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The rules:

I honestly didn’t notice that my wallpaper was so off centre :/  I think I was too busy staring at the perfection that is got7 to pay attention

I’m not dead

Drey did not underestimate her strength and accidentally send me to the shadow realm, don’t worry. I got back Monday, slept for about seventeen straight hours, and have spent the past several days cleaning like a madwoman and alternating between Pokemon Shuffle and Majora’s Mask. It’s been over two weeks since I turned on my desktop, lol, but I guess I’m kinda still socialed-out, you know? Spending eleven straight days, every moment, with other people is very draining for an introvert, even when they’re some of the people you love most dearly. I already miss having everyone around, to be honest. But we surely can and will meet up again!

Anyway! I won’t be around on here for a bit longer, but you can find me on Twitter in the interim. Cheers!

I’m using my desktop computer for the first time in months (I got my laptop and my munchkin pretty much took over the desktop, lol). 

I cleaned off my desk, organized my loose change, entered all my coke caps, backed up my harddrive and downloaded all the available wilson clips (still missing ones from May). 

Now I have to run to the bank, the store, then karate practice for the munchkin, then back to the store and the library and then home to finish cleaning my living room cause I’ve made it messy. 

I must be feeling better, look at me being all productive.