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Gravity Falls Dance Party! (complete with the snadger and everything!) 

I’ve been working on these for a looong time, I basically grabbed a few dancing videos and drew poses and since I really like how those sketches were looking, I added color :D 

Fell Sans Heads are a GO!

I would like to announce that because of the generated interest in Fell Sans we will be creating heads for him as well to go along with Tale Sans and Swap Sans. 
If you are interested in him or if the people who have already contacted me wish to change your decision please message me and i’ll sort you into our list.

The first 10 slots have been filled and as such the price will now be a standard 250USD. Please message me if you are serious about your order, please! ;w;

Please keep in mind:
- You will be responsible for adding padding on the inside of the heads so that you may accurately adjust it to your head size. This is easy enough to do with EVA foam (like those puzzle piece floor mats). Questions can always be brought to our attention and we can guide you through this!
- We will be adding the fabric and pupils in the eye sockets.
- If you wish we are able to change pupil styles at no extra cost.
- If you wish we are willing to paint the heads at no extra cost, unless you want to do this yourself however! We can add physical (not painted) cracks and other assortment of things for OCs depending on the situation (With use of one of the three Sans as a base). This would just be an additional 10USD~
- We are able to be flexible with half-payments for the base price. There have been several people who are unable to pay right away and that is O-K! (mostly next month) Shipping payment is a third separate payment. If you would like to inquire an approximation to your location beforehand please message me details and we can inquire.
- Before the heads are created we will have drawn out templates from the front and side that will be posted. You will see how we plan to have them look beforehand! (If it is not what you are happy with, you may revoke your position in the list~)
As always any other questions can be asked of course!!!

From the names I have written down on my list of applicants I will be contacting you for head measurements very soon if I haven’t already! Or if you see this you can do it when you have the time~
Straight ruler measurements vertically from the bottom of the chin to the top middle of your head, horizontally from ear to ear. This does not have to be 100% precise we just need a rough guide to see where everyone stands with each size~

Thanks guys you are truly awesome!!!!!  (≧∀≦)!! <3 <3 <3 <3

It’s okay

hey wow would you look at that i actually finished the fic i’ve been talking about writing for like a week. not my best work ever, probably, but i’m fairly happy with it. 

i made that long-ass post about my autistic!logan headcanon a while back and i wanted to do something more with it, so, uh, this is it, i guess? warnings: sensory overload, internalized ableism (aka me projecting all my issues onto logan sorry buddy), anxiety (the feeling not the character).

also, i want to emphasize this, autism is a very diverse spectrum. not everyone with autism experiences it in the same way. this fic is based off of my personal experience. do not assume that all autistic people are like this.

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shinhwa’s vocal line

@beserkerjewel remember how I said that you can barely tell the difference between them on the CD and them live until they’re reaching for a note or you hear their breath? this is what I mean. those damn power notes for brand new, minwoo’s freaking high ass falsetto during hurts, and dongwan during shooting star is just amazing. and this is in a 2-3 hour long concert where they’re dancing and constantly moving.

marhinki-shipper-4-lyph  asked:

Omg so imagine Lefou's dad coming to town for some business, and him and LeFou bonding on his first day in town, and before he leaves he just goes "You look so much like your mother... if only your husband will be as handsome as I am" and he laughs off and walks away and Lefou's just like "???" so the next day his dad accidentally drops his stuff and (oh the coincidence) Stanley's there and he helps him and they also kinda bond and his dad ships it the second he sees Stanley and i neED A FANFICC


(lol this was super cute and if turned into a proper fic could be so hilarious omg)