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  • Things Darren Criss has said about Chris Colfer:"He's an incredible, incredible guy. Twenty years old, having accomplished as much as he has is just so inspiring and so amazing. I'm definitely shooing him all my love tonight.", "This good-looking man? Yeah!" [When someone pointed to Chris], "Chris and I are verging onto old married couple now!", "Chris and I, uh, *laughs* we had a uh, very intense moments together where uh, went places, to say the least.", and more
  • Things Darren Criss has said about Mia Swier:
  • Things Chris Colfer has said about Darren Criss:"Darren and I are both huge nerds. We love Harry Potter and anything Comic-con-esque.", "Darren is just so passionate about everything he does. I have nothing but positive things to say about him.", "Oh god yes! *gets all nervous* "Oh wait, I didn't mean oh god yes, he's a good kisser, but yes he is.", "I consider him (Darren) one of my closest friends on set.", and more
  • Things Chris Colfer has said about Will Sherrod:

Shipping two guys together who play a fictional gay relationship and have said many times how well they get along and have unbelievable amounts of chemistry, is not creepy.

Shipping Chris with a guy who we’ve seen him with three or four times and then finding his private internet accounts and stalking him to the point of insanity, now that’s creepy.