lol benjamin

  • A usual gay human coming out to their parents : mom, dad I have to tell you something - I'm gay.
  • Mendoza parents to Aristotle : Ari we have to tell you something, you're gay

Jared is too much😂😂😂😂


C R U S H    I T                  ….okay?


So… I’ve seen that a lot of people are disappointed about Lou Diamond Phillips as Richard Ramirez in the upcoming film The Night Stalker. But it seems like most people don’t know that this film is gonna be set in prison, many years after his conviction, and Ramirez was obviously much older then.

However, there are going to be flashbacks, so I’ve put together all the actors that are currently listed on the film’s imdb page as Richard Ramirez, plus a picture of Ramirez at around that age. I think that’s a pretty good casting.