lol back when they were really babies


Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 1,796
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Car sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Ohhhh can I request John x Reader? I like when you have him back in modern times (thanks Amara lol) and the reader and him like each other and after a rough hunt they finally confess and smut in the backseat of Baby and Dean finds out - maybe an article of clothing is left behind - and gets upset

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😭 Thank you, I also missed you guys so much! I seriously thought you guys would forget about me and move on. Like seriously I miss talking about random stuff with you guys!

lol Who remembers last years Thirst of the Month posts? Remember when around this time of year every one & they momma were thirsting over Dean and then we moved on each month?

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Times have changed~ I see y’all thirsting even from under the rocks for Christian Yu now! 

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I don’t blame y’all, no shame. But seriously anyone else remember the good ol’ times when Dabin was just lil Dabin following Christian before C-Clown?

Far Away Young Love & Solo  were great helped through the sad times ;___; and somehow I felt a little less pathetic. 

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Now look at my baby Dabin! look at him, he’s all grown up; he’s on his own grind and still with his hyung Christian (ps. I ain’t never raised him, I just have a lot of emotions  (ಥ﹏ಥ) but idk maybe he’s Gray’s long lost little brother or cousin… seems likely…)

Now when will we finally start thirsting for…. 

Here’s the real question, when will y’all stop sleeping on my baby Babylon! (& Jooyoung & 10 others)

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This my baby 

Sing’s like an angel, body rolls (like a former stripper  jk he ain’t at that level)

is legit cinnamon roll~

been trying to lowkey make Babylon happen  (ಥ﹏ಥ) soon very soon it;s gonna happen.


this I, back to being as extra as ever

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Do you listen to country music because if you do may I get a Cody imagine based on the song My Girl by Dylan Scott please?? It's super cute and I feel like I'm the girl in the song (personality wise lol)💕

My Girl-Cody

You were on your way to the Dodgers day game, jamming out to Eminem with Cody. Your jam session was interrupted when your mom called you to ask where your seats were. You told her, and then you went back to jamming.

You could see Cody out of the corner if your eye, smiling at he scene you were making with the windows down. You didn’t really care.

When you arrived at the stadium, you immediately saw Ellen. You’d been more than excited to take Cali Ann off of her shoulders, because you loved babies. You guys were sitting next to one another for the game, and she was only there since Clayton was pitching.

You were dressed in a white shirt, that said “Bellinger’s Baby”, with blue ripped jeans, white converse and your favorite accessory, you blue Dodgers ballcap.

When you guys started dating, Cody was in a bad place. He was very depressed, taking many anti-depressants, and always tells you that you saved him.

There was about half an hour until game time, so you went to concessions and ordered a Sprite with a hotdog. When you got back to your seat, you did what you did every game Cody played in, you prayed.

After the game, which Cody hit for the cycle in, you thanked God for allowing this to happen. You honestly couldn’t believe that he was finally a professional baseball player. Breaking you out of your train of thought, Cody shouted, Hey everybody! That’s my girl!“

You just laughed and wondered how you actually loved that dork.

I’m sorry this took a while. I wanted to make it good, plus I’d never heard the song. I’ve been super busy packing, so I hope you enjoy it😜

Best Friends Break Up

So about two days ago my best friend of 11 years broke my heart.

Here’s how it happened…

On Instagram Kevin (her boyfriend) posted a photo of a $130 dollar vape he was going to buy. I commented, “I thought you guys were broke lol better save money for the baby.” That’s it. I didn’t hear anything back so, whatever you know.

The next day I get a long message from my best friend saying, “What is it anyones concern on how much we spend our financials anyones problem cause when we hang out we still manage to pay for u and micah when you guys “have money” and yet we dont bring it up and we dont ask for gas money. O’well looks like someones really concern or jealous  we dont come around cause u guys can never pay for yourself and yet Micah has a job and u cant  or dont want to work. Seriously out of all people u would be the last to be talking about money ms.gofundme im to lazy to work.”

I’m looking into my phone reading all that like, What the fuck? Why is she personally attacking me like this? Also, she has NEVER spoken to me like this before. Ever. So of course I’m shocked. I really didn’t know what to type back.

Finally, I think up something to say to defend myself. What I type back is, “Whoa, okay. I’m so sorry my comment made you upset. That wasn’t my intention, but how dare you blame us for decisions you or Kevin made on your own. Micah and I never personally ask you guys to spend  money on us. We always pay for ourselves or at least pitch in half on things. Trying to blame us for your own decisions is a new low, even for you. If it was bothering you so much why did you choose to keep quiet? Why didn’t you talk to me about it and speak up. Yet again, your own fault. Now I’m jealous??! You have nothing I would want. Nothing. (She has a horrible boyfriend and she got knocked up at 18 and now a mother.No education. No job. So yeah, No way!). How dare you call me lazy!

I send it. 

She responds back with,” You’re funny, u have a little job sitting on your fucking ass and maybe that’s why your mom treated you like shit cause you wanna be a party girl. I bet you anything you’re the one who needs help and do u miss I cant work a real job cuz a cold case.”

I’m crying at this point. My mom abused me my whole life and Less then a year ago I was raped by my Father. She’s basically throwing it all in my face saying I deserved it all. What kind of friend says that? Then the whole “party girl” thing. Wtf. I do school for 8-9 hours a day everyday. There’s 12 hours in a day. When the fuck do I have time to party? 

Our friendship is obviously over. She showed her true colors. 

I wasted 11 years on someone who never really cared about me. I’m devastated…


He comforts you when you’re upset (Luke)

i feel bad cause everything i post is about luke but i swear i have written plenty of preferences about all of the boys

This happens as a sequel to my preference “you get caught having sex in school”.
Three days went by fairly quickly. You didn’t have the time to see anyone while you were suspended: you got into the principal’s office way before first period started and got out when it was very rare to meet a soul in the hallway.
Four days after yours and Luke’s little “incident”, you were seeing him for the first time and you were also seeing everyone else for the first time. You hadn’t really talked to any of your friends in that period, because you were really tired and still felt so fucking embarrassed.
As you walked into the crowded hallway, you noticed a few people staring but brushed it off. You met Luke at his locker and greeted him with a kiss on the cheek as he smiled.
“You gonna shag him in the bathroom like a proper slut and then not even kiss him on the lips?” a guy yelled at you as he walked by.
Color drained from both of your faces as you turned around to glare at the kid.
“What. The. Fuck” Luke whispered gritting his teeth and fisting his hands. “I’m gonna fucking kill that guy”.
“Luke, come on, just leave it. It’s okay” you told him rubbing his arm, even though it was not okay. You didn’t think you could be any more embarrassed, but that guy’s comment proved you wrong.
That episode was quickly forgotten as you and Luke started walking towards the wing of the building were your classes were held. You noticed that someone had hung up a bunch of signs that read things along the lines of “no sexual activity is allowed”, but decided not to say anything.
On your way to school, you had planned to move past this whole thing as quickly as possible, but it was revealing to be much harder than you though and you had only been in school for about then minutes.
You went the whole morning with guys throwing comments of any sort at you. Some of them were hitting on you in a very vulgar way - they were basically cat calling you in school; others were just insulting you and had no shame or mercy with their words. The girls basically called you a slut at every chance they got, whether it was in your face or behind your back.
You got to the end of second period and wanted to bury yourself a hundred feet underground. It was so bad. You pulled the hood of your hoodie up and walked as fast as you could towards your locker and then back to class.
As you walked into the room you noticed Carley, one of your girl friends, had switched desks and wasn’t sitting in her usual place next to you anymore. You set your stuff at your desk and walked to her with a smile on your face, ready to make some conversation after being mistreated all morning.
“Hey” you waved at her, sitting on the desk in front of her. She shook her head and kept reading the textbook that was open in front of her. “Carley? Is everything okay?”
“Could you close your legs? I’m not a goddamn lesbian, I’m not gonna fuck you in the bathroom like that Luke guy did” she snapped. That was unexpected and the drop that made the glass overflow.
You grabbed your stuff and ran out of the class, bumping into your teacher.
“Where are you going?” he yelled after you, but you just ignored him and kept running. You hid yourself in the first janitor’s closet you could find - cliché, I know, but just the thought of what people would say to you if they met you in the bathroom made you cringe.
You sat there for a couple of minutes and then tears started streaming down your face. You just wanted Luke to hold you in that moment.
You didn’t like it when Luke saw you cry. It had only happened a couple of times and it was always over movies and stuff like that, it was never something real. This time, though, you didn’t care if he saw your weak side. You were really freaking upset and couldn’t even imagine getting through the day like that.
You got your phone out of your pocket and called Luke. It rang a couple of times and then the voicemail went off. You groaned and pulled at your hair, throwing the phone at your feet. Not even two minutes later you phone started vibrating. You picked it up from the ground and answered right away when you saw Luke was calling.
“Hi” you whispered, both because you didn’t have the strength to talk louder and you weren’t sure if you wanted him to know how upset you were.
“I’m sorry I didn’t pick up, I was in class. I got out now, though. So what’s up?” he says frantically, which proved him to be curios as to why you would call him when you’re supposed to be in class.
“It’s just…” you started and then stopped, because you felt your voice was about to break. You took a deep breath and continued, not bothering to hide the fact that you were crying any longer. “Everyone keeps making comments and jokes and it’s just bothering me so much. Everywhere I go someone calls me a slut or asks me to make them some kind of sexual favor”. You snuffled again. “I didn’t think it would be such a big deal to the other kids”.
“Baby…” he cooed. “Where are you?”
“The janitor’s closet on the second floor”.
Luke was there within the minute. He knocked softy on the door and you let him in, sitting back on the floor right away. He sat behind you and made you sit between his legs, wrapping his arms around you and pressing your back into his chest. He kissed your cheeks multiple times when you started crying again.
“Baby, don’t cry” he whispered, holding you a little bit tighter.
“How can I not? I’ve been back in school for, like, two hours and they’ve already made it hell for me” you kept crying and he kissed your shoulder.
“Don’t worry, okay? They will forget about it really soon.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Remember Martin Sharp and Alicia Cawley?” *A/N I opened a book by Nick Hornby and Shutter Island and mixed up two names lol*
“No, I don’t” you snapped, sniffling. You were so frustrated with yourself and everyone else, and you felt so vulnerable for crying like that over some stupid comment random people had made.
“Well, of course you don’t. They got caught having sex in the same bathroom we did on a Monday. They went through their suspensions and got their fare share of nasty comments when they came back, and by the time the next Monday came around everyone had forgotten them, because there had been the weekend, which means parties, which means new people to gossip on” he explained, making a bit of your worry subside. “Today is a Friday. I bet ten bucks that on Monday no one will mention our incident. They won’t even remember it happened”. He took his hand off of your waist so that you could shake it to seal the bet.
“It still doesn’t change the fact that even Carley was mean to me. She said such hurtful things…”
“Well, you have me and the guys. You really don’t need that dumb chick. I never even liked her anyway, she’s so shallow”. You turned around and kissed him on the lips once, then twice, and then you guys were making out in the janitor’s closet’s floor.
“Let’s get out of here, so that we don’t get caught again” Luke chuckled, standing up and pulling you up too.
“But I was just starting to enjoy myself” you whined and he laughed.
“By ‘here’ I meant school. My parents are not home” he winked, running down the hall and dragging you with him.

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message me if you want to make friends :)) i feel kinda lonely

Baby: hay Buge, you gave me a name
Buge: no i Did Not
Baby: oh yeah? well I think we need to go onto the Mory Spinger show to resolve this
~swipe later to Mory Spinger~
Mory: We have Baby here who says Buge gave them a name but Buge doesn’t say they did and says that name came from somebody else
*audience boos*
Baby: Hi Mory, thank you for having me on here
*audience applauds*
Mory: Thank you for being here
Baby: Thank You
Mory: Now you’ve known Buge for how long?
Baby: Practically forever Mory, and now Buge says my name didn’t come from them
*audience boos*
Mory: Let’s bring out Buge!
*Buge comes out*
*audience boos*
Buge: Boo Me? F you ! F all you people F EVERYTHING!!!! Hay Mory , good to see you.
Mory: Now why do you say you did not name Baby
Buge: Mory, I name babies all the time, giving them better names than Jack or John or Jordan or James or Jason or Jarrod or Kevin or even Devin. Baby calls me up and says their name came from me. Mory, I don’t name babies “Baby”! Why is this baby just named “Baby” all the time in these little skits? It doesn’t make any sense?
*audience boos*
Buge: F all you people! Go To F!!!! Take long walk off a short he*ck!!
Baby: You know this name is yours! You just dont want to take responsibility for this name!! You need to bug up and be a Baby Naming Buge
*audience claps*
Buge: Oh whatever, F this! Look Mory, Look at this name, this name looks nothing like the names I give, Mory. Look at the letters Mory *compares letters to Buge face* these letters aren’t mine, I don’t have letters like that.
*audience boos*
Mory: we had you take a Name Detector test *Buge looks nervous* The Results Are In
*audience claps*
Mory: When it comes to the Baby, Buge……You-


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Mory: The Results Are In
*audience claps*
Mory: When it comes to the naming of name of Baby, Buge……You……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………(i can’t wait to get out of here and go play golf)…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..are NOT the namer!
Buge: *jumps up and dances* I KNEW IT! I EFFING KNEW IT!
*Baby runs to the back and cries on the ground*
*audience boos*
Audience: Go give Baby a name for h*ck’s sakes!!
Buge: *goes to the back and consoles Baby* look, you were wrong, embarrassingly wrong in fact, so so so soooooooooooooo WRONG, *loel*, it’ll be okay though, I know this. I’ll give you a proper name okay?
Baby: *sniffles* really?
Buge: SYKE!
Baby: I love it.
Buge: no…that’s not the name, I syked you out
Baby: I like it but perhaps it’s just a tad too short for that long line on the birth certificate line they have you fill out when a baby has name @Kelsey Grammer omg I’m changing my name to this / let’s name our babies after this
Kelsey Grammer: lol wtf even is this page smh lol
Someone Else: *posts words and pictures unrelated to anything in this post*


Pall: Thank you for coming on here to make me richer *cha-ching* $w$ wowie-zowie

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Time travel au where Kai and Jinora's kid ends up going back in time. They eventually figure out the kids from the future, but isn't really sure who's kid and the kid's not saying anything about it. The kid seems to know a lot about Jinora's books and is an airbender. They're all sitting at dinner, when someone says something nice and the kainora baby just so happens to say "Thanks, that's real nice of you!" Kai and Tenzin simultaneously choke because the realization just struck like lightning.

oh my lorde. Imagine if this kid traveled back to the time his parents were 11. Tenzin would freak out