lol chillarren

I don’t even think PR knows who they’re dealing with anymore… They’re severely underestimating CrissColfer shippers. We all know BG is a pretty shitty source, but I think they’re not completely on the PR side this time. It’s not just about what they said, it’s about what they didn’t.

Okay, before we dive in, I want to clarify that I don’t believe the whole thing about Darren being a man-whore and, while I could maybe believe he hooked up with Lucy, I highly doubt he would ever use Kristen when she got her heart broken by another man. That’s just not Darren. Now, let’s go.

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So, in this gif, you can see Darren and Chris kissing. (x)
But, I personally don’t watch this. I watch Chris’ pants. [I know it’s something strange.]
Before the kiss, all is ‘normal’.


Darren approached Chris… and all was 'normal’. [even if i’m not sure.]

and, oh! Darren hold Chris’ face with his hands and kiss him, and suddenly, something appears! 

Is that a penis? unless Chris hidden bananas in his pants, I think so.

So, Chris has an erection in front of a lot of peoples, we are okay? 

What does he do ? He 'fall’.

But guys, do you really think he fell because Darren kissed him or something like that ? 

You don’t think he fell for hide that thing in his pants? Why he crosses his legs?

Because : 

I mean,he cant stand in front of many people having an erection, so he “fall” and cross his legs for hide this. 

Yes maybe I have a lot of imagination and I invent things, so believe what you want to believe, I just want to tell you something :



so basically:

M “dates” Darren and suddenly she moves to Los Angeles gets a job at Fox and then Fox SpecialOps and now does glee BTS but some people don’t see anything totally wrong with that picture it’s a total coincidence like there aren’t a million other jobs she could possibly have had on different networks on different shows

W “dates” Chris and suddenly he follows him everywhere including many award shows where he can rub elbows with the bigwigs and tags along with him behind the scenes (sort of like a personal assistant?) and now he’s an extra on glee but there’s nothing wrong with that and is totally coincidental *or maybe Chris asked for him to be in that scene omg how cute lol/sarcasm* all of this just happened to fall into place and there’s nothing unprofessional about any of it

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