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Name: Julyannie
Nicknames: Julie
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
Height: 5′03″ probably “2?

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Favorite Fruit: plums
Favorite Season: fall and spring
Favorite Book: twist and shout ( destiel fanfic)
Favorite Flower: tulips
Favorite Scent: vanilla
Favorite Color: dark blue, balck and red
Favorite Animal: dolphins
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: hot cocoa and coffee
Average Sleep Hours: 5 or 7 hours???
Cat or dog person?: Dogs but cats are adorable af too
Favorite Fictional Character: Margo Hanson (i love her)

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Dream Trip: belize

Blog Created: about 1 year
Number of Followers: 2,600 ish??

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one of the things that really gets me about the last couple episodes/finale of season two of crazy ex girlfriend is how josh and rebecca keep talking about wanting to rush and begin their lives together.
like why does it have to be after their wedding, what flips after the wedding that makes it so you now have a different life together. josh and rebecca were already living together and in ‘love’ or whtvr, the wedding is just a party, a formality. we can see how broken they are just through this and how they are both having doubts, hoping that something will magically change after their wedding