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You're always saying that people are too nice to you so I'm gonna do it, im gonna be the mean anon! uuhhhh ur bad at mario kart

shes been playing for 37 hours straight and still cant beat steven

#SanversWeek day 5: domestic.

Just a little somethin’ somethin’ for day 5 because I again have no free time. Will maybe be writing for day 7 as well, so stay tuned.

Thanks to @bruisedcaffeinatedbitch for the quick beta.

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You can find my day 3 fic here or here.

14-hour shifts were typically something Alex could live without. Especially when those 14-hour shifts included having an important drug case being snatched from her hands by some self-centered white male fed only because it turned out they were dealing with humans, not aliens, and her not being able to deck his face onto a table only because of his rank (and because the amount of paperwork it’d cost Pam – J’onn had warned her about it using his disapproving dad voice right before she was about to snap, and so she kept herself in check, this time).

And now she was walking up the stairs to her apartment at one in the morning, exhausted, frustrated to no end, and ready to just dive into bed and sleep.

But when she opened the front door all of that was forgotten.

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