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hi, klainer here. i can understand why ppl would be upset about blaine's pushing kurt in the car after scandals, but the fact is that he did apologize. just because you won't accept it as an "actual" apology doesn't erase that it was there. also, i'd like to point out that that incident didn't haunt kurt, but karofsky's bullying clearly did (until he forgave him finally, of course). i don't mean to come off as rude or trying to pick a fight, so i apologize if i did. :/

Blaine did not just push Kurt in the car, he tried to have sex with Kurt in the car without his consent. He didn’t even stop when Kurt said no multiple times. What if Kurt didn’t have enough strength to physically push himself away from Blaine? Blaine could have raped Kurt right there.

Last time I checked, Blaine did not apologize to Kurt. He admitted that he was drunk, but he did not apologize. It seemed that he blamed his behaviour on alcohol. Being drunk is not a valid excuse for him to be an inconsiderate and disrespectful ass even if he regretted his behaviour later on. I don’t care how drunk Blaine was, no means no. Blaine couldn’t even offer a proper and sincere apology, even simple apologies like ‘I’m sorry Kurt. There’s no excuse for my behaviour’ or ‘I’m sorry Kurt. I know I was wrong’, is it that too hard to say? 

Maybe the incident didn’t haunt Kurt but a sexual assault is a sexual assault. In the end, I would choose someone who is honest and never attempts to justify and tone down his actions. So between Blaine and Dave, I’d choose Dave.  

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Sorry if you've answered this before but how come you don't like Kurt and Blaine I didn't watch past s2 of glee but I'm curious?

My problem lies with Blaine.

In their relationship, Blaine plays victims most of the times and have made kurt look like a bad guy. Blaine cheated on Kurt while Kurt lives in NY and saying he was alone when he was the one who encouraged him to go to New York in the first place. He accused him cheating on him with Elliot. He forced Kurt to have sex in the back seat of the car because he was trying to perform better and even though he was drunk it’s still no excuse. We’ve heard Kurt saying “NO” and “Stop it” several times and blaine didn’t care. Blaine didn’t even apologized for that? He apologized TO RACHEL for not being a better Tony NOT KURT.

Blaine is also a hypocrite. He said the Finchel kiss in Nationals at the end of s2 was unprofessional when also in s2, Blaine was serenading a guy at his workplace. In s2, he was getting his warblers to be sexy and in s3 ep 8, for sectionals, saying his body is not for sale.

I think it’s better to read this long long summary post. Bottom line, Kurt deserves better and Blaine could just walk off the cliff. And I never hate a character like i do with Blaine.

Thank you for releasing the bitter Glee fan in me. 

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Kurt and Blaine locked in the elevator:
  • Blaine: You know Kurt ... I realized that you're the love of my life.
  • Kurt:
  • Blaine:
  • Kurt: When did you realize that? I didn't even sing a song about dead birds.
  • Blaine: A part of me always knew.
  • Kurt:
  • Blaine: *starts singing* YOU MAKE MEE FEEEL LIKE I'M LIVING A-
  • Kurt: Stop it.
  • Blaine: You're mad because I tried to move on.
  • Kurt: I'm mad because I tried to move on and now - now -
  • Blaine: Better late than never, don't you think?
  • Blaine *starts to slobber over Kurt*
  • Kurt: Wait!
  • Blaine: Relax!
  • Blaine: *touches him with his dirty fingers*
  • Kurt: No, we can't - and what about Dave?
  • Blaine: Who is Dave?
  • Kurt:
  • Blaine:
  • Kurt: YOUR BOYFRIEND?!?!!!
  • Blaine: Ohhhh ...
  • Kurt: Yeah.
  • Blaine: Well. He's not here now.
  • Kurt: You're disgusting *pushes him away*
  • Blaine: What's wrong with you? Didn't you miss me?
  • Kurt: I did, but then I met a 50-year-old man and I went home with him -
  • Blaine: Dear God, Kurt. Don't tell me -
  • Kurt: No. I wanted to, but his son was there when we came home and now I'm embarrassed for the rest of my life. His son is Sebastian.
  • Blaine: The Sebastian?
  • Kurt: Yes. And instead of having sex with his dad, I had sex with him.
  • Blaine: *raises his triangle eyebrows* YOU HAD SEX WITH SEBASTIAN??? [I tried to get fucked by him, but he didn't want me]
  • Kurt: I still have. We're a couple ... or something like that. I'm not sure yet.
  • Blaine: How can you do that to me?
  • Kurt: Excuse me?
  • Blaine: You cheat on me!!!
  • Kurt: You have a boyfriend!
  • Blaine: But ... it's okay for meeeee to do that, duh!
  • *elevator door finally opens and a handsome guy stands in front of the door*
  • Sebastian: What took you so long babe? *grips Kurt at his hand and pulls him out*
  • Kurt: I put my past behind me. *kisses Sebastian*
  • Sebastian: Since you're placing things behind you, what would you think about me, standing behind you and make you feel good?
  • Kurt: *laughs and walks with Sebastian into the sunset*
  • Blaine still in the elevator: *sobs uncontrollably*
  • Dave shows up: Hey Blaine ... I really like you, but I realized that I don't love you. I think it's the best if we break up.
  • Another handsome guy appears and leads Dave out.
  • Blaine continues with sobbing.
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  • inspired by the shitty spoilers for 6x05
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Blaine: KUUUUUUUURT. Pay attention to ME!!

Kurt: But the baby is crying, I need to…..


Kurt: …..


Kurt: It’s our child’s first day of school, I’m taking pictures.


Kurt: ….


Kurt: **Applauding at his kid’s graduation**


Kurt: …..


what are they actually looking at

 if you never heard about the time they met the Bananasaur it is because it was a secret, the goverment could find out and take Bananasaur away for experiments, we recently got a message that now our healthy and prehistoric buddy it’s finally safe, so ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you to Mr. Bananasaur.


I’ve been very careful to maintain all of them ever since… like sticking to certain mannerisms in certain situations, keeping certain facial expressions, and, yeah, clapping in a particular way. It’s just kinda one of those silly actor things that despite itself, whether successful or not, has helped me stay in character.

This one time I was watching an episode at home, I caught a quick shot of Blaine NOT clapping “a la Blaine” … and I was so mad at myself! I didn’t understand how that could’ve possibly happened.

Fixing Glee's Mistake:

“This what SHOULD HAVE happened on Glee!

2x06 Never Been Kissed


KURT: Now! Obviously for this medley to work, I’m gonna have to sing lead, and of course when you’re singing Diana Ross, [?] feather boas are a must.

ARTIE: Isn’t this lesson about opposites? I mean, you in a sequin gown and feather boa is exactly what you’d expect.

KURT: Okay, who said anything about a gown?

PUCK: Uh, dude. Why don’t you make yourself useful and go put some rat poison in them old folks’ jell-o or visit the Garglers?

KURT: The Warblers.

PUCK: Whatever. See what they’re up to. And you can wear all the feathers you want. You’ll blend right in.

KURT: Fine.

Kurt: No Puckerman, How about You shut up and stop being such an asshole!

Glee guys looks up at Kurt Shocked:

Puck: [Looks pissed, gets up in Kurt’s face, grabs his shoulder] What did you say to me Hummel?

Finn [Grabs Puck’s shoulder] Knock it off Puck, Don’t put your hands on my brother, it’s not cool man.

Kurt [Glares at Puck and shakes his hand off his shoulder] You heard me Puck, I am tired of being disrespected by you and all the rest of you guys [Kurt glares at the rest of the guys in the group] I am your team mate, I am in the guys group and I happen to know about female performers better than any of you. Give me some respect and let me help us win this damn competition!

Artie: You guys, Kurt is right. When the last time any of us had a single clue what popular female groups are happening.

Finn: True, if we are gonna beat the girls then we are gonna need some good song choices. Kurt I am all for you taking charge little bro, but can we not wear those boas?

Sam: Yeah man, we can keep the man in our lady performance like we did with the Beiber performances, I am all for you doing the female songs, like I know your really good, I still have your voice messages with you singing! 

Kurt [Smiles and sighs in excitement] Okay boys! forget the feather boas, I know a performer who you guys can get behind and her name is P!nk!

[The boys group did a kick ass performance of P!nks "So What” And won the competition. After the win they started treating Kurt with respect and a ‘bro’ Karofsky end up moving away and later coming out of the closet in College, and Blaine never existed, and all the Glee kids dreams of escaping lima happened. The End!