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…….lol Thanks guys! So I’ve been thinking of a little event thing that I would do but… I really do not know what to do for this.



Here’s what’s going to happen! Every FOLLOWER I have that ❤LIKES❤ this post (i will check), will get a little random doodle submitted to them!


It might take a bit to get to all of them, if I get a lot (I doubt it lol), so yeah.
They’re just going to be random doodles, maybe connected to your blog. I’ll think of something lol.

Thank you guys again and have a great day! Or night. Whatever lol I cannot even see the sun for most of my days.


YO IT’S MY BABE’S B DAY!!!! @captain-grump

guys, honestly, i’m so happy we started talking with Polly, she’s so fucking awesomeee! she gave me so many great advices and she’s just so nice to talk to!! also she was one of the first people to follow me, and she and @sofiejizzle were kinda supporting me by liking and reblogging my shit, even when they didn’t know they were lol but yeah, babe, thanks so much for existing I LOVE YOUUUU

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whispers could u do the bf Monsta X thing for either Wonho or Shownu (I'm double biased so honestly whoever u have more muse for). but thank u so much ahhh

Sorry for the wait, sweetie! I had a lot to do this week 😅 But yeah, I decided to do it for Wonho cuz damn he’s been trying to kill me lately, he needs to chill tf out lol

  • Ok but this boy would literally be the sweetest boyfriend ever
  • Is legit always telling you how beautiful and perfect you are
  • Loving stares all day errday
  • Holding hands all the freaking time
  • Ok but can you even imagine how great the cuddles are with this guy??
  • Like, you would lay your head on his chest and he would just caress you arm or draw circles on your back
  • Him literally doing anything you wanna do
  • “As long as you’re happy, then so am I”
  • Oh and be prepared to eat ramen very freaking often
  • But he would still cook for you tho
  • And it would often taste absolutely horrible
  • But you always end up eating all of it regardless of the taste bc you know he tried his best…. although you tease him a lot about it afterwards
  • Taking a hell lot of selfies together, let it be derp ones or cute ones
  • You wearing his clothes often
  • And he obviously loves it
  • Him kissing your forehead when you hug him
  • Neck kisses
  • Kisses in general tbh
  • Him sending cute texts
  • Oh and s e x t i n g
  • Him being jealous so freaking easily
  • “You’re mine” is something he would say quite often tbh and omg that’s so hot, don’t even try to lie
  • A lot of PDA… maybe too much sometimes
  • Making out literally anywhere at any time
  • Either his kisses are hot and passionate or cute and gentle
  • There’s no in between, really
  • Here’s another great privilege you get from dating the ethereal human being that is Wonho: you get to see him working out  
  • If that doesn’t turn you on then i don’t know what will
  • He keeps doing unexpected things, which keeps the relationship exciting
  • One second he’s this cute little ball of fluff but then he turns into this sex god who literally makes you moan just by looking at him and you legit don’t know what to do with yourself bc omg how can someone change so quickly
  • But you love everything about him, and so does he
  • Anyways, all of that to say that he would cherish you a lot and would always try to put you first, like I don’t know about you but I feel like he would be the perfect boyfriend

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How do you feel about aja king and jack falahee from htgawm? they seem like really good friends and jack is pretty woke. i also think he got the face. if only i could find someone like that 😩😩

Please tell me they are a thing? They are too cute together!

But yeah he has The Face lol, like he got it bad *insert Usher’s song*

Cute white guys who are woke are great especially in this day and age. But I really hope they become an item and wouldn’t it be nice to find the same😂

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Yesterday i watched the film 400 days, and 1) Tom was CREEPY, i was seriously scared and 2) the finale was soo frustrating. I don't know just wanted to say that LOL

Tom was great. He really nailed that creepy friendliness, where you can’t immediately say “yup THIS is why he’s freaking me out” and can almost dupe yourself into thinking he’s just a quirky harmless guy… except for the kidnapping and knife fights and possible cannibalism.

(Also, hello, his arms were clearly the star of the movie.)

And yeah, the ending. The filmmakers want us to think it’s an Inception-type thing where you can figure it out from cunning clues… But it feels more like “eh, can’t think of a cool resolution, we’ll just end the film here.”

It wasn’t a bad film for what I assume was a really low budget. Good performances. But really lacking some narrative continuity and tension.

Thai Food- Leafyishere Imagine

In which Calvin and (Y/N) move from talking in an elevator to an actual date.

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Note: This is a continuation piece to my other imagine, Elevators. You don’t really need to read it in order to understand this one, but here’s the link in case you need some background. 

Warnings: General fluffiness? lol  

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Wow thanks for your essay answer 😂You're the best. You know what is so great about being a new fan. I am out of the loop when it comes to drama/past history/who is dating whom and get to enjoy skating for what it is and it is wonderful. I actually think as a team HD is better than PC (Gui is the team) and hope HD will place hight than PC one day, I agree I have never (hours of google) have not seen any team jump from 13th to 1st in only a season. PC lifts are blah some don't even look like lift

LOL yeah, this is what happens when I start talking about stuff I care about… 

You are so right about being an outsider and viewing everything with an open mind. it’s so much more fun like that. I try to stay away from gossip and drama and politics as much as possible and just appreciate the sport. I occasionally read some threads on fsuniverse but I leave once a thread feels like it becomes  a bit toxic. And right after a certain event is over (SD for example) all I want to see is the protocols so I can understand the scoring and see what hides between the lines (what the GEOs were like, what the ranking of the PCSs was, etc).

As for P/C, their climb to top is a complete mystery to me:

2014: SD - 55.11 (15th), FD - 86.38 (13th) => 13th overall

2015: SD - 71.94 (4th, but first in PCS), FD - 112.34 (1st, with a freaking 6 points advantage on the score, 2.5 of those points in PCS) => 1st overall

Even if we assume they nailed the levels all of a sudden, did they deserve to have their PCS scores improve in about 16 points in one year? I doubt it.

(I wonder if people were calling to cancel the FD so that C/B would have won in 2015 like they did this year in order to help P/C.)


Imagine #22 || Request #6

Alright, this is my attempt on a proposal…to be honest this is how I’d like it when a guy proposes to me because I’d love it if I was somehow caught in a state where I’m all natural where I am fresh from waking up and him still seeing that I’m beautiful even with my bed hair and morning face and yeah lol ENJOY YOU GUYS! I LOVE YOU ALL TO BITS ♥ *virtual hugs and kiss for you all*

P.S. this is a long imagine because I added the part where you and Isaac met.

P. S. S.(??)  If any errors occur I’m sorry, I finished this one at 2 am something and posted it at 2 am something as well so enjoy :)

P. S. S. S.(???) Request here


Oh great. You thought as you held on to the metal of the great Eiffel tower, shaking from the cold.

Apparently, you underestimated this windy day and just realized that it would gradually be this windy because the weather anchor seemed to chat about it like it wasn’t such of a big deal and that you can go out and restock your already empty pantry.

You watched as people were trying their hardest to walk across the street to a store to avoid getting frostbites, some authorities coming to their rescue and helping them out. You were actually waiting for them to come to your rescue because you were too far from the nearest enclosed and warm stores and if you ever attempted to go yourself, you’d be blown away and so you had to wait.

But the longer you waited, the longer it took for you to stand there and you knew that your body would give up on you because of too much cold. And just before you thought your luck had ran out, an arm wrapped around your shoulder and pulling you close to a warm chest.

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hi! i'm 18 y/o and have identified as bi/pan since i was 15. i am now questioning if i have ever been romantically or physically interested in men, and was hoping this blog or some of its followers might be able to describe their emotional feelings when dealing with compulsory heterosexuality, specifically when having "crushes" on boys/entering into relationships with them? thank you so much!


I think for me, a big thing was that while I was happy enough whenver the guy I was dating was, like, in the room? but if he wasn’t there, I felt kinda detached from the idea of dating him, like it was just an abstract concept. I’d find myself thinking about breaking up with him even if he hadn’t really done anything wrong, or find myself getting really irritated at little things he did that weren’t even that serious–basically, I wasn’t happy, but I thought that’s just how relationships were.

Also, and this is one of those duhhhh! moments looking back: I liked the idea of being liked waay more than I liked the reality of it. I “wouldn’t notice” I had a crush on the guy until someone pointed out that the guy liked me, or that they thought I liked him… and then I’d suddenly realize ‘oh wow yeah I totally like him!’  

I didn’t really think of the relationships (confession: I was a serial monogomist) as long term, like they’d talk about moving in together after school or things like that, and I’d be like yeah that sounds great! but I felt like I was just humoring them. I never wanted to be married. If we talked about marriage I’d always imagine it in the most generic way–white dress bouquet, semi-faceless dude in a suit.  

I knew I wanted kids, but I couldn’t really imagine, like, the day to day part. Waking up with this Guy, raising my child with this Guy, going to bed next to this Guy and waaking up the next morning… it felt like a life sentence lol.

I thought at the time that I just wasn’t That Kind Of Person, internalized it as just me being bad at relationships and would kinda try to just fake it until it worked. What finally made me finally figure it out was comparing that feeling to how I felt when I was with women. It felt so much more comfortable and safer and happier–basically, it didn’t feel like I was trying to fake it until it worked.

If anyone has any other things that looking back you think was a big sign, please feel free to add them in the replies! :)


Seirin’s evil version

But wait….

This bald brain guy…what if his..

feel guy?


What if the brain dude has hairs? Maybe like Kagami’s? 

Would that make him look like….


But back to bald…rather than Kagami’s twin brother… would he be..


u saw it coming did ya?  Well, IT’S AINT HIM because…

His actually just Saitama…from One Punch man dude…

So yeah, this whole time, Kagami’s lost lost brother is one and only truly..


Lol yup that’s him~ Thats the true answer u witness seeing, that’s all for today have a great day or night wherever you live~


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What do you love most about yona of the dawn?

What… do I love… most?? *spends eternity pondering*

Well, aside from the gorgeous art and the amazing setting, the great comedy and tragically gripping character pasts, Hak and Yona’s relationship (which is one of the best I have read in a long, LONG time) and the plot in general, I’d have to say: the characters

I love that every main character in AnY feels so real. They all have their strengths, but Kusanagi-sensei isn’t afraid to make them have very real weaknesses. She shows that people aren’t just 2D: they have situations they are great in, and others they aren’t great in; they can be strong but still experience moments of weakness or self-doubt; they can stumble but still strive towards goals or seek new ones; and, they can change. They can change. I’m kind of sick of reading stories where the characters have no true flaws or where they have one overall goal in the story and never question it… they just eventually achieve it (and find love along the way because why not?). I love that in AnY, non-romantic relationships matter even more than romantic ones. And I love that it shows that you don’t have to just love someone or hate them - you can feel a myriad of complex feelings towards them. And that all comes from sensei’s amazing characters, and their interactions :)

y'all the only good thing in the world just happened to me:

so there’s this boy named Isaac who my boss had been trying to set me up with. just out of nowhere one day he was like “do you like isaac?” and I said “yes omg he’s such a great and smart guy, which is not something i’d say about most guys” and he was like “yeah but do you…LIKE isaac cause I feel like you two would be–” and I was like “lol no jacques pls im dying of laughter” But anyway I like Isaac and after this incident I was sad and hoping it was just the case that jacques was interfering and not that isaac had asked him to ask me or anything.

there’s this other boy named alex who has been really friendly to me and asking me to hang out. today he asked me to study for our history midterm, gave me his number and invited me to this cute off campus library. I really like this guy so I go but I’m low-key worried cause we have tons of people we both know in the class but he ONLY invited me. so I’m praying that this doesn’t mean anything cause I wanna be friends with him. it doesn’t have to mean anything but with guys you just never know…like…

anyway I arrive and alex and isaac are sitting at a table each immersed in their own work and I’m like “whew there’s another person here haha he definitely wasn’t trying to get me alone. friendship back on! weird i knew they knew each other but not enough to like…actively come here off campus to hang out…”

just moments ago Isaac gets up and comes to our side of the table to stand behind Alex and gives him a (what looked to be fantastic) massage and then kisses him on the neck and in this really endeared voice teases him like “you smell great you smell like the lamb you had for lunch”

this is a reverse “potential guy friends are demons because of heterosexuality” story. two birds one stone. I’m this close to standing up and holding a peace sign up to heaven. honestly…@god thanks for pulling through for once

the true star of the documentary:

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25. "I can't believe you talked me into this" ^-^ (coliver obviously lol)

from this meme

As they pull up to the restaurant, the sinking feeling in Oliver’s stomach that he’s been trying to ignore all day, returns tenfold.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Connor puts the car in park and turns off the engine. “It’s not a big deal. It’s just a double date.”

Oliver snorts out a bitter laugh. Yeah, because being the wingman to the guy you’re actually in love with sounds like such a great time.

Connor turns his head so that his side-eye glance turns into full on staring. “What?”

“I can’t do it,” Oliver says. “I’m sorry. I thought I could. I really did. And I tried because I value our friendship. But I just… can’t. It’s too weird.”

Connor’s mouth opens a little, but he doesn’t say anything. He blinks and though he’s still looking in Oliver’s face, his focus is anywhere but.

“I want to go home,” Oliver says. He always gives Connor whatever he wants. He can’t help it. He likes Connor happy. But this…? He has to protect himself. It’d be too cruel.

For a moment, Connor doesn’t move. His expression holds somewhere between surprised and uncertain. But then he nods, and his face falls. Oliver only sees the hurt for a moment before Connor turns away.

“Okay,” he says and restarts the car.

Oliver bites his lip. “We can still be friends, right?”

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