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Mermaid Melody's another good one. There's a couple of things that you can tell came from Sailor Moon (the transformation of the main character & absolutely clueless love interest come to mind) but it's pretty good. The songs are pretty catchy, too.

It sounds really cute!! Now’s a good time to whip out my super scientific dendrogram:

I think one of modern Philip’s favorite shows would be Steven Universe.
And he would lowkey love Rose Quartz the most because she reminds
him of his own mother with her beauty, grace, and kind heart.

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Hihi! 😊 Yellow for the ask meme~.

if you could have any view from your bedroom window what would you choose? 

Realistically, one facing out west haha

Fantasy wise, probably one where I could always see the sky, espicially at night with stars, sunsets and sunrises as well

what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day? 

Stay in XD hello darkness my old friend

what do you consider lucky? 

Having no homework in all honesty or doing good on something I thought I did bad lol 

what made you smile today? 

(well yesterday, since its currently 5am lol) watching Game of Thrones with my mom because that show is great

what makes you happy? 

Generally the ToS fandom, being home, Tumblr, laughing, dumb jokes

Thanks for asking :3 <3