lol biersack

Imagine BVB Interviewing you
  • Andy: So what do you do when you're bored, like hobbies?
  • You: Well I like doing *insert your favorite thing you like to do* It's amazing!
  • CC: Cool! What's your favorite food?
  • You: Oh! My favorite food is *insert favorite food*
  • Ashley: What do you do when you're all alone~ ;)
  • You: Well! When I'm alone! I like to plot ways to kidnap my favorite bands such as you guys!!
  • BVB: ....... what?
  • You: ... what?

Some very wise advice from Andy for Warped Tour goers😎

looking like a common white girl

but only being attracted to skinny, eye-liner-wearing, guitar-playing boys with flippy hair and soft voices.

dont all come at me at once now