe that we are fine now.” I smiled. He was always so concerned.

“Oh, Okay.. So you dealt with I.M already? He left the party to go there apparently so I was just wondering whether he left already or what happened. You didn’t fight did you?!”

I didn’t have time to answer him as there were suddenly car lights blinding my view and I had to lift my hand to block out the light from my eyes. From what I could see there were two passengers in the car.  Eventually though I noticed that it wasn’t slowing down.. Before I think to react and move the car hit me.

A/N: I wanted this to be short :o why do I keep adding onto it. LOL but seriously is anyone else planning on going to a Monsta X concert?

Comments and Notes on ‘Lost’ and associated comics

Finally made a full compilation of all the relevant comments and replies I’ve made on @maxladcomics  ‘s Lost comics and all others associated with it. This is mostly for my own reference, however, I’ve been told people found these notes interesting and helped them understand the plot further, so feel free to give them a read :D

Please note this is the cut down version and it will be updated as I gather more comments later on. Be warned this is VERY long.

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I contemplated on whether or not I wanted to do the tag. I don’t particularly have high self esteem or confidence in myself but y’all are like family to me.

The picture on the left is the most recent selfie I took btw lol long haired me is no more lmfao.
— Admin AJ

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I’ll tag whoever I can think of right off the top of my head. If you anyone wants to do this and I didn’t tag you, please tag me! Also, I know some of you guys already did the tag so I’ll leave out anyone who I remembered did the tag already.

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What will happen if the boys get jealous?

(^ in case this isn’t the same anon :D)

!!! *//v//* This was interesting and also a lot of fun! Thank you for asking~
(Notice: I’m writing this with Ritsuka as their s/o, but you can image anyone in it! :3c)

Rem: If he catches someone trying to flirt or just approach her, he would glare at them from the distance, his dark aura surrounding the wretched one until they dashes as fast as they can. He’d then move close to her, as nothing has happened lol (did she notice that tho~?)

(He later will install secret cameras at school to monitor any suspiscious guy who could approach her. He’d do this with Lindo’s help tho)

Lindo: he’s already 24/7 jealous, what do you mean “if”

Urie: He would never let her see he’s jealous. But maybe he’d keep this stiff and forced smile whenever she tries to talk to him until she asks “something is wrong?”, and then he’d think about it and finally smile as he used to, offering her a rose and hug her tightly.

Mage: Even if it was the class president asking her to print some papers, he’d kick the hell out of him and then grab her and jump off the window. (Apparently he can’t use doors. Their only use is to be crushed, according to him)
When she finally explains the situation, he wouldn’t be sorry for the rescue part, but he’d be embarrassed af

Shiki: Freedom? You mean that comfy, ironed dark cage where she’ll probably stay until all boys in this world would fade? Sounds good to him. She just have to wait there for one or two days.

Roen: In his dog form, he would bark and bite legs of whoever tries to steal his girl, while in his human form, he’d protect her as a shield, whistling for his dog shadows army to move away the nuisance. heh.

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Hello! Did you do top 5 Mimoments? (If not, do a long post, kekekekekeekkeekekkeekkeekekekkeekekekekekekekekekekekke!) I think I know what no1 is... (Never been this weird....)

I haven’t done one yet, but I’ve already used most of the gifs I have for them so many times already… Lol, I don’t think my no. 1 is that predictable but we’ll see~  

1 and 2. all of HTS tied with whenever they perform together

(Mina’s face is like ‘that’s right, y’all other ppl better step off’. And keep in mind Momo could’ve picked anyone for her ‘This Love’ couple dance, but she only wanted Mina and she was the only one that picked someone of the same gender, too. Oh, and Momo also refused to wear a wig to act as ‘the guy role’ y’all~)

(there’s more cute actual Twice choreo they do together but y’all get the point~)

3. their many subtle and natural moments, especially the behind the scenes ones or when they think no one is watching (I considered making this #1 but I kept changing my mind about it so I’ll just leave it here~)

(they were giving each other air kisses :3)

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5 Random Facts

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last person you messaged on Tumblr: The last person I messaged on tumblr was my girl @silent-silhouette talking about birkenstocks (I really want some)

Original blog name/first blog: Ciarasims… this is my first blog lol

# of posts in your queue: Zero. Zilch. Nada. I’m awful.

Who are you going to tag?

I never tag people but I guess I will tag a few this time lol (if you already did this don’t me me fam)

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I was tagged by @harrys-smiling-nipples to post my lockscreen, the last song I listened to and my last selfie.

First of all thanks love 💚 and second of all as a quick explanation, I recently fell down a Doctor Who shaped hole again, hence the lockscreen, Spaces is the last song I listened to on my phone but I listened to some other stuff on my iPod since, and I know the selfie is bad but I was just trying to get a good pic of my makeup that day (I failed lol)

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A new Draco prompt! 🌹 All is right with the world. Have fun on your trip gurl~! Has anyone done something like "Negan reacting to your constant flirting and all around thirst"? Ok that's all love ya thirst Queen 👸🥛💝

Lol xD euhh do you mean the virginity one? then of course :3 (well it was from yesterday but still new xD) and as for the Negan thing, I already did a whole preference for that :) here

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NICKNAMES: Dianne, D, Dee, and at one point a co-worker has called me Lestrade
SEXUALITY: heterosexual
WHEN SWIMMING, DO YOU PREFER TO DO IT IN THE OCEAN, OR IN A LAKE?: Pool please, oceans and lakes scare me


ANYONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET IN REAL LIFE?: A LOT. So there’s @drifting-anarchist whom I have promised to visit like for almost five years already lol, and then there’s @junkerboi which I am planning to meet by next year :3
ANYONE YOU HAVE MET IN REAL LIFE?: @watsonofagun , and I often go have dinner with @shallnotdisappoint
WHEN DID YOU FIRST JOIN? As a casual blogger, around 2011. This blog, October 2016 (I think)
YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT?: This one, then @xnerdonthemovex is my personal, though I don’t touch it much anymore lol
ANY PEEVES?: Godmodding. Though this is fairly selective (and sadly a bit biased). If it doesn’t involve bending my muse’s character, like maybe describing how he looks, maybe what he’s wearing or how his hair looks then that’s fine with me. But putting words in my muse’s mouth, or maybe accusing him of doing something that is clearly not written or hasn’t been discussed beforehand, or assuming that my muse would do something out-of-character, then yeah that irritates me.
UNPOPULAR OPINION: Ship related unpopular opinions that I’d rather keep to myself, really


DO YOU EASILY GET JEALOUS?: A little? I don’t think it’s being jealous but more of insecure? I try not to let it bother other people tho.
DO YOU EASILY GET ANGRY?: No, not really. Unless someone roasts on my muse. I get protective of him XD
ARE YOU EASY TO CHEER UP?: Yep! At least on chat i can pretend I’m cheery and stuff :3
ARE YOU GOOD AT HIDING YOUR EMOTIONS?: It’s really easy to hide your feelings through words :3
WHAT’S THE VERY BEST WAY TO CHEER YOU UP?: Pictures of Greg Lestrade/Rupert Graves being a dork/handsome/hot bastard.


DO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE: Sadly I do. Bloke’s engaged tho, bloody fucker.
DO YOU KISS ON THE FIRST DATE?: Nope but I wouldn’t mind it. Though I won’t initiate it XD
DO YOU PREFER GOING OUT, OR STAYING HOME, WHEN IT COMES TO DATES?: I think going out would do, but it would take effort for someone to make me get out of the house XD


FAVORITE DRINK: COFFEE. And sorta getting into tea lately too :3
FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza, probably XD

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