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Harry Potter x One Piece!

It’s Harry Potter 20th anniversary!

I’ve been wanting to draw Hogwarts AU ever since I saw artworks from @jijibaobao. You guys should check out her works! She’s a good artist and her works are all really cute!

School/University Shooter Voices
School/University Shooter Voices

Audio recordings of various school or university shooters. Note: Elliot Rodger isn’t necessarily a school/university shooter, as his attack was only on the campus, and three of his victims were stabbed to death, not shot.  Still fits into the theme, in my opinion.

In chronological order: Kip Kinkel (1998) - Dylan Klebold (†1999) - Eric Harris (†1999) - Seung-hui Cho (†2007) - Pekka-Eric Auvinen (†2007) - TJ Lane (2012) - Adam Lanza (†2012) - Elliot Rodger (†2014) - Dylann Roof (2015)

This is what happens when your ADC Sivir ditches you ten minutes in and then Mid lane Xayha doesn’t even flirt with you ONCE in a forty minute game. No loyalty! No love! And then Jungle Cho sends me a <3 when I wail that I’M ALL ALONE AND EVERYONE HATES ME.

I just followed him around and fed him and we won. It’s the cutest thing to see a tiny Rakan shield jump to a fully grown and fed Cho. My new shameless OTP.


No, you can’t. You asked if you can like him. No, you can’t. Eun Hee-shi, you can’t like Goo Jung Hee-shi. Goo Jung Hee-shi is my ex-husband, is and always will be children’s dad, and whereas we have filed the divorce papers, he’s still my friend and will continue to be so. He needs to be healthy and well. That’s why it’s a no.