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I swear I’m gonna start on the book next week!

Decision Fatigue: The Reason You Haven’t Written That Novel


For some reason this character feels like a perfect halloween costume for her. And I hope I didn’t just date myself by choosing this 80′s - 90′s relic. 

Reeeeally hoping I can at least get Adrien done by tomorrow, and going to try to get Nino too! But we’ll see.


Rowan Blanchard:
. Queen
. Fantastic actress
. Cutest thing you ever did see
. So sweet
. Total dork
. But like she’s our dork and we love her
. Literally so fucking fierce I can’t
. Uses her voice to do good
. Constantly slays my existence with her intelligence
. Out spoken activist
. Fierce intersectional feminist
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Woke af
. So so educated
. Beautiful role model
. Wish I was like her when I was 14
. I want to be her when I grow up

Carmen Blanchard:
. Queen
. Adorable
. Literally so cute I could die
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Actual sweetheart
. So educated
. Like she’s twelve
. And she’s so woke and enlightened
. Like wow
. Called out and fucking ended a 19 year old with her intelligence
. Actual queen
. Literally everything

Amir Mitchell-Townes
. Actual King
. Literally slays our existences with every Instagram post
. Fantastic actor
. Makes music that is good af
. Son of the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff
. Cancer survivor
. Literally beat cancer at the age of eleven
. Fucking kicked it’s ass
. Fuck cancer
. Literally so fucking woke
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Literally educated so many people about it on his Instagram
. Literally so badass
. But like also adorable
. Like an actual puppy

Uriah Shelton:
. Trash
. A shitstain
. Does not deserve to be in their ethereal presences


清春new single「夜を、想う」spot 

Short PV for Kiyoharu’s new single “Yoru o, omou” (sales limited to venues)

LOL so I can’t get it out of my head that Tenten’s #1 guilty pleasure are really corny and bad asian dramas.  matchaball I talked & this happened (Neji’s first line is courtesy her). You know Neji’s just watchin’ the entire time coming up with commentary lmao, that law book ain’t fooling no one 

anonymous asked:

Carmen lol ur legit the most agreeable person I know. U side with every single anon that comes on no matter their view as long as they're not a blarke lmao

I mean everyone has their own POV and I respect that HOWEVER, I will never ever agree w any Blorke. I have never seen such level of delusion and such hardocore desire to demonize and hate a female character that is an obstacle to fulfill their fantasies Anon. Anyway enjoy thirsty Klork.

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Hey Vault Kid!

The last push to escape the vault was such a close call. Who knew that the citizens of Vault 92 would go crazy like they did? Carmen was one of the few who were lucky to get out alive, but not without losses…

She escaped the vault crying in her mother’s arms as she mourned over her dead father and cat. They were all they had left of each other. 

The escape was so chaotic, they had a hard time finding others who fled right after the last push. The frag mines planted at the vault separated everyone unexpectedly. For days, Carm and her mother were without anyone else.

But one day in the wide open wasteland, they came across a couple of strangers dressed in the all-too familiar blue jumpsuit.

Feeling relieved and ecstatic, the vault girl rushed towards the group and greeted them.

“Hey, hey!” she exclaimed, catching her breath. “Your outfit. I see 92 on the back…I, I have one, too!”

“You guys came from Vault 92, huh?” she questioned. “Gosh, I’m just so glad to see other people out here! We’ve been traveling for days, and had nothing but ghouls or crazy raiders!”