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The most underrated cast members are Harry, Jenna, Amber and Kevin. Harry has improved on his acting and dancing so much he’s getting bigger roles. Jenna has an amazing voice and is still under-appreciated by the masses. Amber also has an amazing voice and seems like an ambitious woman, while Kevin is an amazing dancer and is stuck to a wheelchair on “Glee”. Ryan Murphy really messed up with some of the talent he had on the Blanichel show.

the fact that people can’t even begin to mention how problematic romantic blainchel and sebtana are is fucking astounding i don’t need your “people can ship what they want” bullshit especially when fandom is safe space for actual gay people you need to shut the fuck up about “heterophobia” and when you mention biphobia because people don’t ship canonically gay characters in het relationships you are literally appropriating bisexuality for your ship and its gross. as a person who feels uncomfortable with gay erasure here’s a big fuck you to you all.

i can’t even stress how gross it is to straighten out gay characters for your own purposes

and don’t even call this “bi/pan erasure” when there is nothing to erase
these characters are gay. you are disrespecting their sexualities. thats it there is honestly nothing more to it.

I’m really not happy with these blainchel songs or actually any blainchel.

I’m still pissed that they’ve choosen the same path for Kurt as for Rachel ‘cause it means he’ll always be second best since they only focus on Rachel’s succes.

If you think they aren’t gonna do the exact same shit with Blaine, you’re way more optimistic than I am. Except it might be worse for Blaine ‘cause, unlike Kurt, performing is the only path I want for him (fashion!Kurt ftw!).

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I as a Rachel stan hate the fact that she is now part of blamchel. Sorry, even the rachel fans don't like blaine/blam. I bet they are going to make rachel go to the back just to hit the notes to make it sound broadway-ish because there is not way blaine can do that. This whole thing is ridiculous.

What makes me angry is that Rachel always liked Blaine, she ALWAYS saw him as a eqaul, a partner, during WSS and when they dated in season 2. Blaine will not steal her spot light, if anything, Rachel wil seem his as a TRUE best friend, a eqaul to match her talents. Blaine is not a threat to Rachel, in her eyes he is her perfect partner and I want to vomit from all that special snow flake treatment she and Blaine will be getting for now on!

Blainchel will be canon and so will Blamchel, Kurtcheltana is out! Glee thinks Kurt and Santana is not important enough for them to have a bigger story and dream other than ‘end game’ so yeah, Rachel and Blaine will get to have a story line and goal while Santana and Kurt get to be in gay love Bliss and step to the side lines while Rachel and Blaine shines!

Sorry I could not offer you any comfort anon, I simply CAN NOT feel for Rachel or her stans when it comes to Blaine because he is the ONLY person she NEVER competed with! Blaine is the ONLY person Rachel EVER treated as a partner and as her equal, so no, I am sorry, Blaine will not be a problem for her, other than being her bestie and twin in special snow flakes club! Want to feel bad for somebody? Think about Kurt and Santana getting nothing because they have to give up stuff they want so Blaine and Rachel can feel happy and be stars!