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Dear morons,

You know what else doesn’t make you a “true fan?” Leaving comments on Chris’ Instagram about how “cute” (gag) him and Will are together when CHILL HAS NEVER BEEN CONFIRMED. And then snottily implying that non-Chill shippers are somehow below you for not shipping it. Fuck you, and keep your fucking ship war bullshit off of Chris’ comments. He doesn’t need to see that shit, and you forcing him to makes YOU less of a fan. Have a nice day.

Dear CC shippers

These last few days were weird and fishy as hell!! I think we agree cause :

  • First, some people posted pictures of Chris and Willdemort on tumblr, without even respecting anyone’s privacy!!!! 
  • Some of these pics could make you believe that Chris wrote cute notes for his wonderful transgenderphobic and sexist boyfriend. before he left for a signing in NY. It totally makes sense, right? But, the thing is they went there together..Oops!! I guess he has powers so he can be in two places at the same time. WOAH THERE! :-)
  • Then, Darren favorited Chris’ tweet! I know this one is not very very important but still, it shows Darren always finds a way to appear or to be associated with Chris, sooner or later. 
  • After that, some people forgot to mention KLAINE as the best on-screen chemistry for the PCA! Excuse you!
  • And even when they fixed the oversight … They only mentioned Chris and they forgot Darren…  Clearly … If Chris and Darren are associated even just once, the world would probably ends.
  • Obviously, the last thing people want is to see them win the award. Fortunately, all the fans are there and support them, right?!
  • NO?!, Some of them don’t even want to vote  for them cause they don’t “ship” them.  That’s what fans do. So, I guess I’m not a fan after all…
  • Chris posted these cute pictures of Brian!! That was soo cute, but then olala, what do we see there? Right. Looks like you know who. Oh well. We don’t have proofs but it really really looks like this lovely man who plays Blaine Anderson on glee, in case you forgot.
  • And, now we get pictures of Chris with Ashley and creepy guy (I don’t even want to use his name cause lets be realistic ; he’s not named after Prince William! Not even close)  
  •  Sure, the Chitt shippers are having a party right now or something… 

 Who laughs last laughs longest, time will tell.


PS : I have a good memory, I don’t really “forget” important things.

My dog and Cooper Colfer are BFFs. They totes go to the dog park together all the time. Cooper told Fido (my dog) that Will and Chris are dating, and planning on getting engaged. It's true. I heard it from my dog, who heard it from Cooper at the dog park. I would have taken a picture of Fido and Cooper (Will and Chris were there, too, making out the whole time, nearly dry humping, too) but I didn't want to invade Cooper's privacy or Chris and Will's. They looked totally in love while they were making out at the dog park, too!
Chrill Ship Sinks...

So Chris (an extremely private man) brought his ‘boyfriend’ to an event where no one else brought significant others. If Will really was his boyfriend, I would be expecting to see Jenna’s boyfriend Michael and the other cast members’ partners to be there. 
Also, remember when Chris admitted to having an assistant in 'Bitter Party of 5’? Yeah…
I mean no offence to Will as I don’t know enough about him to say anything negative. I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice person and good friend/assistant to Chris :)

I don't understand why people can't just be happy for Chris,

That he’s found someone just as dorky and amazing as he is to love and start a family with.
Someone who clearly worships the ground he walks on, is lovely and sweet to the fans and supports Chris in everything he does.
And is like mega hot as well.
Like, can’t you all just be happy for him? Instead of insulting Will all the damn time and trying desperately to link everything Chris does to Darren in some way.
Please just let the man live his life with the man he loves and be happy for him.

In light of recent events, I thought I would share a little story.

Back when I was in high school, my best friend happened to be a guy that I was super close with. We were co-editors for the school newspaper, so we really spent a lot of time together between that and hanging out after school. We were close, as in we had no boundaries. He would come up behind me and wrap his arms around me, or I would sit in his lap if there wasn’t another chair available. It was all normal, nothing weird to us, but many many people thought we were a couple, since we did act coupley together and hung out all the time together. It wasn’t a big deal, we knew it wasn’t true and we weren’t lying when we told people we weren’t together. As a matter of fact, I was dating someone that lived about an hour away from where I lived and that I met online, someone my parents would not have approved of, even though he was a great guy, just wouldn’t make that first impression that parents would want their daughter dating. My parents didn’t even know he existed, neither did most of my friends, and the few people who did know didn’t ever suspect that we were dating, since he wasn’t what they would pick out as my ‘type’. We went to different schools, had different social circles, when we hung out we hung out just the two of us. That lasted until we ended up going to different states for college, and nobody. ever. knew. They thought I was either single, or dating my best friend and lying about it. 

You can’t always just go by what you see. You never know what’s going on in private. Especially if you’re already convinced you know who the significant other is, you’re not going to go looking any farther than that.