lol cote


Ziva David || Beautiful Pain (x)


Woah, another video? Don’t get used to frequent uploads. Also, I don’t know why but the text wouldn’t centre properly when I exported the video? So, sorry about that. Will I ever tire of vidding Ziva David? Probably not.

when cote left, it felt like the end of an era. but with michael still there it was always a possibility that something could happen, but now that he’s leaving i feel like tonight is well and truly the closure we all need.

i know we all drifted apart and went about our own things after cote left, but it’s been really lovely how we’ve all come together in response to what’s going on, and it reminds me why i was so invested in this fandom & this ship so much.

no matter what happens tonight, we still have each other (and fanfic). i love you all, now let’s put our drinks up & hope for a happy ending. see you all tonight during the episode.

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