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William & Dolores + killing for each other

HR Asks Iris Out; Barry Reacts
  • HR: Miss West, would you like to go out for coffee with me sometime?
  • Iris: *rendered speechless*
  • Barry: *glares from across the room*
  • HR: You can take some time to think about it if you like. n-n-no rush.
  • Iris: My boyfriend is right over there. *points to Barry* I'm dating Barry, remember?
  • Barry: *still glaring*
  • HR: *glances at him* Ah yes. Allen. *turns to Iris* you two are serious then?
  • Barry: *marches over, not taking his eyes off HR* Hey, Iris?
  • Iris: Yeah? *glaring at HR*
  • Barry: Could I borrow you for a sec? *standing next to them now*
  • Iris: uh, yeah, sure-
  • Barry: *makes out w/ Iris right in front of him*
  • HR: WHOA! Making out! That's what that is. P.D.A. Yep. Public display...
  • WA: *still making out*
  • HR: ...of affection. *clears throat* ohhhkay. I'm uh...I'm going to go now. *leaves the room*
  • Cisco: He's gone!
  • WA: *pull away*
  • Iris: *heavy breathing* You DO know I wouldn't have said yes, right?
  • Barry: *grinning* Maybe I just wanted an excuse to kiss you. *starts to lean in again*
  • Cisco: You still have an audience!
  • WA: *turn to look at Cisco - the only other person there*
  • Cisco: ok, so one audience member. One. That doesn't mean you should just...
  • WA: *raises eyebrows*
  • Cisco: you know what? It's lunchtime. I'm LEAVING. *struts out*
  • WA: *turn to look at each other & laugh before kissing again*
  • Iris: *between kisses* You never need an excuse to kiss me.
  • Barry: *smiling into kisses* Noted.

After reading some of the LJK’s interviews and watching his behaviour at SBS awards I can say one thing for certain - he’s such a SHR trash just like all of us. He genuinely loves this drama and Wang So. Also, he might be the biggest SoSoo shipper in the world like even we can’t compete with him.

What a talented dork with relatable SHR obsession. Just like have you seen how he sang along to For You or all these “I just came back from Goryeo” phrases?

Ah, I love that.