lol but can i be you

☆30 Days Hairstyles Challenge☆

Day 01: Short Haired Female
Day 02: Medium Length Haired Female
Day 03: Long Haired Female
Day 04: Long Haired Male 
Day 05: Black Haired Character
Day 06: White Haired Character
Day 07: Gray Haired Character
Day 08: Green Haired Character
Day 09: Red Haired Character
Day 10: Dark Brown Haired Character
Day 11: Light Brown Haired Character
Day 12: Yellow Haired Character
Day 13: Orange Haired Character
Day 14: Pink Haired Character
Day 15: Dark Blue Haired Character
Day 16: Light Blue Haired Character
Day 17: Purple  Haired Character
Day 18: Two Colors Haired Character
Day 19: No Hair Character
Day 20: Sided Hair
Day 21: Pointy Hair
Day 22: Male With Ponytail
Day 23: Girl With Ponytail
Day 24: Side Ponytail
Day 25: Pigtails 
Day 26: Braided Hair 
Day 27: Hairclips 
Day 28: Bowl Cut 
Day 29: Asymmetric
Day 30: Something else of your choice


adorable clip of Raven and Chelsea posing as a cute couple with a baby in season 4 of That’s So Raven :)

Oh hey I was tagged by @kurokokawaiii! Thanks for tagging me I appreciate it ^^

Rules: Name 10 songs you currently love and tag 10 people

Alright then…!

Proof - Paramore
Sanctuary - Utada Hikaru
Five Bells - CoCo and the Butterfields
Told You So - Paramore
The Wolf - SIAMES
First Train and Kafka - Rachie
Sand Planet - Hatsune Miku
Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man
Woman - Kesha
Idle Worship - Paramore

I’ve been listening to a lot of Paramore recently haha;;

Aaaah let’s see;; I tag @kitikat101, @lumen-ciela, @theitalianscribe, @constellationflowers, @quirkyquills, @kantoprince, @posh-boyy, @sherlock, @kabeh, @starry-kitkat, @jacksera, @zuyurio

You guys totally don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!! And I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!


s3 was an experience


Keith and Shiro decide to go to the beach. During the day, Keith gets a spider-man popsicle (because is nerd af) with temporary tattoos in it. Shiro suggests to use them, he loves his boyfriend so much.

throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?

WHEW! Roughly 18 hours spread over 3 days! 

Marina and the Diamonds! I always really liked the FROOT album cover so there u have it. The hair was fun but probably also took like 50% of the time of the entire portrait?

(I feel like this is probably the first time ive done this big of a portrait and actually finished the neck and shoulders lol, usually i do the face and hair and leave it half finished)

phil the explorer and dan the tiny planet

not long time ago there was a boy that was alone just like the sun, with no moons, with no hope. but he saw a planet on his own and went there to see what he had to offer, and he wasn’t dissapointed.

humans more like ew-mans am i right