lol chill

  • interviewer:so your co-worker chris colfer is -
  • darren:oh my god chris is amazing i'm ecstatic that all of his projects this year have been so successful i mean he's written four books, is writing a fifth and has written and starred in his own movie not to mention playing one of the most iconic roles on television today all in the last four years, also he's won a golden globe and is a bestselling author and he's handled all this with such a stunning elegance and managed to remain so modest and i have so much respect for him for that because it's so difficult to remain grounded and be as successful as he is but honestly i'm not even surprised as he's the most inspirational, amazing person i've ever had the pleasure of knowing
  • interviewer:so you have a girlfriend
  • darren:yeah she's hot

So, in this gif, you can see Darren and Chris kissing. (x)
But, I personally don’t watch this. I watch Chris’ pants. [I know it’s something strange.]
Before the kiss, all is ‘normal’.


Darren approached Chris… and all was 'normal’. [even if i’m not sure.]

and, oh! Darren hold Chris’ face with his hands and kiss him, and suddenly, something appears! 

Is that a penis? unless Chris hidden bananas in his pants, I think so.

So, Chris has an erection in front of a lot of peoples, we are okay? 

What does he do ? He 'fall’.

But guys, do you really think he fell because Darren kissed him or something like that ? 

You don’t think he fell for hide that thing in his pants? Why he crosses his legs?

Because : 

I mean,he cant stand in front of many people having an erection, so he “fall” and cross his legs for hide this. 

Yes maybe I have a lot of imagination and I invent things, so believe what you want to believe, I just want to tell you something :



so basically:

M “dates” Darren and suddenly she moves to Los Angeles gets a job at Fox and then Fox SpecialOps and now does glee BTS but some people don’t see anything totally wrong with that picture it’s a total coincidence like there aren’t a million other jobs she could possibly have had on different networks on different shows

W “dates” Chris and suddenly he follows him everywhere including many award shows where he can rub elbows with the bigwigs and tags along with him behind the scenes (sort of like a personal assistant?) and now he’s an extra on glee but there’s nothing wrong with that and is totally coincidental *or maybe Chris asked for him to be in that scene omg how cute lol/sarcasm* all of this just happened to fall into place and there’s nothing unprofessional about any of it

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4m46 with Chill

So I was casually rewatching the video of Chris during his trip to Paris this summer, and I couldn’t help but notice some weird things between him and Will (who is supposed to be his boyfriend, and it was « confirmed » with their hand-holding, oh well..).

Here’s the link to the video if you want to watch by yourself.

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