lol code lyoko

Relating to this post, I’m like amused at the idea that after living with each other for god knows how long, Ulrich and Odd constantly overstep boundaries that roommates normally have.

“What do you mean roommates aren’t supposed to share toothbrushes?”

“What do you mean roommates aren’t supposed to sleep in each other’s beds?”

“What do you mean roommates aren’t supposed to be used to seeing each other naked?”

Most of the time Ulrich is just done with Odd’s bullshit and everyone thinks they’re a dating despite Odd like dating his girlfriend of the week and Ulrich’s constant sexual frustration over Yumi and William

Yumi’s supposed to be the lookout while Aelita does her ‘one with lyoko’ thing, but they’re socializing instead <3

I actually started watching the show again instead of relying on my half baked memories, and I latch onto every moment these girls interact. Give me alllll the female friendships/relationships pls

Code July Day 21: AU (PART 2)

Now to really be a part of the group, just step into the scanner

AU where season 3 builds up to Sissi being the 6th member of the Lyoko Warriors. 

TBH after all the screen time and development she gets in s1+2, it would make sense, and she’s done enough for them to consider giving her another chance.

Imagine XANA observing the CL kids playing a game of Monopoly and is just so fucking amazed that he, an intelligent AI, can’t break their friendship apart with his plans but a stupid board game somehow can.