lol but really i love when people like my stuff

Eat Me

Summary: Sugar daddy Phil feederism fic where dan is really thin when he first starts because no money but Phil loves feeding him and watching him fill out

Author’s Note: A bunch of people loved this idea so here it is. This might be the weirdest thing ive written so feedback would be great. like would you guy’s want more of this type of stuff or do you prefer other kinks more? lemme know <3 lol at my title what does it even mean in the context of this fic (2.1k words) anyways i finished this earlier but didn’t get to post it til now sorry about that also happy valentines day! <3

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So I forgot about this but THANKS FOR 8K followers. As I told a few people before, when I’ll reach 10k. If I reach 10k, I’ll be doing a giveaway to thank you guys and this is probably the only s4s I’ll ever be doing since I want all my follows to be genuine people who like my weird stuff lol… Anyways. Thanks so much lovelies I really appreciate it and thanks to those who stuck with me through the last year that was very hard for me and it might not be over due to the whole cancer thing with my dad but I’m sorry for the negative posts and all. Jist know that you guys helped me stay above that very thin line that I kept crossing(depression) I’m not done yet and still on meds so its hard to say im all good but I feel a bit better. So thanks you all for everything!!
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1.) Kpop isn’t the only Foreign music I enjoy, I also like French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Irish

2.) Iv been writing since I was in like 7th grade? I started off writing a lot of emo poems lol then they turned into Werewolf stuff.

3.) I like to watch honestly anything movie wise I just don’t really like lovey movies lol.

4.) I watch YouTube all the time mostly kpop but when it’s not kpop it’s mostly Jacksepticeye, Pewds, And a bunch of reactors and Fx make up people.

5.) Being the nerd I am I love to cosplay! My favorite I have cosplayed probably has been Markiplier’s Wilfred Warfstash.

6.) My sister @skin-of-potato and I are very close, and if you haven’t checked her blog out you really should!

7.) I really love to cook, I have a good taste for spices.

8.) I’m almost 21 I’ve never been drunk and I honestly don’t wanna be lol

9.) I have a puppy who is about almost 3 and he is literally my baby. I buy him so many treats and toys and I spoil the crap out of him.

10.) Music is honestly my life, it’s what keeps me going. If I’m in a bad mood I listen to music, If I’m mad I listen to music, annoyed music. I always have headbuds in and I honestly like all genres. Kpop, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Country, Metal, Rock, oldies even Jazz like I will listen to it all lol.

11.) Thanks to kpop I have found so many amazing friends and people. No other fandom has let me find so many people that I love and cherish.

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Get to know me!

Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!

I was tagged by @cataclysmicjellyfish (i was sooo surprised when i got the notification, nobody ever tags me in this kind of stuff lol)

•Name | Alexandra

•Nicknames | Ale (short version of my name), Găină (it means chicken; people call me Chicken cause i really love chickens)

•Zodiac sign | Pisces

•Height | 165 cm

•Orientation | bisexual

•Nationality | Romanian

•Favorite fruit | uhhh, watermelon i guess? oh and cherries! i loveee cherries

•Favorite season | Autumn, spring, the first half of summer and the middle part of winter

•Favorite book | can you people choose your favourite child??

•Favorite flower | any flower i can dry and preserve (i currently have around 80 dried roses in my room and a bunch of pressed flowers in a dictionary)

•Favorite scent | lavender, burnt matchsticks, roses, my mum’s cakes (they smell very different from the ones i bake, k), rain on a hot summer day, the sea and sooo many more

•Favorite color | purple and blue

•Favorite animal | i love all animals, but i feel like i have special connection with birds and cats

•Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | TEA ALL THE FUCKING WAY and maybe hot cocoa with cinnamon (oh my, i LOVE hot cocoa with cinnamon)

•Average sleep hours | i need at least 8 hours of sleep to function

•Cat or dog person | Animal person

•Favorite fictional character | Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy), Emma Swan (Once upon a time), Liv Moore (iZombie), Phoebe Buffay (Friends) and soooo many more (man i have to stop watching so many tv shows)

•Number of blankets you sleep with | just one

•Dream trip | i want to see some cities in England and i REALLY want to visit Australia (i think this is one of my biggest dreams)

•Blog created | oh wow, uh i guess october 2014 (this main blog), then i created @emma-not-nothing-swan in january 2015, my witchy blog aka online grimoire @mermaidwitch-y in april (??) 2016 and my Eurovision blog (i had to create it cause people were unfollowing me during Eurovision season lol) @yodel-it this year

•Number of followers | 346 on my main

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anonymous asked:

ahhh another irish dancer 💕💕💕 which school did you went to? I'm just going back into it after 5 yrs and will be dancing for dillon-gavin (I'm only in novice though) omg i was kinda not sure if I should post anything ID at first cuz I do have an ID blog but stopped posting on it yrs ago but I'm more active on this blog and it's a pain to keep switching blogs when on mobile and people talk to me more here so I just mix it in. I try to control myself or every other post would be ID related lol

I hope I’m not really late on this because I honestly never even got the notification????? thanks tumblr. Anyway, I just went to a small school in northern Canada (I think we had like 30 dancers?) and please keep posting irish dance stuff because it just makes my heart happy, I feel like I never see it anymore since I quit so I love it!

anonymous asked:

How are you doing today? Who is your best friend? What makes you happy? What are your top 5 favorite bands? What are your top 5 favorite songs? What are your top 5 favorite movies? Favorite blog? Favorite food? Biggest pet peeve? Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? What are you bad habits? Do you have trust issues? Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? What pisses you off?

How are you doing today?
in general, i guess im okay. im super stressed and overwhelmed about school so thats kinda making me more anxious, sad, and self-hating lol

Who is your best friend? 
i dont have a singular best friend, but i really love @mxr-mueller @numbweekend @seaspacesolace @aethernalstars <3 <3

What makes you happy?
dogs, cats, animals in general i guess, my squad, food, when good things happen to people who deserve it, shitty people getting shut the fuck down. stuff like that

What are your top 5 favorite bands?
they change kinda frequently, but right now (in no particular order) I Prevail, Annisokay, Beartooth, Modern Baseball, and New Found Glory

What are your top 5 favorite songs?
again, they change frequently but currently are (in no particular order again) Lights And Sounds by Yellowcard, History Of A Boring Town by Less Than Jake, Next Stop…Everywhere by Veara, Enemy by New Found Glory, and Life Less Frightening by Rise Against

What are your top 5 favorite movies?
Moonlight, The Fox and the Hound, A Bug’s Life, Lady and the Tramp, and Space Jam

Favorite blog?
according to tumblr, its @mxr-mueller (mxr-mueller is getting 12% of my love) but i really love the dog blogs i follow, even if i dont reblog from them as much as i reblog from that “spicy babe”

Favorite food?
pizza or chicken

Biggest pet peeve?
when i have things in a specific order (usually in a disorderly fashion) or location and theyre not in place or even just a little bit off 

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
dont remember for sure but probably @numbweekend or @mxr-mueller

What are you bad habits?
picking at the skin on my fingers, letting laundry build up, letting homework build up, i dont know if disorders count as bad habits? but i have a couple disorders that im not a huge fan of

Do you have trust issues?
yeah. ive been fucked over and used so many times.

Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
yes, but im trying to become better with it

What pisses you off? 
oppression, when shitty things happen to good people, when im interrupted a lot, hypocrisy, when i cut my nails too short, when i forget something important

Thank you and hope your day is going well :)

2,000 Followers: Thank You!!!

Guess which gal just reached her 2,000 followers mark on Tumblr? This gal!!  I would like to say thank you to all my wonderful followers who deal with my messy ass fangirling about superheros (mostly DC… actually all DC), Shadowhunters, and other stuff. You guys are so lovely whenever I post selfies, complementing me, and always keep my spirits up.

 The moment I realized that people really enjoyed what I had to say on here, was when I got countless asks that people really liked my blog and looked up to me? Like wow. I think I teared up the first time. I’m just a 19 year old black bisexual female about to start her sophomore year in college, unsure of her future, but also ready to take life by storm, and you guys have stuck with me through all my fangirling, shit posting, and overall craziness.

Some of you have been here since day one, and others, just recently. I’ve compiled a list of some of my followers who have been nothing but supportive and to which you guys should all follow. This list in no way captures ALL of my followers, but just a few that I can recall. 

Thank you again,

-Asher (nightfallgoddess)

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