lol at them destroying the ball

Regis playing golf on top of the Citadel because he needs a day off

  • His advisers are not welcomed to the top except Clarus
  • There’s a mini golf course with that cute spinning windmill attached
    • You got Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto playing it
  • Regis tees off as he looks into the distance - “Good eye, Your Majesty.”
  • Somewhere down below, Cor immediately takes out his sword and slices the ball in half
    • :[
    • “I told you he would notice,” says Clarus
    • “That was luck.” and Regis aims one at Cor again
    • Cor steps to the side, takes out his phone and calls Regis
    • “Your Majesty, is this necessary?”
    • “I’m practicing my shots.”
    • “At me?”
    • “Think of this as training.” And Regis hangs up and lets Clarus try
    • Down below, Cor lets out a very long sigh and Drautos stands next to him and asks him how his day is
    • “Eventful.”
    • Golf ball lands behind Drautos
    • :|
    • “Good aim, Clarus.”
    • It’s a very good day for golfing
final dungeon/bosses be like
  • rescue team: you get teleported to a literal cloud tower that you then have to climb and then fight some huge dragon pokemon because he won't listen to you until you beat him and you have to tell him to look up to see the fast moving meteor coming straight down on top of all of you
  • t/d/s: after crossing the sea of time and traversing through the land, you ride a rainbow stoneship to a tower you have to climb and beat up pokemon slowly going insane from the tower falling apart so you can put some gears into the top
  • gates to infinity: you teleport via items to a giant ice castle that starts to float into the air and you fight your way through a group of pokemon and one dragon pokemon to reach the core where a giant ice cube sits and you have to destroy it before it succeeds in floating around in it's giant ice castle freezing over the entire planet
  • super: the tree of life is dying hardcore and you get onto it, fighting a group of pokemon along the way to the core where a darkness ball tries very hard not only to kill you, but also is in the middle of hurling the tree of life into the sun, dragging the planet along with it
Why people calling Byakuren Hijiri “pure” and “a mom” bother me.

This is coming from someone who loves Byakuren Hijiri since she first appeared. Now i’m gonna be honest with ya: Yes. Yes I was like that too at first. Yes, I thought that Byakuren was a “pure mom who’s as innocent as a lamb” but I’ve been reading about canon since long time and the “real” Byakuren is not what you expect her to be.
I want to start this angry shot by saying that ALL the characters are not to be trusted. There is no “objective” point of view, if we except the omniscient point of view in the mangas which is used for storytelling (but anyways even in this point of view you can see that Kosuzu is… A really deep character). Even Akyuu, the main source of information (with her books Perfect Memento In Strict Sense and Symposium of Post Mysticism), can be biased at best. All of the characters are more than their fandom’s “main trait”. They’re multidimensional, and a lot of them are morally grey. This is also the case of Byakuren Hijiri.

Let’s begin with the beginning: Why she became a “youkai saint”. In the UFO Omake, it’s explained that Byakuren was a Buddhist nun. She saw her younger brother, Myouren, dying, probably of old age. She then feared death itself more than anything: what if she died too? She couldn’t bear with that fact. And thus, she started to seek a way to be youthful forever. The problem? She uses black magic, my friend, which is against Buddhist arts, I guess.
After she got it around (and managed to be actually We’re the Teens, Problem?), she then feared to lose her powers. And the only way to be a master of Black Magic is to prevent Youkais from stopping existing. If youkais don’t exist, Black Magic either (don’t ask me how, it’s kinda weird to me). Soooo, she started saving youkais by pretending she is a youkai exterminator.
Which is, for humans, totally UNACCEPTABLE because youkais are the enemy. As much as I love Youkais, I’ll put myself in a human villager’s shoe: if this Old Teenager went to my house, asked me if I want to get rid of this Rokurokubi shittin around my house, and I was like “yeah ok i really hate them like a LOT” and she actually saved her instead of something else… Huh. I’d say that This Old Woman, She Played One, She Played Nick Nack On My Trust.
Which is why humans eventually sealed her in Makkai when they learned the truth.

“Ok” you’ll say. “So far, so good, but in the Omake, it is said that…

She had great respect for youkai, but not because she disliked humans.
In the beginning, it was born from her own greed, but as she learned of the difficult past the youkai had borne, she began to think she needed to do something to help them.

Technically, in the point of view of humans, she’s the devil incarnate. But from a youkai point of view, she’s a saint, eh?”
Well you’re kinda right! Youkais view her as a goodie goodie. But mostly because she does things a youkai would do. Because there’s a difference between intentions and actions.

Let’s remember that, to get Minamitsu Murasa, the sinker ghost, Byakuren decided to get on a boat to bait Minamitsu so she can sink the boat so Byaky can get her to stop by offering her a Cool Boat (Palanquin). AW she’s pure… But…
She fucking killed the crew and the people on the boat. She willingly sacrificed them to get a ghost in her Pokemon collection. That’s kinda.

Eventually she gets sealed. Eventually she gets unsealed by her Crew and confronts the heroines. Eventually, she decided to install herself in Gensokyo to start her own Brand Of Religion. And this is where the fun part begins, because it’s the actual Byakuren. Byakuren changed, and she’s kinda worse than before.

First of all, she installed her Temple on Toyosatomimi no Miko’s Mausoleum, in order to slow down the Shotoku Taishi’s reincarnation. Dick move. And even MORE dick move when she says, during the Symposium of Post Mysticism, that “Nazrin surveyed it and there’s apparently something dangerous under it aaaand yeah basically we had to seal it”. Basically did that to prevent Miko from getting in because she’d be a danger for Byakuren’s reputation (Miko, when she was Shotoku Taishi, emperor of Japan, used Buddhism for political purposes. And it’s like the main thing Byakuren does with Buddhism. So she KNOWS how it’s like.)

Speaking of Buddhism, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about HOW MISERABLY she fails to shoehorn a human religion against youkais. In the Chapter 2 of SoPM, she explains how Buddhism works for dummies. The joke is: the other characters (Miko and Marisa, a biased opinion AND a mediator) kept interrupting her for saying that her disciples goes off ALL OF THESE PRINCIPLES. They drink alcohol, they eat meat, they do bad things that goes off about the 8 main principles that are the core of Buddhism.
EVEN ICHIRIN. Ichirin, the kind disciple, the one that wants to be like Byakuren (despite being objectively better than Byakuren) goes ahead and parties and DRINKS BOOZE. We can say that Ichirin is the “youkai that tries to be Buddhist, but it’s 50/50 because she’s trying her best as she was human before”. 

The reason is: Buddhism isn’t for Youkais. Buddhism is for Humans. Buddhism’s whole principles (wisdom, ethical conduct, and concentration) is not fit for Youkais at all. And she tries to shoehorn it onto them, which is, if she succeeded, actually harmful to them, because it’s preventing them to act with their TRUE nature. As much as she wanted to be, she can’t prevent Minamitsu from killing people. She can’t even prevent the funa yurei from sinking ships. Because that’d goes off against Minamitsu’s sole reason of existence.

Let’s end this long post with a last point that I like: Byakuren outright refused the entrance of some youkais into the temple (Yamame and Orin are namedropped, Yamame because she thinks “the humans that come to the temple with their worries look delicious” and Orin because she wants to get corpses from the cemetery) so that they don’t give a bad image to the temple. That’s politics right there, my pals. The leader of the Republican party of my country kicked out the vice-president because she gave out a bad image of him. And Byakuren does the same.

And she outright says that “some Youkais cannot be fit for Buddhism”. Which. Huh. Proves the point she’s actually going against. Heh!

I could continue with speaking in details about the events of Hopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo, but I wrote enough and I’m outright lazy to do so… I will only say that Byakuren just shrugged off the bad event that could destroy Gensokyo by saying “yeah let’s seal the balls lol” while Miko worked her ass hard to find a solution.

tl;dr here’s what Byakuren has done wrong:

  • Used Black Magic to get eternally young, which is against Buddhism
  • Befriended youkais (first to get eternally young) and lied to humans about her job, which is not a good thing from a human perspective
  • Killed a whole boat crew and passengers to get a ghost to join her
  • Built a Buddhist Temple for Youkais on the mausoleum of her political adversary
  • Tries to shove a harmful mentality down Youkais’ throat and says it’s good for them, and even her most fervent disciple disobeys those principles.
  • Kicks out unfit for training Youkais by saying that “some youkais aren’t fit for Buddhism”, which contradicts herself entirely
  • Runs around in a cat suit and beats up people with her motorcycle
  • Shrugged off a dangerous event by saying “hey let’s seal this shit” instead of researching about it

Disclaimer: I am NOT saying that “BYAKUREN IS A BAD PERSON AND IF YOU LIKE HER YOURE A DUMB”. Byakuren is a complex character. She is really morally grey and you have to interpret all of her actions with a grain of salt. I myself is a fervent fan of Byakuren, because she’s a complex character with interesting motives, an amazing morally grey personality and a great design overall. However, I try to be critical: she’s done some wrong things, she’s done some good, etc… Byakuren is more than just the crummy “Pure Mom” stereotype people tend to shoehorn miserably on her, which is, honestly, not fun at all. I think that this Byakuren, the canon Byakuren, is more fun and enjoyable than the “pure mom who did nothing wrong” that tend to annoy me a lot on the Byakuren tag.

To conclude this, I will say that Byakuren is a Problematic Aunt that tries her best and fails miserably, but has good intentions.

The signs reaction to BTS 'Fire' M/V

Aries - Throwing shit around, angry over how lit it was
Taurus - Stuffing food into their mouth, “OH MAN HOLY SHIT!”
Gemini - Faints at 3:32
Cancer - Crying bc of Jin’s blonde hair for the next five hours
Leo - Screams “FIRE” until their neighbors call the fire trucks and ambulances over
Virgo - Tries to copy the choreo, probably breaks a leg in process
Libra - Plays this song on repeat for the next 366627 years
Scorpio - Speechless. A few hours later their house is on fire.
Sagittarius - Pretends to be in the M/V, destroys stuff around them while singing along
Capricorn - .. Well, fuck my life.
Aquarius - “INFIRES MAN” , loses their shit
Pisces - On the floor curled into a ball, crying their eyes out while going ‘Bowwowowwow’

anonymous asked:

Why would we be "salty" your ship is a fan serviced mess that has no continuity or logic and was created simply to satisfy Ian. I don't care about bamon anyway but you have to admit it's fan service and downright bad storytelling

Lmfao first of all only a supreme level of saltiness the likes of which would rival the Pacific Ocean would have you in a bamon shippers inbox right now lets get that straight, it’s okay embrace the saltiness I don’t mind. Second of all if you “don’t care about bamon”, again why are you here I didn’t call for you I didn’t summon you there’s no reason for you to bring your butt hurt delusion into my inbox.

It’s always incredible yet slightly mind boggling that DE stans ever have the gall to start trying to preach about fan serviced and forced relationships when you’ve just finished what I’m sure was your 35th time today watching that fucking rain kiss that was written and directed on twitter like really ya’ll really wanna do this shit today? I don’t want to hear shit about it being a reward for the fans because what the fuck were you being rewarded for? Being the only people to religiously and ceremoniously kiss the ass of every writer on twitter and convince them to flush their entire show’s development down the toilet? Congratulations I guess.

You do understand what fan service is right? Because developing a relationship that you and a select group of shippers do not like isn’t fan service sweet pea. Lets get that fucking straight. DE shippers and whatever BJ shippers are left are quite literally the only people upset with this storyline. That’s not fan servicing Bamon, its developing an interesting character dynamic that most people including casual viewers and critics are responding to positively.

Where was the fan service police when literal canon has been erased in order to prop DE? Why exactly were you not up in arms about the writers literally treating Stelena like it didn’t happen and saying that Elena has been in love with Damon since season 3, even though we as the audience know that was complete bull shit. Fan service is throwing away your own canon and mythology and shitting and rewriting previous relationships just to make sure a loud group of children on twitter don’t throw a fit. Fan service is not concerning yourself with actual storytelling and character growth and attempting to please one faction of your viewership even if it sinks your show and god damn did it sink. (Side note what exactly do you think caused the abysmal ratings in season 5 because quite frankly almost every episode and story arc in some way traced back to DE so since they bring in the money and views and they make the show what it is why did no one tune in to see the beautiful story that is Damon and Elena…don’t worry i’ll wait)

So again I ask where was the fanservice police when Stelena was being rewritten to make sure DE was seen as the bigger and better Stelena? Where was the fan service police when whole plots are sacrificed to make sure Damon and Elena maintain the focus of the show even when were literally begging them to stop. I’m not sure if your aware or if you think that Julie Plec just thought up the plot of TVD one day while sitting at a bar in Atlanta but in case you actually think that let me let you know that is in fact false . L.J Smith wrote TVD she created these characters that you love and alternately hate so much. She created the relationships that are playing out on screen and yes that includes Bamon. Julie Plec paying homage to the books that created this show is not fan service, and the fact that their relationship has had to develop subtly in the background is the real fan service because that was yet again to make sure the focus stayed on DE. It’s okay that you dislike Bamon I don’t give a rats ass about your opinion so trust me I’m not offended but just have the balls to say that instead of acting like your some warrior for good storytelling and continuity when you don’t really give two solid fucks about that and just want Damon and Elena to have sex every Thursday for your own amusement and pleasure.

I’m still processing Bamon being fan service lol. Oh wait I remember didn’t everything have to be rewritten to make Bonnie and Damon’s relationship develop? Didn’t canon have to be destroyed for them to make sense on screen? Their relationship has bent almost to the point of breaking entire arcs and plot lines. And hasn’t the fact that the audience is beat over the  head with their dynamic and the narrative is as subtle as a brick to the face the fact that they’re toxic and bad for each other but omg just cant help it driven critics to question how the show can be saved at this point? Oh wait that’s your ship not mine…