lol brakes

Bree did a lot for more Jake’s character development than Marley did. With Marley, Jake was just a personality-less bad boy womanizer who underwent an unbelievably quick metamorphosis and turned into Marley’s bland, perfect boyfriend, until Bree came along. Bree caused us to SEE Jake’s womanizing side instead of just hear stories about it, and she caused him to reflect on his mistakes and want to think about the consequences of his actions.

This german youtuber has the exactly same hairstyle as lydia. Even this inner curl thing on the left side (sry, don’t know how to call this). Maybe just because this hair is perf XD btw thank you :) and pls take a little break of doing hairs because you released 5 hairs in 1 month and you need to relax cause you work your ass off, okay? ty. :)

Ohhhhh thanks hon I will take a little brake (maybeee lol) XDDD And your sim looks super cute with it XD
:* <3 :*