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Who do you think is responsible for the censorship of sanvers, the writers or the CW? I'm inclined to believe it's the latter. I feel like this is probably standard practice for various networks with "family" shows, but I'm seeing a lot of anger directed towards the writers specifically, and I don't know if it is the most productive thing. Not that the writers shouldn't be criticized for other things.


[this got very long]

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ZAGGALFOR LOVE TRIANGLE YAHS (I read your tags on that video lol) But I thought I was alone in this theory????


Alfor and Zarkon? they HAD A THING back in the day. take a look at this screencap:

LOOK AT THAT LOVING GAZE OKAY. look at these two bros chillin in a Lion Hangar, five feet apart cos they’re not gay. they were hooking up don’t tell me they weren’t.

Because literally the entire thing about Alfor trusting Zarkon with a Lion? and not realising he was turning evil? and Zarkon being able to deceive and betray the other Paladins despite them all being bonded in Voltron? makes WAY MORE SENSE if you assume Zarfor was A Thing back in the day. love is blind fam. that’s how Zarkon got away with it.

so i’m thinking they had a thing, maybe it was always super-casual, maybe it meant more to Zarkon than it did to Alfor, maybe it turned sour, who knows. but at some point they drift apart and Alfor gets married and has a kid (Allura) and Zarkon is just… sad face emoji about the whole thing, right? cos he loved Alfor. he thought they were gonna rule the universe together, and then Alfor’s like “actually nah bro”

now get this: Zarkon’s entire life post-Alfor is an attempt to recreate himself in Alfor’s image. if he can’t HAVE Alfor he’s going to BE Alfor. like this jilted lover from Shakespeare he’s determined to prove himself Better Than Alfor by doing everything Alfor does, but in a twisted and over-the-top way. oh, Alfor’s gonna have a giant robot lion suit that turns into a robot? WELL Zarkon’s gonna build a giant mecha of his own! with wings! take that Alfor, i don’t need your crummy lion! (he does though. he does so much. he’s hurting inside) Alfor was gonna have a “Voltron Alliance”? well, Zarkon’s gonna have an Empire!! get stuffed Alfor! I’m over you completely! (he’s not)

but of course Alfor also has a beautiful Altean wife and child. and Zarkon can’t let him win, oh no, he has to PROVE Alfor means NOTHING to him now by moving on with an Altean of his own. Haggar. And having an Altean child. Lotor.

ladies and gentlemen, i give you: Zarkon, the tragic jilted lover, trying to recapture the love of his life and live in his image. i give you Haggar, always knowing she’ll never compete with Alfor, but staying anyway because she’s devoted to Zarkon. i give you Lotor, the half-unwanted child who reminds Zarkon so much of the Altean love he threw away. poetry in motion my friends. POETRY IN MOTION

I mean… there’s your standard “Haggar cheated on Alfor with Zarkon” love triangle but why be that basic when you can be this extra?

Monkey Paw

Peeta was rescued instead of Katniss, but today she’s back.

Warnings for drug use, character deaths, and angsty angst.



“She wants to see you,” Gale tells him, his jaw tense with pain that Peeta senses has nothing to do with the wound on his shoulder. “You’re the only one she wants to see.”

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How I feel about LiS characters (in order of appearance)
  • Max Caulfield:
  • She's so weird that it's really cute. Playing the world in her eyes makes me see a different light in nature and scenery, and the different possibilities are what makes me think about my own choices in my own life. She's an influence to me.
  • Mark Jefferson:
  • First impression was that I love his fucking hair. His hair is so fancy, fits his popular outlook, and his personality. Dick-ish, but sees potential in his students... And knows his grounds.
  • Kate Marsh:
  • Poor baby! I hate how she's so sad all the time, and I really wish I could hug her and get her out of Blackwell ASAP. I really hate to see her get bullied all the time, and I would do anything to save her. Everyone who bullied her can go suck it!
  • Victoria Chase:
  • One of my favorite antagonists, secretly(not anymore??). She's a bitch and rich and thinks she can get laid with anyone she wants. Like UHM, no, baby girl, you can stop. But when you're nice to her, she'll be nice to you. Just depends on your choices I guess.
  • Nathan Prescott:
  • Nathan is a prick. He acts so high and mighty when he's only a wimp and hides behind his parents to protect his puny self. Not my favorite antagonist.
  • David Madsen:
  • A pain in my fucking ass. He's so uptight and paranoid. He always thinks he's in the military, "soldier!" Like what the hell? I understand people can get paranoid and scared after war, but it's no excuse to do the shit he's doing.
  • Principal Wells:
  • He needs to stop thinking about money and shut up or something. He needs to think about the reputation of Blackwell, not how much money it has. Horrible principal.
  • Juliet Watson:
  • I thought she was a bitch at first. Until she let Dana out and they made up. I totally shipped them after that. Anyways, not much to say. She's really a good friend but gets jealous and doesn't think straight if it's involved with something or someone she's in loved with. Also doesn't really know what's right and wrong until one explains a different perspective of it.
  • Dana Ward:
  • She's totally cute. She's one of those cheerleaders, but she's really nice, not stuck-up. Just not the right friends, that's all. Except Juliet. Ship... LOL. But she went through a lot of stuff, and it sucks she has/had to go through it on her own.
  • Alyssa Anderson:
  • All bad luck on her. She's like the only chubby girl in the whole cast, and they made her even more bad luck by giving her such unfortunate events. But I love having to help her out in any way possible! I want to brighten her day! ☺️
  • Warren Graham:
  • Creeper. Too annoying. Blowing up Max's phone. To me, not important. I mean, I heard about him in the second episode from my cousin, like woah creep much. LOL. Always pestering about movies. Just wants to get in Max's pants.
  • Chloe Price:
  • H O T. She's so fucking weird and rebellious, but she's so funny and I love her silliness. And the way she puts hella in her sentences, it's so hilarious. LOL. But I don't really like that she smokes, or any kind of drugs... Andddd always something about Rachel. Like, please don't. Chloe, you belongs to Max, just accept it.
  • Rachel Amber:
  • What's there to say???? She's missing. She's suspicious. Her role is so big, but small at the same time. So many questions to ask, in only two episodes. Especially with the plot twist in the end of episode 3 and for episode 4???
  • Joyce Price:
  • Just like any mom who remarried. Worried about their daughter doing bad things, doesn't understand when they'll be family. Oblivious about many things, but really wants to know... Sucks for her. I wish she's given a bigger and better role in the family.
  • Frank Bowers:
  • Idk. I don't like him as much. He's very suspicious and so little role. like Rachel, there's so many questions. I don't like it. I wish he shows up more. But I like his dog, and his trailer(photo from episode 1)
Some of the best decisions of my life :D (In order of their appearances in my life)

Pokemon - that’s right, I was born the same year the original pokemon came out! I have all the VHS tapes as well as both movies the mewtwo one and the lugia one. I also collected at least one game from every generation. I’m a pokemon master!

Cardcaptors Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles- not really sure but this is like the first anime that had a BL couple hehe. I am kinda obsessed with Touya and Syaoran.

On a side note, for Tsubasa… not sure how much I really loved this anime… It kinda disturbed and scared me a bit. Especially the ending… Don’t get me wrong, I loved the characters! Mokona Kurogane and Fai were wonderful but yeah.. the plot was kinda creepy. Going from Cardcaptors to Tsubasa is huge. It’s like night and day. (My sister wants to watch Tsubasa now cuz I told her that it had the same characters but I kinda don’t want to show her cuz this one freaked me out idk if she’s going to be able to handle it.. it’s not exactly happy)

Sailor Moon - Childhood memories. I was Sailor Mars, my sister was Sailor Pluto and one of my friends was Sailor Moon and the other was Sailor Jupiter.

Fruits Basket - The first manga I ever read! If it wasn’t for this, I probably never would have watched an anime. And unfortunately I am born the year of the boar… although personality wise all of my friends say I’m more of a Kyo so maybe if Kyo had a year I would have been him instead!

Bleach - Hooray for the first anime I ever watched! I fell in love with this beautiful boy <3 Toshiro might be my favorite anime boy of all time to be honest lol.

Inuyasha - I just loved the love kyahh! This was the first time I started kyahhing over a ship xD

Naruto - Just one character ruined my whole life. I love him so damn much and idgaf that people say he’s scary looking! This backstory was so beautiful and I could relate. So naturally Gaara became my favorite in this anime (: Is this the look of a scary child?!

The World God Only Knows - Whenever I watched this, I kept thinking OMG that’s me. Cuz seriously… I can totally relate to Keima.

Angel Beats - Do you know how much I love spicy mabo tofu now because of this?! And let’s be honest, that whole music soundtrack for this anime was beautiful!

Jigoku Shoujo - This was actually really deep, I like how it shows the weaknesses in people’s hearts. What is the point of sending someone to hell if you yourself will also be sent to hell? This was like one of those animes that makes you question your life lol

Nabari no Ou - This is the first anime to ever really make me cry. I just love Yoite and Miharu’s relationship. I shipped it so hard and I was so sad when Yoite… *incoherent sobbing*

Kaichou wa Maid Sama - USUIIIIII <3 I like that the female heroine isn’t some dopey idiot girl that has no personality. In fact she’s probably the opposite. She’s smart, she’s nice, and she acts like a dude which makes me kinda happy cuz well… I act like a dude xD

Attack on Titan - The best anime I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about the plot, the characters, the animation itself, the plot twists, the action, the romance, the mystery, and just the general idea. This is the BEST anime I have ever seen. The whole thing, in it’s entirety is flawless.

Free! - Fanservice!! OMG that BL though <3 And I am so glad that they’ve decided to make a second season! I am eagerly awaiting summer :D

Code Geass - One of the best plots for an anime :D That ending is EPIC. The female characters are kinda weak. But Lelouch is so awesome that you kinda just go with it. I also ended up developing a hugeeee thing for Rolo and was pretty sad but also kind of satisfied with how he went out~

Kuroko no Basuke - I love the characters in this anime <3 I just love them so much!!! Akashi, Himuro, Kise, Takao, and Kuroko being my favorites <3 And again with the boys love xD

Noragami - Yato is such a dork but I love him because when he’s serious he’s such a badass!! :D Also, his relationships with Yukine and Hiyori make me really happy… idk why, it’s just so cuteee xD

Ouran High School Host Club - This anime according to my sister is so gay but it’s also hilarious. Gotta love Tamaki Suoh :D AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT MY BEAUTIFUL DEVIL TWINS <3

Black Butler - Sebaciel <3 Enough Said. But really, even if I didn’t ship this couple so much, the revenge plot is pretty good. That being said, I’ve always been a sucker for the characters that kill the bad guys without remorse. (Vaguely wonders if I’m a sadist or something…)

Durarara - IZAYAAAAAAA *whispers “and Shizuo”* <3 Love them as individual characters as well as a couple. To be honest, Izaya is friking creepy as hell but I really really like him haha. And the plot for this anime is pretty great how everything is connected. 

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(Shipxdrabble) I have literally every kink but I guess the most powerful ones are daddy kink, dirty talk, giving oral but I don't like receiving it, I'm also really sub, orgasm denial, three or moresomes and spanking. I couldn't think of anything else at the moment ahha. -Kinky anon

bangtanletters said: Hi honey can I have a shipxdrabble? Lol this is weird explaining my links… Well I like, biting, oral, and of course daddy kink!!! Lolllll take your time ;)

“Enough stroking. Suck it.”

I look up to only find his dark twisted eyes and myself holding his erection in them. This is my favorite Yoongi - the Yoongi who can look down at me and demand for my submission. I take it, stretching my mouth widely to fit the thickness before sliding down until the tip reaches my throat. I can feel my gag reflex tickles my whole body, so I start sucking. I hollow my cheeks, trying to avoid getting my teeth in contact. His moans escape those cracked lips and splash into my ears. Having his dick locked with my lips isn’t something overwhelming to just me, it’s also something out of his control. The more my cheekbones are shown, the more I hear his voice speaking nonsense words. I speed up with the other hand pumping up and down the length of his erection. Soon, he shoots his cum into my mouth. Some go immediately straight down my throat. 

“Swallow it.” Yoongi loves me more when I swallow what he gives me. A drop drips from the corner of my mouth as I remove his dick from my throat. He takes my hand and places me lying upside down on his laps. His hand rubs on my ass. “Tell me how it tastes.”

“Daddy taste so good.” I swallow air but still sensing the linger of his smell.

A smack lands on my ass. “Good. You like it when I smack you, right?” I nod as an answer. Another one comes, but the pain increases. My teeth dig into my lips, holding myself together in front of this painful arousal. The sound of his hand landing on my ass initiates my orgasm. The area hidden between my thighs feels stickier than it should. 

Yoongi slides his finger inside my core. The expression on his face changes as he discovers how wet I’ve been through this whole session. My ass jerks as his two fingers strike into my entrance.

“Don’t cum until I say so.” Just with that warning, he starts curling inside me. Like a snake inside my body, he consumes my strength, leaving my body with exhaustion and arousal. I can hardly tell what he’s doing, but I’m more scared of breaking his command. Yoongi pulls in and out of my core and that is when I can no longer hold in my ejection. After he pulls out, a smack land on my ass. The wet layer between us is noticeable. 

“Stand facing the wall and hands behind your back. You’re not going home tonight.” He stroke along my spine, sending a shockwave of fear through my body.

A drabble for my dear kinky anon~ Take some dominant Yoongi to cheer you up for today.

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I'm a fellow Lucaya shipper and I agree with you that Maya liked Lucas from the start and it developed even more by the campfire I mean they were practically flirting with each other the entire time and that's were my issue came in. I don't like how Maya went from being rucas #1 cheerleader, to wanting to protect Riley from Missy and making her believe she had nothing to worry about in year book to them now being in a triangle I don't think the writers handle it well.

Hi :) So I answered this here. There really has been a steady buildup by the writers in S2 bringing to the foreground things that had previously been subtle and somewhat buried. And the mess we’re seeing with Rucaya has been foreshadowed from GM Sneak Attack: here and here. That’s become almost 100% legit for me since the “Pearl Harbor” lesson was explicitly brought up by Cory to Riley in Legacy, in addition to Riley assuming the exact same position with her face plastered to the window of the classroom looking in.

I’m guessing this is the second part to your question:

I know what the writers are trying to do and ever since one tree hill I had a big problem with two bestie being in love/like with the same person because of the damage it can do and I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to ship on this show because I feel someone’s feelings will get push under the table to move the story along because we are so deep in it already and that’s going to cause an uproar. 

So, disclosure: I never watched OTH fully. I caught a few episodes here and there for the man-candy playing basketball, but I remember back in high school, people were all like Brooke VS Peyton, and again, funnily enough, it’s a brunette and a blonde (from what I did watch, I actually found Nathan/Haley much more interesting lol). From what I understand, Brooke stuck around longer and ended up with what seems like a pretty commendable character growth as well as her own story arcs beyond the Brooke/Lucas/Peyton catastrophe. But I agree that it’s testy when you get into “triangles” with two female friends because there is this tendency in fandom, in our society at large, really, to pit women against each other constantly. It’s right up there with slut shaming, as well as the Madonna/Jezebel fiasco. They did it with Jen/Joey in Dawson’s Creek too. And I gag every time I see something resembling that for Riley/Maya, a purely good/bad comparison, or innocent/whore. It’s downright horrible and twisted, and girls need to stop doing this to each other. We were talking about making the effort to analyze the show objectively, respectfully, here in terms of ‘ships and characters when formulating theories. And the same point emerged, brought up by @mercutiosnake:

The people who act like either Maya or Riley are evil and trying to ruin the other’s life are just getting ridiculous. And this sort of pitting against each other thing only ever happens with female characters, it seems. It was like all the people who HATED Tori/Victoria Justice and spent every waking tumblr moment going on about how Jade/Liz Gillies or Cat/Ariana Grande were so much better. And yet, no one ever seemed to put the guys against each other. No one ever feels compelled to do this with male characters, only the girls just have to tear each other down. This entire mentality needs to change.

Here’s why I’m personally not worried: these writers, this show, are better than that. They are seasoned storytellers who value, above all, real and honest relationships, family and true friendships. AND this is GIRL meets world: Riley’s the titular girl, the main POV, but Maya is right next to her, her first mate - “Because if this is my world now, the first person I want in it is you.” (Pilot)

That hasn’t changed. Riley & Maya will prevail. And every time someone has complained to the writers about the girls fighting over a boy, they have been very outspoken about the fact that that is NOT what they are doing. This is NOT your standard, half-assed triangle with catty drama just for the sake of drama. Even with Farkle’s Choice, it wasn’t - essentially - about fighting over a boy:

So WHY do people choose to see it that way? WHY do they boil it down to that? The brouhaha after Legacy is a prime example of distorting, with this narrow perspective, what we were shown, which is: both girls being concerned about their friendship - first and foremost - but also in the grips of unavoidable different feelings that demand to be explored because they are no longer “back here, in the 7th grade” (Sneak Attack), and, as a consequence, for now, opting to stay in a stalemate. I think the problem is “shipping”.

Hang on, people, before you jump down my throat. Shipping definitely enhances one’s experience and investment in a show, there is no doubt about that. BUT you mentioned yourself, that it’s hard for you to ship on this show out of fear that feelings will be swept aside to, as you say, “move the story along”. I think there is a particular way of shipping that is problematic: it’s this sort of quasi-religious shipping where it’s “your ship or the highway”, and one becomes so obsessed and fixated on that ship alone that we get tunnel vision, and therefore, our enjoyment of the show is solely dependent on that ship prevailing in canon, and our understanding of the whole show is, unfortunately, diluted because it’s from this limited vantage point. And along with this goes this “hating” on characters that one perceives as being in the way of one’s ship (which is, to me, ludicrous), as well as being hyper-sensitive whenever a character flaw is pointed out (which, again, makes no sense to me, because they all have flaws; that’s THE reason they’re engaging and ring true as people - they have qualities AND flaws, and sometimes a quality can double as a flaw, like IRL).

Now, sure, I can say I ship Riley/Farkle and Lucas/Maya (although I have sort of a particular approach to shipping), but if the story shifted and didn’t go there, I’d be fine. Why? Because at the very core, as an engaged viewer and fan of the show, I ship every character with happiness, every character with growth, every character with discovery. Ultimately, I want a legitimate, character driven, intricate, real, honest story, regardless of the specific outcome in terms of romantic pairings, and I trust these seasoned writers to deliver that.

How do I see that? I said, it’s not about a love triangle, it’s not about which girl is “better”, which girl “ends up” with Lucas (while conveniently dismissing the fact that in GMW, Farkle - overlooked Canada - is a member of the core cast unlike Minkus on BMW, and that the writers keep saying all their love triangles are actually rectangles). So what is it ABOUT? It’s about identity and coming-of-age, has been since the Pilot. Why am I not scared feelings will be cast aside for the sake of story? Because EXPLORING THEIR FEELINGS is THE STORY. The narrative has gone through 1) Friendship, 2) Growth, and now, 3) Feelings. ALL the characters are going through that; hell, all human beings go through that. Human feelings are complex, and powerful, and varied, and dynamic, and confusing. They will not be swept under the rug on this show; on the contrary, they will be delved into, defined, played with; they will change and evolve as the characters grow. They are an integral part of their journey of self-discovery, their quest for identity, that we have all been through (or are going through if you’re a younger member of the audience). I know I keep referring back to this mega-meta, but it’s because I touched on a lot of major themes for the show in it, in respect to dealing with ‘ships but looking beyond them. Here’s the crux for your specific concern:


MJ: “The entire arc of the series is about these friends and the ability to go through emotional arcs with friends. [To] feel one way about them, then another way the next day. This is real life.” (From the ATX panel).

Rowan: “I think as the show went on, we’re just constantly changing and our characters would be changing with us. And so, what once originally may have been more Cory [Pilot], has now bled into, you know, Cory and Topanga [GM C+T], with a little bit of Riley. And then I think the same for Maya.”
Sabrina: “Yeah, I think Maya’s even taking stuff from Riley.”
Riley: “All the characters take stuff from each other, even in real life.”
[Same panel, watch MJ’s face as the girls go into this, he’s like a proud papa]

As people, we all eventually have to make choices in our lives. We choose a career, we choose the people to spend our lives with, friends and significant others, and sometimes, perhaps they choose us. Perhaps “destiny” exists too, and some things will happen regardless of our own volition. But as human beings - conscious, autonomous, thinking beings - we are also endowed with free will. We learn, every day of our lives, from our parents, our teachers, but also from our own experience of the world - from the friends we surround ourselves with. People change people. We do not exist in a bubble, our story is not written for us before we even step out into the world, we all have the potential for growth, and we all go on a coming-of-age journey. We feel. We hope, we dream, we cry, we yell, we smile, we laugh, we fight, we reconcile…

Why does this matter? What is it with all this war talk?

Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel …
the moment you feel, you’re nobody-but-yourself.
To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
- E.E. Cummings,  A Poet’s Advice (1958)

Why are the so-called ‘ships important? Because building and experiencing real honest relationships is how these kids will finally feel, and learn - by themselves - what it is they feel. That’s the one thing that can’t be taught. Feelings are not chosen, feelings are experienced, feelings are not elicited by putting ourselves and others in labelled boxes - the choice we make is whether or not to act on our feelings. Sometimes we won’t even understand our feelings until we’ve acted on some of them.

And that is what these kids - Riley, and Maya, her sounding board, the girl who tries to outsmart Cory the “Boy” and “sneak out” Riley down to the subway  - will learn and teach the whole audience:  to be yourself, to be honest and real with each other, to accept each other, to communicate, to connect - in all the possible ways a human being can connect  (Tales of Human Interaction!).

That is how I, as a viewer, can engage and see the story beyond specific shipping interests. Because, from a storytelling perspective, and as someone who has always been intrigued by human nature and development, I can see and value the IMPORTANCE of all character pairings and interactions. I think they are all valuable, serve to grow the characters individually, and show the different ways one experiences and approaches LOVE in all its forms.

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Do you think the show-runners realise the treasure they have in 'Olicity'? And do you think they will do this relationship justice? Great though their storytelling has been, their handling of romance in Arrow has not been the best - until now. Given the explosion of superhero shows in movies and television, Arrow needs something to set it apart i.e. - the awesome chemistry between Stephen and Emily. I scared - but I really hope they keep writing Olicity well :). And make them endgame of course!

Hey Anon!  I took a bit to think about your question and how I could best answer it.  It’s hard because I can’t speak for anybody but myself when it comes to what I like about Arrow, Oliver, Felicity, Olicity, and the team that is (for me) the trinity of Oliver/Felicity/Diggle. 

I’m going to apologize right now for totally going OT in this response - not to mention on and on  — but I don’t think I can discuss what you asked without discussing what I did.  :/

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you can say Beth is dead & bully TD all you want but the signs are all there. Beth is alive & she will be back & there will be a Bethyl reunion so much better than the gross mother & son hug you caryl shippers got. lol! Daryl & Beth will always be canon cause the AMC bios already said Daryl has feelings for Beth. if Beth don't show for the finale its only cause Gimple wants to wait for S6 so he can do the reunion properly. so keep hating in our tags but we all ready won over your stale ship. lol

I can gather from your url that you take signs very seriously.  Here are some signs for you:

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I don't know if you answered it already, but what do you think about 'Crush' and Spike offering to kill Drusilla? I've always felt it was so OOC. He probably never intended to really kill her, but still, he usually treated her well (considering them being evil), and this one was just so out of the blue.

Thank you for your question, dearest anon. 

The events of ‘Crush’ and my stance on them is something I’ve debated with myself for a while; is Spike offering to kill his sire extremely out of character, or just extreme character development? Was it a well-executed plot twist that was both effectively shocking whilst still making sense in the context of Spike’s flamboyant and impassioned character? Or was it the ridiculous notion that it takes only two years to stop caring about- hell, even want to sacrifice- someone you considered your soul mate (or soulless-mate) for over a century? Was it a worthy swan song for the Spike/Drusilla ship that deconstructed their courtship in a befittingly macabre and dramatic way? Or was Drusilla’s character completely thrown under the bus and used solely as a plot device for Spike/Buffy in what would be her last real appearance?

I’m still not sure, and would love to hear other people’s perspective on the matter.

What really interests me in regards to ‘Crush’ is its aftermath, as it marks a turning point in Spike’s attitude towards Drusilla. He no longer reminisces on her in a wistful, nostalgic way, but in a more mocking and scornful tone that’s primarily used by the writer’s to make fun of Drusilla’s mental illness.


“Drusilla was always straightforward. Didn’t have a single buggering clue about what was going on right in front of her, but she was straight about it.” –Entropy.

“You’re not Drusilla. She was crazier than you.” – Bring on the Night.

“Dru? Love? Get bent.” – Bring on the Night.

“(chuckles) You’re a real sack of hammers, aren’t you? Hey, don’t worry. I used to date a girl who wasn’t all there.” – Damage.

The troublesome way in which Drusilla’s mental illness is played for comedy aside, the change in how Spike regards his ex-lover is also questionable.

One could possibly argue that the writers tried to rewrite long-held, well-established continuity, reducing Drusilla’s significance as a character from someone Spike considered his savior and the love of his unlife to just being “that crazy bitch Spike used to date that one time lol”. And all so they could make some overused, uncomfortably unfunny ‘crazy’ jokes, a topic explored in further detail here.

Retroactively degrading Drusilla’s importance as a character could also have been used to validate the Spike/Buffy romance. A lot of the time in fiction there’s this fallacy that a character can only ever love one person. Not only can there only be one ‘the one’, but there’s also only room to have genuine affection for one person. Spike was written as being in love with Buffy, and thus there was simply no room for him to realistically have some semblance of sentiment for the woman he traveled with throughout centuries and continents, the woman he shared so much with for so long. This mentality is also widespread in fandom ‘ship wars’, where fans will argue over whether character X loves about character Y or character Z. Alas, apparently there is no capacity for character X to care about both. If X cares about Y, that immediately negates any and all feelings for Z. Apparently. I’ve seen a lot of people have a similar argument when debating sprusilla and spuffy, which seems largely unnecessary to me. Why can’t Spike be enamored with and enthralled by Buffy while still being fond of the woman he spent 100 years with? Why is it a either/or situation? Love is seldom singular.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m being unfair; it is very, very common for bad breakups (and damn, did Spike and Dru have a bad breakup) to spawn bitter conversations about people you once adored. Hate is oft just love gone wrong, after all. Perhaps it would be a lot less believable for Spike not to be bitter about what happened, especially when you consider that the character is no stranger to holding grudges. Besides, at least Drusilla is referenced to and paid homage to, which is a testament to how well the writers dealt with continuity in the show. Like, seriously, the continuity in the Buffyverse is brilliantly extensive.

To conclude; I’m both very torn and very sorry for going off on a tangent, dearest anon.