lol city


Use your birthday to figure out your own personal knuckle tattoos!

January: DRUG
February: HATE
March: DICK
April: REAL
June: THUG
July: CASH
August: GIRL
September: FIST
October: SHIT
November: BUTT
December: KILL

1st: CITY
2nd: RIOT
3rd: FACE
4th: FEAR
5th: GRIN
6th: WOLF
7th: PISS
8th: RASH
9th: DOGS
10th: TITS
11th: LUBE
12th: SAND
13th: FIRE
14th: KIDS
15th: BIRD
16th: NERD
17th: BOYS
18th: MOMS
19th: DADS
20th: VEIN
21st: WURM
22nd: FART
23rd: TRAP
24th: MOAN
25th: HOLE
26th: KING
27th: FUCK
28th: EYES
29th: LIFE
30th: LOVE
31st: STAB

Person A: “You said that if you were ever going to do same-sex experimentation, it was going to be with me.”

Person B: “I never said that-”

Person A: “It has been implied!”

Person B: “Yeah, by you.“