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Bathroom Phone Call

12x11 coda

They were in the bathroom, Sam labelling various objects as Dean ran through things he thought he ought to remember. His mind touched on one in particular, something that stood out as important.

Clearing his throat, Dean tried to sound nonchalant as he asked, “So, uh.  Do you know who Cas is?”

Sam looked even more sad, so Dean hastily added, “He sounds important.”

“Right. Uh. Well,” Sam was clearly trying to think of how to explain it, “Do you know what angels are?”

“Dicks,”  Dean answered with ease.

“Yeah. Except, one of them isn’t. His name is Castiel and you two are…close.”

“Like friends?” Dean asked.

“Like brothers,” Sam corrected him, “Or…” he paused and Dean can see he’s trying to decide whether or not to speak, “More than brothers.”

Dean’s eyes widened. “Is he my boyfriend?”

“It’s…complicated,” Sam says reluctantly, “Cas is awesome, he always comes when you call. Saved our asses more times than I can count.”

“So he loves me,” Dean made the logical conclusion. Sam stared at him, pad of paper and pen forgotten in his hands, clearly trying to come up with some sort of diplomatic retort. His mouth opened and closed for a moment before Sam finally replied.

“Yes,” Sam said softly, “I think he does.”

“And I love him back?”

Sam smiles sadly. “Yes.”

Dean pondered this point. “I wanna call him.”

“Dean, he can’t help. I’ve already asked.”

“Yeah, but…” Dean sighed in frustration, “You said I’m gonna forget, right? And…and something else bad…”

Die. Yeah, Sam didn’t want to think about that. “So?”

“So, don’t you tell people you love goodbye?”

Don’t say that,” Sam shouted. He backed off at the look of pure sorrow and confusion in Dean’s eyes. Dean didn’t really understand what was happening, but he looked so heartbroken at the prospect of not being able to talk to Cas…Sam could explain it later. To Cas. What had happened. But for now…

Sam tugged the phone out of his pocket and dialed Castiel’s number. “Don’t leave the bathroom,” he ordered Dean, handing him the phone. Dean nodded solemnly. Sam took that as his cue to leave, not wanting to listen in to a private conversation.

Still, the motel’s walls were paper thin and Sam, despite trying to label other things in the bedroom, could hear the whole conversation.

“Hello, is this Cas?”

Dean, Sam told me what happened, are you okay?

“Woah. You have a deep voice,” Dean chuckled nervously and began to mimic it, “Sexy voice. Real sexy voice.”

Oh, Dean. I’m so sorry. The pain is evident in Cas’ voice.

“Sorry for what? Sam told me everything ‘bout you.”

You must be furious. Of course Cas would assume Sam had replayed his worst moments. Castiel wasn’t one to handle guilt well.

“Furious? For bein’ in love with a badass angel? ’m just a human, but a kickass angel with a sexy voice is 'n love with me!”

Oh, Dean.

Dean’s voice wobbled. “Wait, do you not–”

I do, Dean. I love you more than anything. And it hurts so badly knowing I cannot help you.

“It’s okay! I have a kickass brother named S…Sam! And he’s gonna save me!”

I’m sure he will. Sam has always been capable.

“So I’ll see you soon?”

Of course. I love you Dean. Cas must know Dean will likely forget all of this. Sam wondered if the thought made it better or worse.

“I love you too, Cast…Cas.”

Commission I did for @lawlullipop posted with her blessing XD glad you like the result bb, it’s really fun to draw this!

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@gemsona-hq‘s “Diamond Blues” prompt; Labradorite only fell under Blue Diamond’s wave of sorrow once– on Earth, when Blue first found out of Pink’s death…the wave was so powerful and far-reaching that a few gems, Lab included, even poofed from the intense emotion. 

Hogwarts Founders Modern AU Fancast

In a world where witches and wizards still read by candlelight, communicate by owl, and write on scrolls of parchment with quills and ink, four brilliant, tech savvy visionaries found Hogwarts School and change the game forever.

Godric Gryffindor: BJ Britt

Young entrepreneur at the forefront of the technological boom.  Initially reaches out to the other three founders and paints a picture of a bright future where witches and wizards are connected and empowered, instead of scattered and hiding. Believes that youth hold the power to change the future, and investing in their education is of paramount importance to a thriving magical community.

Rowena Ravenclaw: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Master of technology. Inventor of a magical-electrical circuit allowing electricity to function in magical environments, revolutionizing communication for wizards by making computers, the internet, and smart phones options. Supports positive muggle relations, although not full exposure to the muggle world at large. Believes that collaboration between magical and non-magical minds could truly change the world.

Helga Hufflepuff: Mindy Kaling

Social media mastermind. Founder of wizard twitter and owner of a foundation dedicated to helping disenfranchised muggleborn witches and wizards. Fights to promote positive self image for young witches, and is an advocate for disability rights and universal access to wizarding spaces. Responsible for lifting the ban on flying carpets to allow better access to flying for those who cannot balance on a broomstick.  Promotes more positive, open communication with muggles.

Salazar Slytherin: Jesse Williams 

Well-known wizard with the highest number of twitter followers to date. Promotes honoring the strength and resilience of a group of people who live in secrecy. Dedicated to protecting and uplifting young witches and wizards. Wary that too much muggle involvement in wizarding progress will weaken the bonds that wizards share and leave the community vulnerable to being taken advantage of by those hungry for power.