lol bye it was nice knowing everyone


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

trash wolf: the show
  • lydia: *is traumatized*
  • stiles: shut up lydia, like I know you're traumatized but I just found a way to make this situation about me so I am going to
  • scott: I think everyone deserves a chance, you're being paranoid.
  • stiles: WOW, scott...I thought you were my friend. Guess Im going to be an asshole to you now.
  • isaac: *is an abuse victim tht suffers from ptsd*
  • stiles: lol remember that time your dad locked you in a freezer and now Im going to write a book of jokes about it and read it to you every single second of your life
  • boyd: *is a loner*
  • stiles: lmao why dont u have friends loser *talks shit about him to literally everyone he knows*
  • jackson: *is adopted*
  • stiles: I can't believe you don't know your real parents LMFAO
  • allison: *chooses family over scott*
  • stiles: wow, what a bitch. I am going to stop being nice to you now for making a rational decision. Bye.
  • kira: *is in shock over her mothers story*
  • stiles: get over it wtf its been like 3 mins
  • theo: *says hi to scott*
  • stiles: something isn't right with my old friend better suspect him so I am right later and scott is wrong so that the fandom can hate on scott!!!11
  • liam: *has been kidnapped and turned to a wolf against his will*
  • stiles: I can't believe you don't like me stranger I just literally met 5 seconds ago
Thoughts throughout chapter 50 (spoilers of course)

1. Mad Tanaka is silent and plotting Tanaka.

2. Noooo, don’t leave Okuyama behind!

3. I missed informative Ogura so much.

4. Bye Ogura (you’ll be back, right? Plz?)

5. Nice lil’ Kei and Tosaki moment.

6. Kei, you know Tosaki will worry for you.

7. Ew, it’s Sokabe.

8. No Sokabe, don’t sit down, fucking ew.


10. Sokabe, this is not the time you asshole.

11. Tosaki told him to shut up, yeeeees!

12. Whoooaaaaa where’s the squad?

13. Everyone is calm but Sokabe, lol.

14. Wtf is even going on anymore?

15. Great, another month to wait.

hi it;s me The Trash im back and was tagged by my lovely friends @azierings and @oatmealcow 

one insecurity: ..everything abt me
two fears: loneliness and being stuck
three turn-ons: honestly…a bun a beard n nice body lol
four life goals: be happy, content w my life, have a dog and more jewelry
five things i like: deep house, florence welch, bananas, raspberry oatmeal cookies and the sky
six weaknesses: i dont know man….
seven things i love: the sea, my brothers, my angel sister, my crush’s tooth gap, my friends, the waves and nayyirah waheed

i tag @moonrays @jerrycocktrell and everyone else who wants to do it lol bye

fandom rn

episode 1: viktor has a nice ass

episode 2: Haha chin

episode 3: yuuri ur fook i n eros n bottom lip mmm

episode 4: OH MY GOD BOYFRien ds bye deceased

episode 5: chanel fuckinG lip balm

episode 6: DOM YUURI AYYYyyyYy


episode 8: Sad react only


episod e 10: //looks back at episode 7 
“Lol married done”

episode 11: loud conspiracy theorising

epiSOB 12: Goodbye life ‘s nice knowing thank u kubo sensei and everyone else who has worked on yuri on ice amen was nice knowing you wake me up when sequels come out k thx bye zzzzzz

Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter Five - The Order of the Phoenix

a bit redundant, but ANYWAYS

“Hasn’t anyone told you? This was my parents’ house,” said Sirius. “But I’m the last Black left, so it’s mine now. I offered it to Dumbledore for headquarters - about the only useful thing I’ve been able to do.”
Harry, who had expected a better welcome, noted how hard and bitter Sirius’s voice sounded.

1. way to start this chapter on a light note lol 2. but forreal, poor sirius :’(

- everyones like “hey harry! hows it goin?” but harrys still being a debbie downer, so theyre not getting much out of him. 

“What can I do, Molly?” said Tonks enthusiastically, bounding forward.
Mrs. Weasley hesitated, looking apprehensive. “Er-no, it’s all right, Tonks, you have a rest too, you’ve done enough today”

LOL fucking lowkey burn. nice one molly

- CROOKSHANKS YALL!!!!! missed that furry bitch.

“Don’t know what you’re complaining about, myself.”
What?” said Harry incredulously.
“Personally, I’d have welcomed a dementor attack. A deadly struggle for my soul would have broken the monotony nicely.”

lol BYE sirius. but also, jfc youre making me sad knowing what’s coming for you at the end of this. 

- at least harry and sirius are bonding over being salty about dumbledore.

- fred and george just cant seem to put their wands away. its making some people uncomfortable, but i dont mind.

“You know, I’m surprised at you. I thought the first thing you’d do when you got here would be to start asking questions about Voldemort.”
The atmosphere in the room changed with the rapidity Harry associated with the arrival of dementors.


“He’s not a child!” said Sirius impatiently.
“He’s not an adult either!” said Mrs. Weasley, the color rising in her cheeks. “He’s not James, Sirius!”

why does this make me want to cry? oh, thats right, because JKROWLING IS A FUCKING SADIST THATS WHY

 - lol mollys like ‘come on guys, back me up!’ and everyones just like trying not to make eye contact


“He’s not your son,” said Sirius quietly.
“He’s as good as,” said Mrs. Weasley fiercely. “Who else has he got?”
“He’s got me!”
“Yes,” said Mrs. Weasley, her lip curling. “The thing is, it’s been rather difficult for you to look after him while you’ve been locked up in Azkaban, hasn’t it?”
Sirius started to rise from his chair.
“Molly, you’re not the only person at this table who cares about Harry,” said Lupin sharply. “Sirius sit down.”

1. OUCH molly. that one hurt  DEEP. 2. this is basically just a fight over who loves harry more and while its scary/awk its also kinda like aw. 3. SEE? LISTEN TO REMUS.

“Harry’ll tell me and Hermione everything you say anyway!” said Ron hotly. “Won’t-won’t you?” he added uncertainly, meeting Harry’s eyes.

I love ronald weasley.

- harrys getting voldemort push notifications on our phone now, so we’re all caught up on the voldy drama.

- sidenote to cornelius fudge: if dumbledore wanted your job, he’d HAVE your job. hes fucking albus percival wulfric brian dumbledore.

“But Dumbledore says he doesn’t care what they do as long as they don’t take him off the Chocolate Frog cards,”

honestly, me. 

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So I wanted to get some good vibes by checking out some ichiruki goodness but then after checking, it didn’t feel like there was enough…

Sooo tadaaa! I tried (really tried) to draw one. Yes, it sucks but meh. Again, I tried. Haha. Be nice people, I don’t draw. I swear to god, this is the best I can do haha. Plus, this was just for fun. (And the first time I’ve ever posted something I drew lol)

I know it’s not in the theme but I’ve wanted to buy some Pop! Figures in the past few weeks! Haha it would be great to have these two <3

Anyway, the scene is Ichigo bought their Pop! Figures haha and they started to play with them. With Rukia holding Ichigo’s figure of course hahaha (because it’ll be fun to tease him *evil smirk*).

Happy Ichiruki week!

BTW, I’ll update The Eve Project by Saturday or Sunday! Have a nice day everyone! #Kshare.

Okay. Bye hahaha :)))

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