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Wondering if you could make a comic out of a glitch from my first Dishonored playthrough? I was on The Royal Physician mission, just up from the docks at the beginning. I blinked across to that brick outcropping from the stairs, leaned out from the wall and was like "how am I gonna get past these guards?" So I tried to blink up to that weird metal crate thing suspended on the wires, and it launched me out into sea, way past the invisible wall.

i changed it okay lmao

91 Days: Names

I’m honestly fashinated by how Japan use the Italian language.
E.g. If there’s an anime about mafia, it has characters with Italian names (or at least that’s usually the plan.)

With 91 Days let me show you characters’ names that aren’t Italian names at all, but that still have hilarious and/or interesting meanings:

Cerotto: Band-aid, patch.

YES. Yes, that’s what it means.

Orco: Ogre 

I see no difference imo. Plus, bonus: Ottimo Orco literally means “Excellent ogre” lmao.

Fango: Mud. I’ll say no more.

Tronco: Log, trunk

his name was the one who pushed me into this post lol

Corteo: Parade, procession

Volpe: Fox

Corvo: Crow

Lacrima: Tear. Just one tho

Granchio: Crab. 

Oooooh this one got me laughing so hard

Tigre: Tiger

Frate: Monnk

J U S T. H E L P.

Galassia family: basically they’re the galaxy. Literally.

Ganzo: Cocky badass

Just how far did they go with their search?? From what I know, this word is actually coming from the Tuscany slang, let alone the official Italian language. Wow, impressive. it was later assimilated to the Italian btw

Luce: Light

I won’t say this is a completely incorrect name, seen that in Italian there’re names that recall the light meaning, as Lucia (Female)

Serpente: Snake

Scusa: “I’m sorry”, “Excuse me”, excuse, pardon

And this reach the climax, I think.

Strega: Witch. (And yes, it’s a female noun)

You know? I did enjoy the show very very much, but this all definitely made it more enjoyable~

It looks like some of them resembles each other, doesn’t it? Anyway, dunno if someone’ve already done this, but I needed it lol

And, at long last, after what seems like years, decades, eons, Corvo kisses the Outsider. 

It is not full of passion and lust. It is slow, tight-lipped, a statement of fact more than of emotion. You’re one of the most constant things in my life, says the kiss. Years and years of patience and watching and confidence and sorrow, says the kiss. Understanding and acceptance, says the kiss. You deserve this, I deserve this; says the kiss. 

The Outsider, more than a little pleased at Corvo’s sudden boldness, keeps his hands behind his back but parts his lips, ever so slightly, testing the waters. Corvo does nothing but press two fingers to his jaw. Ah, well, he thinks. Perhaps another time. 

Mere seconds pass, but it feels so much longer, here in the Void. Corvo pulls away, straight-faced, looking straight into the Outsider’s abyssal eyes. He is smiling. 

“Corvo,” says the Outsider. “You never fail to surprise." 

Corvo tilts his head back, brows drawn, the corner of his mouth turning just so slightly upwards. "Good,” he says, “I like to keep you on your toes.”


“Royal Protector and Father. I should’ve passed a law against that combination of titles years ago.”

Finally cleaned up that Corvo semi-realistic sketch painting from some time ago when I was addicted to dishonoured 2. *dead* (I always found older Corvo more handsome lol for some reason.)

Am I ever gonna colour it? XD probably not

A full version can be found under the cut! :3 Hope you enjoy~

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