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There are a couple (celebrities who asked me out). But they’re not my type. Maybe it’s because they received so much love since they were young, but it seems like they don’t know how to love a woman. On the outside, they look well-balanced, but they’re either a new born baby or really sly.
—  Kyungri (9MUSES) spilling tea on why she would never date an idol🍵
the signs when angry
  • aries: easily angered and sometimes violent but is only mad for like .2 seconds
  • taurus: acts like it's okay but is actually building up anger overtime
  • gemini: will roast you and you will cry
  • cancer: will roast you but they will cry, also the need for revenge is typical
  • leo: lotta yellin
  • virgo: vry cold and definitely the silent treatment
  • libra: will try to calm themselves down or solve the issue, but is full of rage deep down
  • scorpio: "i know ur drowning right now but im not gonna save u. what do u mean why? do u not remember when on december 14th 2008 at 1:17 PM Mountain Standard Time u stole the cookie from my lunchbox??? lol ya bye"
  • sagittarius: brutally honest when roastin u but is chill 20 minutes later
  • capricorn: dirty looks, silent treatment, just very cold in general
  • aquarius: agitated and annoyed, eventually stops caring
  • pisces: not easily angered, but gets really heated and overly emotional and sometimes violent and self destructive

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Your first on the "list" it seems. Well. You are, to be honest, the nicest. You and Cam. Danni and Zayan have been realy mean to me. :-(. *sighs dramatically* Why are you on the list first? I mean, you are kind of annoying. You reblog and say mean-ish (ISH!!! DON'T HATE ME PLZ!!!!!) things in the tags. :'-(

dude it’s way too late i already hate u :/ we all tried to be nice and joky (esp cam?? i envy her patience) but really ure quite the brat. we’ve all spent a long time trying to thoroughly explain o u what’s wrong ab ur actions and u don’t seem to comprehend any of it. so im just sittin here with my tea sippin bc this is hilarious at this point. there’s so many other nets…we rnt special…. also im first on the list bc im fabulous and cam knows it 😇 (just kidding i think it was just random order lol). and i know some of us aren’t being very articulate but i literally wrote huge paragraph for u being very explanatory and forgiving and may i say MOTHERLY EVEN THOUGH IM ONLY A YEAR OR TWO OLDER THAN YOU but you completely ignored all of my and everyone else’s advice. hey look this is turning into another useless paragraph rn. why do i always have to waste my words

the types as all the horrifying Honors Students  I’ve met

ENFP: always has a ‘’better idea’’

There’s always that one kid that entirely misunderstands the point of ‘’partner work’’ and abandons the entire team whenever their ideas get shut down, mistaking their own inability to compromise with ‘’constant criticism and exclusion from their peers’’ – inevitably getting the entire group of 5 in a ton of trouble and leaving Yours Truly (me) the task of writing 5 separate apology notes + somehow working their SHIT IDEA into the project guidelines.

ENTP: “I can wing anything’’

They’re lying through their teeth. 

ESFP: out for blood

looking @ you, kid that used to follow me back from my classes in elementary school to remind me i was in there by mistake. You were absolutely right

ESTP: ‘’A true visionary’’

‘’Ohhh yeah…the test was a piece of cake, I remember taking it seriously in 6th grade – I scored so high they made me take it twice to verify…Then I scored higher on the second go…but I’ve since realized i was a FOOL, I was setting the bar too high. So I stopped trying. Beat the system. I thought my dad was going to be pissed, but he just pat me on the shoulder and said ‘Son, you’re a true visionary’, and on my way out of the computer lab, God himself appeared to me in a vision and GAVE ME A HIGH FIVE’’

INFP: doesn’t understand how partner grades work–

‘’Why the hell did you turn in /your/ lab??”

“You weren’t here to turn in yours? We would’ve gotten a zero’’

“But you got me a fucking C-!!!! Now I have a B in the class! If I turned in /mine/ late I would’ve gotten an A on it…”

“/You/ would, but then I’d have to get a 0 instead of a C…?’’

‘’So? You’re failing the class anyway…’’

INTP: Most Valuable Slacker

You know, that one STAR STUDENT who’s name looks great on the top of every group project but in reality they only work when they’re getting a borderline grade so it’s like???

ISFP: The Martyr For Human Kind

“Hey….do you need help with the writing portion–I feel bad…’’

‘’No…it’s okay, I’d rather you just…present the project….’’

*swats my hand away from their perfect grades*

ISTP: ‘’Studying Is For Losers’’

probably took the ACT while high and did better than a majority of their grade

These guys start out pretty admirable until they start pushing their life motto on you, and next thing u know you’re flying down a hill in a shopping cart at 3 am straight into the semester final. You’re looking at a solid 23% and they’ve got a high B without the fucking curve.


in every group project full of strong personalities, there tends to be a very loud dispute over who was the ‘’most valuable team player’’ and the thing is…the louder they insist that they were, in fact, the heart and soul of the team…the less true it probably is

ENFJ: has yet master the art of subtle bragging, like:

‘’Gosh…I had so much extra credit in Accelerated Molecular Bio that when I got a 103% on the chapter test it brought my grade DOWN :’(’’ 

oh no….?

ISFJ: the considerate one

‘’Don’t say EASY! You’ll hurt normal people’s feelings. Here in the accelerated program, we say SIMPLE. That way we can make people feel like absolute failures BUT WITH S U B T L E T Y’’

thanks for that btw, it really makes me feel alive

INFJ: ‘’C’mon man, you’re 16, you need to start pulling your weight’’

they (also 16) tell me, as they perform an elaborate display of how better prepared they are for the task, which ends up wasting 15 minutes and inevitably confusing everyone because to them, ‘’pulling your own weight’’ also means making it a hell of a lot more difficult for everyone else (i’m not bitter)

ESTJ: gets into fights over test grades

“how did //you// get X if I only scored 12 points higher than you???′’


ENTJ: has 0 remorse, can probably watch Marley & Me without crying 

So like, last year I had to get tested for some brain condition that was potentially life threatening…and like, I had kinda gotten into the mindset the week before that was like a combination of ‘’heyyy wassup ur talkin to the member of the living dead rn ;)’’ and just /constant internal screaming/. So I had turned to my lab partner during a partner chem lab i was royally screwing up and was like:

 “hey, this is what’s going on, I’m sorry I’m not at the top of my game cuz I’m kind of nervous about it…could you please clue me in on what we’re doing?”

and like, I get the whole ‘life doesn’t give u special treatment’ thing…but like, what he said was: ‘’You should’ve been paying attention’’ which is 5 words, and all he needed to say was ‘’Acid/Base Titration’’ which is 3…?

ISTJ: everything’s a competition, even group work

I’m referring to the ass who, when asked (quite politely i might add) to complete the writing portion of our research presentation, turned in a bulleted list of ‘’what his partners did wrong’’, thinking that it would somehow make the teacher like him? Lol that backfired….

INTJ: brutally honest

“Hey! wanna be my partner?’’

“Depends…what are u getting in this class?’’

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day

I am so late to the game with this but I apologize… life, work, fiancé, son.. etc… threw me behind today and I am just now getting to my computer… (doing a Keep Reading because I kind of rambled on a little bit)

I want to thank the ones who have mentioned me today and let you all know how much I love you! Without all of you that follow me on a semi-regular basis, I can promise you I would not be here on Tumblr today.

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Honest = saying the truth while keeping human decency with appropriate language; brutally honest = "ur stupid i hate u lol" my opinion at least

That’s exactly what I meant, I hate it when people just say that anyone who’s honest is “brutally honest,” like it’s bad to be someone who says the truth.

I hate that. You got what you asked.

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Tk x Taichi

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

I looooveee Taikeru. Lol, it was one of those ships that I was just messing around with and then was like, “oh this is actually really cute!” 

I think with the way I have  worked with them in the past, I tend to think of them in AUs more than anything else. Idk, because Taikeru is pretty much a rarepair. I feel like I can get away with being self-indulgent because there is a high chance of it being overlooked lol. 

I do wish there was more work of this pairing. I’ve read like, the same ten fanfics of this ship a dozen times already. :x Idk, I think the pairing is cute, I want there to be more buzz of it. I just wish I had the energy to crank out a lot of material for the tag lmao

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it doesn't matter how old or young they were, Taylor and Tom are just two human beings who made a bad decision together. shit happens in all ages..i don't understand why people over analyzed things but for me it's simple as that it just didn't worked out. i'm a Tom fan and a HS trash until Joe news came out lol that was wild 😂Getaway car is a really good song, brutally honest and i love it! it kinda gave me some sort of closure a well written closure and i thank Taylor for her honesty.


KiraFes15 Day 1 & Day 2

I’ll compile both days into 1 post. I’ve edited some points I made for day 1. May edit again as soon as I get my hands on a PC.

By the way, in case you don’t know yet the stage is different from past KiraFes’s!!

In no particular order:

((DAY 1))

Trignal turned from cute > cool omfg. (Still cute tho)

Like they had this mic stand thing during this song of theirs where they flipped it up by stepping on it and teased fans by ‘playing’ with it ok kill me. Egu rapped fml.

They performed their new unreleased song “Mission” from their new album that’s to be released in June. The dance was really really good btw AND AGAIN EGU RAPPING.

lovechuunyuu mentioned that the song Trignal sang during encore is actually another of their new songs “Tensei Junai Fighter” lol I had no idea lmao XD

The first trolley that passed my area was Egu. Then Ryouhei. Then Wingu. And Egu again. And they don’t visit my area on the trolley anymore.
Everyone passed by my area at least once though. And from my seat which is VERY close to them you can see their face REALLY clearly like they all look 92651937 times better than they already are in person wtf illegal!!

Egu is really tall.

Kakki performed Dandigi and during his introduction he said he performed dandigi dan from dandigi….which is the opposite haha idk if it’s intended or if he really messed up

There were smoke and fire equipment ‘involved’ in some of their performances (I forgot what those are called hahahaha)

Many of them had dance steps to follow up with their singing.

Encore was cute with members appearing as 'guests’ in other members’ performance.
Like in NamiDai’s song (over and over) you’ll see Kakki holding this sketchbook with lyrics to NamiDai’s song and then after a few pages you see a sketch of NamiDai’s face. And as he flips more pages the sketch of his face becomes bigger and at the end of the song only an eye can be seen in the sketch lol XD (and he keeps staring at NamiDai like an idiot pfff)

Mic problem I think so during this one Trignal song there were some parts where you don’t hear Egu singing bec the mic is faulty…

Ryouhei forgot to sing his line in Get Together lmao (I think it was that song)

There’s this Enka song of NamiDai (Funky Wave) where he was super adorkable. He wore this monk-like attire (with crazy hairdo) and he made fans do the “wave” (where a section raises and puts down their fanlights and then the next section follows forming a 'chain reaction) it was really fun.
The dancers held this electronic fan thingy that was blowing up the yukata (?) he was wearing so YES WE SAW SKIN.
When heading down to center stage, he said it took too long to walk so he started skipping really awkwardly bec he can’t run in it lmao.

Kamiyan sang this song and made this really cute neko-pose dance. And wiggled his butt for another LOL. He was adorable.

((DAY 2))

Ok I’m going to be brutally honest –don’t hate me –In day 1 when the concert kicked start with NamiDai, followed by Kakki…. I was a little ????? bec they sounded really off key lol idk if it’s mic problem or not but…. Yeah it could be because they sounded fine in Day 2.

Yocchin went off key for real in one of his songs like his voice went out of tune??? XD it’s adorable though.

Before Trignal performed “Mission”, they told us to look forward to their album and PV bec it’s a new concept and they started calling Wingu “Ero Tsubasa” after that lol xD

During the MC/interval the members talked about when they were sleeping in the hotel last night to the fans as if they were talking to their friends…you can feel how comfortable they were :’)

-may not be 100% accurate coz they were speaking faster than the speed of a Shinkansen-
So Nobu and Egu both talked about their dreams from last night bec it involved another member. And they had different reactions when they woke up.
Nobu woke up with a twitch/spasm of his foot and got shocked awake. Egu woke up abruptly heaving a huge sigh of relief.

Egu said he dreamt that he went shopping with Ryouhei before kirafes live began and were picking out cute stuff. And realized they were late for kirafes live so they rushed to cab but there wasn’t any cabs in sight at all. And when they finally got on it was driving really slowly. And when they finally made it in time for the live, thanked the cab uncle and it drove off –he realized their performance outfits were left in the cab.

Nobu said he dreamt that he was chased by NamiDai in his dreams and it was scary (WTF LOL)
And then in the encore before they sang the last 2 group songs NamiDai was like “let’s meet again in your dreams” and everyone laughed upon recalling Nobu’s dream XD

Egu laughed a lot today. Is2g imsorryitwaysannoysmealittleeventhoilikehim his laughing is really likeable when you hear it in person…. ITS SO PRECIOUS I JUST—
Talking about laughter there’s a part where Kakki made a shy giggle but idk what happened coz he was at the other side of the stage where I couldn’t see well and yeah I obviously screeched when he giggled.

Kakki made a really touching/beautiful speech before he sang Saichaina. And related the meaning of the song. He thanked “CONNECT nii-san” for always being there for them and he learnt a lot from them as well. And asked if we noticed Kirafes’s logo this year… Bec there’s Dark Blue (CONNECT’s color) instead of just orange and he said the split in colours is sort of like “eyes”, that CONNECT will always be looking out for them…and fans.
On Day 1, fans made a silent decision to use pink with Kakki’s color (green). So on Day 2, Kakki was like “You may use whatever color you please (for Saichaina)” and when fans really started switching up their fanlight colors he then spoke again flustered “in fact…..please use pink” LOL HES SO CUTE. He said that while laughing a little from embarrassment.

I think it was during the encore before the last 2 Kirafes group song?? Kamiyan was talking about something which I think may be about CONNECT bec if not for them there’s no Kirafes and then somewhere along that he paused and rubbed his nose, spoke, and repeated the action LOL so fans were laughing and Miyumiyu who was staring at Kamiyan said to fans “don’t worry nothing came out (from his nose). If anything does, I’ll let you know” lmfao.

And yeah Kamiyan being Kamiyan… He’s lazy to read out all of the notices so he was like “pls check them up on kiramune’ official site” ahaha.

((There were a few changes in day 1 & day 2.))

Enka song NamiDai sang was basically same as Day 1 EXCEPT the wave we did was slightly different. And the power of the electronic fan was stronger I think coz his yukata (?) nearly went up all the way so yeah WE SAW HIS BARE THIGH and Azu-chan and I (or literally everyone) screamed when that happened LOL XD and he reflexively stretched his hand down to try to cover himself up omfg and bec the song ended just then and he was like “phew that was dangerous” or something like that

I mentioned in NamiDai’s solo in the encore (over and over), Kakki appeared with this sketchbook right? Now on the last page instead of just a sketch of NamiDai’s eye, we have a printed photo of dorky NamiDai in the Enka outfit and hairdo XD omg you have to purchase the kirafes15 DVD and watch it it’s bloody hilarious TvT

In Kakki’s solo (Come on x3) in the encore on day 1, Wingu appeared and presented him with a Paper sailboat hat that has the words デート? (Date?) written on the back and put it on him. I don’t know rmb day 1 well so I have no idea how the date thing came about but they were teasing him of being on a date with everyone (fans) in the arena. In which after the song end, Wingu reappeared and asked if Kakki was calling him because “come on” sounds like “Kamo” (someone needs to tell me why it’s Wingu and not Nobu coz Kamo means duck?? Or maybe reference bec kappa has duck-like mouth) in which Kakki puts the hat on him again and Wingu said Sth really cutely and they left the stage together.
On day 2, instead of a paper sailboat hat, we have a dog ear headband omg. I was freaking cute on kakki and when Wingu wore it he did a cat pose akxkckalsosv

In the MC/interval, after Trignal left to prepare for their songs, the remaining members talked about where they each like to hold another kiramune fan meeting at.
When Miyu said Singapore I unconsciously screamed out an arigatou lol oops.
NamiDai said he’d like to hold it near/in the sea (?) and the members started teasing him bec he sweats A LOT so they were like asking if he just wants to hide the fact that he sweats a lot.. And then Kakki was staring at NamiDai and everyone silently with this ): face COZ HE SWEATS EASILY and everyone then starts picking on him too LOL.

In the encore when everyone appeared, the members requested fans to do the wave again so we did so. It was beautiful ((* ´艸`))