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the signs when angry
  • aries: easily angered and sometimes violent but is only mad for like .2 seconds
  • taurus: acts like it's okay but is actually building up anger overtime
  • gemini: will roast you and you will cry
  • cancer: will roast you but they will cry, also the need for revenge is typical
  • leo: lotta yellin
  • virgo: vry cold and definitely the silent treatment
  • libra: will try to calm themselves down or solve the issue, but is full of rage deep down
  • scorpio: "i know ur drowning right now but im not gonna save u. what do u mean why? do u not remember when on december 14th 2008 at 1:17 PM Mountain Standard Time u stole the cookie from my lunchbox??? lol ya bye"
  • sagittarius: brutally honest when roastin u but is chill 20 minutes later
  • capricorn: dirty looks, silent treatment, just very cold in general
  • aquarius: agitated and annoyed, eventually stops caring
  • pisces: not easily angered, but gets really heated and overly emotional and sometimes violent and self destructive

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For the ship meme eruri

hhhhoooo dang these two im so torn im suffering man

like. i don’t ship it. i don’t see them as a romantic pair but so many of their interactions are like??? the most married thing ive ever seen??? to the point where if isayama suddenly revealed that eruri had been secretly married for 5 years i would deadass just believe him

they have such a deep trust and bond with each other that even me, a seasoned eren/levi shipper cannot ignore so i. i get it okay i can’t hate on you guys for shipping this and it’s lowkey cute

so while i don’t ship it i can very much appreciate why other people do??? and there’s a Metric Heck Ton of content for you guys both in and out of canon so im glad you have that lol

send me a ship and i’ll tell u my brutally honest opinion of them!!

Beast’s Castle Reading for NR

1. The East Wing/Belle’s Bedroom. What kind of beauty does your soul possesses? What is your most positive aspects (which, being a beauty) others desire to have?

The Tower. Your beauty comes in form of your refreshing honesty. People enjoy your vulnerability as well as you telling it like it is! You are so open about yourself and your opinions towards a matter to the point people are comfortable to show them who they really are. For the most part, it’s in the best sense, maybe you’ve heard before that you’re disarming? I sense that this is coupled with an empathic capacity so people really feel comfortable around you despite that you can be brutally honest at the same time lol.

Your personal charms also carries with it wisdom, you strike to people as someone who has a more worldly perspective, even though it’s likely that you find it natural, unaware that a lot of people find it amazing! I bet this wisdom came from telling and seeing things as it is, you are not much impressed by ego plays and drama. You’d like to see straight to the bottom of the pool. This wisdom carries with it a streak of intellect. You like to keep your brains and your wit engaged, almost automatically. 

2. The Snowy Courtyard. As our Beast learns to relax around Belle, what is something that you’re really worrying that isn’t an issue at all? Also can lend clue to what melts your heart and what drops your guard (in the best sense!)

Queen of Cups. Hmm, sometimes you are worried that your blunt honesty stepped onto other’s toes so you also try to show your caring side a bit more. There seems to be an insecurity worrying that you are not gentle and loving enough to the people around you? But as we have discovered earlier, this tendency might come and go with your honesty, both of which are not a bad thing at all! It seems to make you a well-balanced person with an excellent sense of self and compassion to those around you, so don’t worry about this aspect. Just be yourself because, while it might sound cheesy, you are perfectly okay where you are and your anxiety of having the perfect demeanor or the perfect response to the people you meet will only take away your delightful spontaneity that is so beloved by everyone.

As a card that tells you how you drop your guard, this Queen tells us that you are touched by people performing good deeds. Sometimes bragging (and humble bragging) are so out of proportion to the point you grew tired of it. Genuine care and kindness are what always caught you off guard and you love it. It also tells us that you are sort of a romantic person. You like affection and if said person is being considerate and thoughtful of you (without, y’know, worshiping you and being your slave. That sounds kinda phony to you too), you surely will remember them.

3. Dining Room/Be Our Guest. Spectacular entertainment during a lavish meal, who would’ve thought a scary castle could have such a warm hospitality? This is an aspect of yourself that you think is negative but it really isn’t! You just have to see it differently!

Five of Wands. You feel a bit ashamed that sometimes you’re competitive and put yourself first, leaving behind people who’s content staying small behind. This aspects seems to be directly at play with your insecurity on not being caring or loving enough? From this card I sense a kind of go-getter vibes, you’re someone who’s certainly not afraid to look for something better for yourself and expand your skills, and these ambitions might seem intimidating for small-minded folks!

This card says that there’s another aspect of you which delights in challenges and that it’s actually okay! It certainly had helped you to grow and broadened your vision instead of making you a selfish person. So definitely go and cultivate this aspect as usual. You’re not lesser or not caring because you want these big dreams for yourself. You don’t seem to me like someone cruel enough to leave someone else in the dust. Like in the Tower, you like sharing what you think with other people and you’re actually generous (Queen of Cups insecurity).

Plus, if people started to become jealous and insecure of your achievements, it might be that the relationship itself will not stand securely in the long run, taxing you in efforts of “staying small”. Sometimes you can’t deal with everybody, and that’s okay. It’s really okay to let yourself come first, it’s a good trait of having a health self boundary.

4. Dungeons/The Beast. This is the harshest aspects of yourself as perceived by others (remember Maurice and how we didn’t know what’s really up with the Beast that time?). This information also lends us what could possibly be the source of conflict we have with other people.

Seven of Swords. You are willing to do anything out of a situation to achieve a desired effect. Sort of like that Fellowship of the Ring scene where Aragorn didn’t give time for the rest of the fellowship to mourn over the loss of Gandalf and impatiently wanted them to go to Lothlorien as soon as possible? Sometimes it’s like that! When you set your sight on a prize, you just sort of go ahead and do things without the approval of other people or without thinking what will other people feel. I’m sure you don’t do it out of malice but it’s like, you don’t think of them because they are not part of your decision making criterion.

So when other people confronted you about it, usually you can argue convincingly and objectively, but the argument is devoid of compassion and esteem of other people’s feeling. It has its own pros and cons but sometimes people don’t take it well and you can’t make them not feel like that, if you know what I mean? You usually could use it against other people and say things like why aren’t they courageous enough to take risk and “put their emotions aside”, which isn’t very tactful to say even though it’s “right” sensibly. The Seven of Swords beast is a utilitarian and strategic-minded beast who sees only ways instead of the people walking and crossing it.

5. The West Wing. What guides you in life? This is your innermost drive, your truest intention. This is where your shadow self resides, where you tend to be most defensive when confronted. But, depending on your card, this could also represents your unaddressed needs and your purest of hope.

Strength. If this is not the most Beast (as in Beauty’s counterpart) placement then I don’t know what! So your Shadow Self is simply the part of you which does not blend well socializing with the ego of others because you lack tact in understanding it. This placement really reminds me of the quote: “Something must be loved before it turns lovable”. So Strength for you is the part of you which yearns for love and acceptance but you can’t express it well so it sparks misunderstanding and friction from the people around you.

You sometimes take pride of your perceived “difference” from other people (kind of like a Special Snowflake mindset!) but it’s just you not knowing the most diplomatic way of navigating yourself and your needs to other people. This is where the Queen of Cups insecurity comes from, which the manifest in being very self-sufficient, sometimes to the point of convincing yourself that you don’t need others (Seven of Swords, Five of Wands) as well as being as pleasant as possible (The Tower)! This West Wing of yours hide a fear of being left behind and being misunderstood, and hides the purest needs of simply being loved and knowing how to love successfully.

6. The Library. Knowledge is power, so let us awaken the student in us that continues to improve. This is a conscious trait that you are tasked to learn right now in your life.

The Devil. So! This card tells me you are going to wrestle (oh look Strength reference) the self-defeating mindsets that you held so deep inside of your mind that most of the time you lack awareness of it. This card also tells me that there is very little consideration happening when you set yourself to achieve something. It happens really fast, almost like it’s a craving or a temporary passion instead of something that you genuinely want. Have you spend time asking yourself what you really want? The Devil is not convinced that, with all of these “achievements”, you have formed and know precisely which part is really you and which part is you wanting people to see and notice you.

As much as you’d like to think yourself as independent or not needing the approval of others, when there are people involved in your target, you can’t seem to separate which is your desire/opinion coloring the person and which is the true person speaking. Here, your Devil speaks more of “blindness” instead of temptation or attachment to something, if that makes sense!

Also because we’re talking about your lack of foresight, it’s also advisable for you to try and listen to other people’s perspective? It won’t be difficult considering you have The Tower as your main Beauty, but sometimes it’s hard to separate what we want out of it instead of selflessly hearing the other party, even though they say something that’s completely different from what we like to think about itself. You’re not always the smartest person in the room, and you’re not always right. It’s a little daunting to not know something, but you got to ask yourself whether your self-preservation tendencies only serves to separate you from the unconditional love you so wanted to have.

7. The Ballroom. The most dramatic room inside of the Beast’s castle. This is a positive cause that you should celebrate/be grateful for! This aspect should hopefully give you hope and a strength to carry on with your life. <3

King of Swords. After we identified both of your weakness and your strength, it’s important to always have hope with yourself. That’s because you are a really smart cookie, you seem to be geared towards improving and empowering yourself innately. It’s a matter of having the right and genuine kind of intention instead of misdirecting it to something less of it. You are certainly not a bad person for having leaving cuts and marks on another, don’t let that guilt get to you! Words cut deep (so do swords) but forgiveness can heal any wounds. 

We have talked about being considerate and more open-minded with other people, it’s important to also remember that you have to do onto yourself what you will then do to other people. Be kind to yourself as you learn to navigate your way to become a better person. Treat yourself with the same amount of accountability, clarity, and kindness the way you treat others. :)

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how about rivamika

ackerman link aside (i haven’t read all of the manga so i sorta can’t comment on this without certain inaccuracies) i feel like these two just. could not have a romantic bond it’s just not a thing

personally i can’t ship it i just. i have no idea what it is

i think they have a good comradeship for sure and in different circumstances they’d definitely have a good friendship because they have a very similar way of approaching things, but it’s something i see as strictly platonic

their mutual love for eren is probably what would bring them close in most ereri au lol

send me a ship and i’ll tell u my brutally honest opinion of them!!

the types as all the horrifying Honors Students  I’ve met

ENFP: always has a ‘’better idea’’

There’s always that one kid that entirely misunderstands the point of ‘’partner work’’ and abandons the entire team whenever their ideas get shut down, mistaking their own inability to compromise with ‘’constant criticism and exclusion from their peers’’ – inevitably getting the entire group of 5 in a ton of trouble and leaving Yours Truly (me) the task of writing 5 separate apology notes + somehow working their SHIT IDEA into the project guidelines.

ENTP: “I can wing anything’’

They’re lying through their teeth. 

ESFP: out for blood

looking @ you, kid that used to follow me back from my classes in elementary school to remind me i was in there by mistake. You were absolutely right

ESTP: ‘’A true visionary’’

‘’Ohhh yeah…the test was a piece of cake, I remember taking it seriously in 6th grade – I scored so high they made me take it twice to verify…Then I scored higher on the second go…but I’ve since realized i was a FOOL, I was setting the bar too high. So I stopped trying. Beat the system. I thought my dad was going to be pissed, but he just pat me on the shoulder and said ‘Son, you’re a true visionary’, and on my way out of the computer lab, God himself appeared to me in a vision and GAVE ME A HIGH FIVE’’

INFP: doesn’t understand how partner grades work–

‘’Why the hell did you turn in /your/ lab??”

“You weren’t here to turn in yours? We would’ve gotten a zero’’

“But you got me a fucking C-!!!! Now I have a B in the class! If I turned in /mine/ late I would’ve gotten an A on it…”

“/You/ would, but then I’d have to get a 0 instead of a C…?’’

‘’So? You’re failing the class anyway…’’

INTP: Most Valuable Slacker

You know, that one STAR STUDENT who’s name looks great on the top of every group project but in reality they only work when they’re getting a borderline grade so it’s like???

ISFP: The Martyr For Human Kind

“Hey….do you need help with the writing portion–I feel bad…’’

‘’No…it’s okay, I’d rather you just…present the project….’’

*swats my hand away from their perfect grades*

ISTP: ‘’Studying Is For Losers’’

probably took the ACT while high and did better than a majority of their grade

These guys start out pretty admirable until they start pushing their life motto on you, and next thing u know you’re flying down a hill in a shopping cart at 3 am straight into the semester final. You’re looking at a solid 23% and they’ve got a high B without the fucking curve.


in every group project full of strong personalities, there tends to be a very loud dispute over who was the ‘’most valuable team player’’ and the thing is…the louder they insist that they were, in fact, the heart and soul of the team…the less true it probably is

ENFJ: has yet master the art of subtle bragging, like:

‘’Gosh…I had so much extra credit in Accelerated Molecular Bio that when I got a 103% on the chapter test it brought my grade DOWN :’(’’ 

oh no….?

ISFJ: the considerate one

‘’Don’t say EASY! You’ll hurt normal people’s feelings. Here in the accelerated program, we say SIMPLE. That way we can make people feel like absolute failures BUT WITH S U B T L E T Y’’

thanks for that btw, it really makes me feel alive

INFJ: ‘’C’mon man, you’re 16, you need to start pulling your weight’’

they (also 16) tell me, as they perform an elaborate display of how better prepared they are for the task, which ends up wasting 15 minutes and inevitably confusing everyone because to them, ‘’pulling your own weight’’ also means making it a hell of a lot more difficult for everyone else (i’m not bitter)

ESTJ: gets into fights over test grades

“how did //you// get X if I only scored 12 points higher than you???′’


ENTJ: has 0 remorse, can probably watch Marley & Me without crying 

So like, last year I had to get tested for some brain condition that was potentially life threatening…and like, I had kinda gotten into the mindset the week before that was like a combination of ‘’heyyy wassup ur talkin to the member of the living dead rn ;)’’ and just /constant internal screaming/. So I had turned to my lab partner during a partner chem lab i was royally screwing up and was like:

 “hey, this is what’s going on, I’m sorry I’m not at the top of my game cuz I’m kind of nervous about it…could you please clue me in on what we’re doing?”

and like, I get the whole ‘life doesn’t give u special treatment’ thing…but like, what he said was: ‘’You should’ve been paying attention’’ which is 5 words, and all he needed to say was ‘’Acid/Base Titration’’ which is 3…?

ISTJ: everything’s a competition, even group work

I’m referring to the ass who, when asked (quite politely i might add) to complete the writing portion of our research presentation, turned in a bulleted list of ‘’what his partners did wrong’’, thinking that it would somehow make the teacher like him? Lol that backfired….

INTJ: brutally honest

“Hey! wanna be my partner?’’

“Depends…what are u getting in this class?’’