lol at the look on his face


Hi hi hi 😊 I was tagged by the most beautiful angel, Toni aka @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 to do the selfie challenge! As you can see my face looks extremely difference between when I do wear makeup and when I don’t lol.

Anywho, here are my top six (’: these are probably the only six I’ve ever taken cause I don’t really like taking selfies much lolol

I feel like everyone has done this, so I tag anyone who wants to show their gorgeous face!

Another jeffmads drabble for @artlovewonderland <3

James stormed into Thomas’ office, shaking his head slightly. Thomas looked up, an uneasy look crossing across his face. James looked mad, and Thomas didn’t like it when we was angry.

“What have I done now?” He asked, and James glared.

“I’m sick of this!” He replied.

“You’re always sick…” Thomas mumbled.

“What was that, Tommy?”

“Nothing.” He laughed, shaking his head. “What did I do again?”

“It doesn’t matter, I guess. Just kiss me, asshole.” James replied. “And, if I have to pick up one more fucking sock from our bedroom floor and move it into the washing basket, I will gut you like a fish.”

Jinyoung: You’re gonna grow some facial hair on Law of the Jungle, right? I’m sure the fan’s will love it.

Mark: Probably…Hey, why don’t you show your facial hair once in a while? Like you said the fans’ll love it.

[Jinyoung looks into distance, a single tear rolling down his cheek]

Jinyoung: I *chokes back sob* can’t- no, I shouldn’t.

Mark: ??

Jinyoung, with a straight face and tears gone: and scene!

Mark: were you?…this isn’t?….*sighs deeply* okay.

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elounor stans are really using "always you" as the motto for elounor and reposting the pap pics with that phrase as the caption, like I feel personally victimised, if louis was talking about eleanor when he posted that why the hell did he look so fuckin sad while he was supposed to be on holiday "loved up" and "rekindling" his romance with her????

Their ignoring the sad af selfie lol why I’m not surprised I… They’re on the same level of B stans this is tragic. I don’t want to share air with this people 

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Can I request a parallel gifset of Iris saying "come home to me" in the speedforce, Barry saying "the sound of your voice will always bring me home" and Barry singing runnin' home to you to Iris? Thank you

I totally did this wrong, lol, but here it is.

3x17 was the return of petty Barry. It was so delightful to see him again. His faces when another man touches his woman or someone that looks like his woman were lovely.

I live for jealous Barry. He is a DELIGHT.

All I could think about was the opening monologue for S1 episode # 3 It doesn’t matter if you’re the slowest kid in gym class or the fastest man alive. Every one of us is running. Being alive means running. Running from something. Running to something, or someone. Running Home To You. What a beautiful song, couple and love story. I love and hate The Flash EP’s simultaneously!

Awww, this is a beautiful reminder. Barry’s always been running to Iris.

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I'm still not over the way they zoomed into bellamy's determined face in the season 3 finale. Like imo, that was so deliberate. They focused on him in particular and how determined he was to protect his wife. Even Abby said, "just in case they get passed YOU" when he looked at her gun all wary of it, like she knows that Bellamy will do everything in his power to keep them back without having to kill, but just in case. Anyways, Bellarke is endgame and I'm excited about that lol sorry.

The way they focus on his face (or hers) shows how very determined they are. And how much they care about each other.

I think this is where a lot of our love for Bellarke comes from. It’s the way they are filmed. Without that, a lot of the same lines really COULD be seen as platonic, but with the way they film it and frame it and focus on them so closely… they may still only be friends in deed, but the story is clearly showing a romantic, devoted end game.

Believe in Bellarke.

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what role do you think ddl is the hottest as and why?

All of them? Even Lincoln lol. Ok, hmmm… I’m gonna go with Nathaniel “Hawkeye” Poe from The Last of the Mohicans. Why? Have you seen his face?

His hair? 

His body?

His everything?

That Natty Bumppo can destroy your uterus in one look!

But none of his characters can compare to the real man himself. I love that shy cordwainer <3 

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boyfriend buys my makeup challenge with seb LMAO

is this like a youtube challenge?!?!???? lol i don’t go on there as often anymore SO

“oh god,” sebastian groaned as he looked around the shelves of sephora. “um, let’s see.”

he picked up a glassed foundation and held it up to your face. you watched as he furrowed his brows and frowned, before picking up another bottle and holding it up to your face again.

when he finally chose one, that would be too light for you anyway, you moved on to another part of the store. you giggled as you watched him swipe his fingers on some of the testers and watched his eyes go wide in fascination.

“i only get to see this stuff,” he turned to look at you. “like on set and photo shoots, yknow? but i’ve never gotten to PLAY with it.”

“it’s not a toy, sebastian.”

he shrugged and stalked off to another section. after what was hours of shopping, your basket was full and sebastian was getting ready to hand over his credit card.

“you picked some good stuff,” you nodded as you watched the cashier ring you up. “i might have to come exchange some things though.”

“aw,” sebastian whined. “but you just said i did a good job.”

Professor Lupin