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Februpony Day 17: Pony Fusion

Here’s Princess Moon Moon ☽☆☾ aka the fusion between Princess Luna & Moondancer! She’s probably very sarcastic and introverted. Spends most of her time on Ponyblr or turning her friend’s dreams into meme-filled hells. 

Commission I did for @lawlullipop posted with her blessing XD glad you like the result bb, it’s really fun to draw this!

If you’re interested to commission me, I still open the quick commission right here, just message me if you have any inquiry :D

Bathroom Phone Call

12x11 coda

They were in the bathroom, Sam labelling various objects as Dean ran through things he thought he ought to remember. His mind touched on one in particular, something that stood out as important.

Clearing his throat, Dean tried to sound nonchalant as he asked, “So, uh.  Do you know who Cas is?”

Sam looked even more sad, so Dean hastily added, “He sounds important.”

“Right. Uh. Well,” Sam was clearly trying to think of how to explain it, “Do you know what angels are?”

“Dicks,”  Dean answered with ease.

“Yeah. Except, one of them isn’t. His name is Castiel and you two are…close.”

“Like friends?” Dean asked.

“Like brothers,” Sam corrected him, “Or…” he paused and Dean can see he’s trying to decide whether or not to speak, “More than brothers.”

Dean’s eyes widened. “Is he my boyfriend?”

“It’s…complicated,” Sam says reluctantly, “Cas is awesome, he always comes when you call. Saved our asses more times than I can count.”

“So he loves me,” Dean made the logical conclusion. Sam stared at him, pad of paper and pen forgotten in his hands, clearly trying to come up with some sort of diplomatic retort. His mouth opened and closed for a moment before Sam finally replied.

“Yes,” Sam said softly, “I think he does.”

“And I love him back?”

Sam smiles sadly. “Yes.”

Dean pondered this point. “I wanna call him.”

“Dean, he can’t help. I’ve already asked.”

“Yeah, but…” Dean sighed in frustration, “You said I’m gonna forget, right? And…and something else bad…”

Die. Yeah, Sam didn’t want to think about that. “So?”

“So, don’t you tell people you love goodbye?”

Don’t say that,” Sam shouted. He backed off at the look of pure sorrow and confusion in Dean’s eyes. Dean didn’t really understand what was happening, but he looked so heartbroken at the prospect of not being able to talk to Cas…Sam could explain it later. To Cas. What had happened. But for now…

Sam tugged the phone out of his pocket and dialed Castiel’s number. “Don’t leave the bathroom,” he ordered Dean, handing him the phone. Dean nodded solemnly. Sam took that as his cue to leave, not wanting to listen in to a private conversation.

Still, the motel’s walls were paper thin and Sam, despite trying to label other things in the bedroom, could hear the whole conversation.

“Hello, is this Cas?”

Dean, Sam told me what happened, are you okay?

“Woah. You have a deep voice,” Dean chuckled nervously and began to mimic it, “Sexy voice. Real sexy voice.”

Oh, Dean. I’m so sorry. The pain is evident in Cas’ voice.

“Sorry for what? Sam told me everything ‘bout you.”

You must be furious. Of course Cas would assume Sam had replayed his worst moments. Castiel wasn’t one to handle guilt well.

“Furious? For bein’ in love with a badass angel? ’m just a human, but a kickass angel with a sexy voice is 'n love with me!”

Oh, Dean.

Dean’s voice wobbled. “Wait, do you not–”

I do, Dean. I love you more than anything. And it hurts so badly knowing I cannot help you.

“It’s okay! I have a kickass brother named S…Sam! And he’s gonna save me!”

I’m sure he will. Sam has always been capable.

“So I’ll see you soon?”

Of course. I love you Dean. Cas must know Dean will likely forget all of this. Sam wondered if the thought made it better or worse.

“I love you too, Cast…Cas.”

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I'm not sure about a 'set' but I definitely associate you with a-britt-of-sass, of course, and generally all the people you reblog from w/ a keith icon. I dunno I feel like it's a little posse even though a bunch of people have similar icons :P

I guess the keiths just automatically form an alliance lol. 

!!! @a-britt-of-sass. asdkfljadkjsfl Yes. Definitely. I’m so happy and proud that you think of Britt by association ^^

Tell me who you associate me with

christmas shopping with ashton, and he’s babbling on and on cheerily about what he’s gonna get for his mum and lauren and harry and the band and everyone, clutching his christmas starbucks cup and happily drinking away oblivious to the hot chocolate moustache he’s got going on and he holds tight onto your hand while you’re picking out presents even though it’s a struggle to hold onto each other and all your bags and just giggles when you make him put on all the dumb elf hats and take photos to put all over twitter and you take pictures with santa in his grotto in the middle of the shopping centre even though you’re the oldest people there that aren’t parents, laughing the whole time because spending christmas together is enough to fill you both with the kind of happiness that makes you feel like you’re floating

day 1 of my blurb advent calendar

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listen if he actually looked happy in the video i'd admit it, but there is so much discomfort and plain awkwardness, and she let her mom straggle along behind and did turn her head slightly until luke did, like if that was me i wouldn't let my mom walk in alone that's so mean. she literally only cares about attention, and he doesn't even react when she touches him like he doesn't shift to do the same he just lets her do it and doesn't even try, people always make excuses for this stuff

people will always make excuses and say this and that, but the fact of the matter is Luke’s body language and facial expressions do not lie and show clear as day he’s not comfortable… I say comfortable bc tbh nobody not even me can say whether they’re happy or not, anyways that’s all I’m saying on the matter!!