lol at my black and white colouring


cry out [RIJF'16]


SHERLOCK - :Height Difference Meme:
Wacom Intuos Pro in PS CS3 (new window for hi-res)

Inspired by this post here  // Original post © to @pollinart

Soooooooooo on that post linked there, @artfulkindoforder said “someone make this Johnlock”, so I did… except I took so fucking long on this that and I actually liked the way these turned out so I wanted to make my own post about it, LOL.

I’m seeing it as a sign that I took so long to finish, then another week to freaking post it… because HEY! @sherlockchallenge‘s August Challenge is Height Difference, and what a coincidence, I have new art I haven’t posted relating to their height difference YAY! :D

ANYWAY, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR HEIGHT DIFFERENCE OKAY. IT’S LEGIT ONE OF MY FAVE THINGS EVER ABOUT THEM. So here’s John and Sherlock in a silly simplified style, and I was only going to do it black and white but then colour happened, LOL.  Hope y’all like it :D

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Don’t make a whole house pay for the mistakes of a few generations. People change, ideas change and everyone deserves a chance. Blaming the Slytherins for what some members of their house has done in the past is ignorant and useless. We belong in Hogwarts as much as the other three houses. We aren’t better than anyone else and no one is better than us, we are all equals. Everyone is different and this is who we are. 

Just because the people you know in the series turn out to be bad most of the time doesn’t mean we all are. A sample doesn’t define a population. Not everyone’s a saint or a sinner, there are colours other than black and white. 

Colour Me Blind

First of my new Soulmate au stories.

Tag list:  @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash

Warnings: There will be some major angst in this.

Summary: Imagine spending your whole life only seeing in black and white, with various shades of grey thrown in. From a young age you’ve been told that one day you will find someone that will immediately fill your life with colours. What if the person who brings you colour isn’t what you’d hoped for?

Word Count: 3337 (it kinda ran away from me a bit lol)


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anonymous asked:

Hello Ayu, I just curious... why you like to draw/coloring black and white line and colours when you draw your comics or your favourite characters ? Is that hard to colouring them in colourfull way? Because I find you is different from others fan art ×_× *EnglishIsNotMyfirstLanguge

Because dear Anon, I don’t feel like posting my colored arts here. Lol
I actually colored my arts but I never finish them because I’m pretty lazy person and it’s not beautiful as the others. Besides, my mouse is making its own world like it doesn’t follow me. (I need to buy a new one though) =___=++

I’ll give you 2 examples:

See? hahaha That’s the end… I lose motivation to color it. Lol

But you know, some or few of my colored ones are posted on my Instagram. :)))))

andreajmars  asked:

SNAKES CAN HAVE FRECKLES???? Do they go away when they shed their skin or whatever it's called? Lol sorry I know nothing about snakes but this excites me

They sure can! You’re probably referring to this post, yes? The animal in that picture is a pied ball python called Milo, piebalds are white snakes with large splotches of colour. In Milo’s case, there just happens to be a tiny black splotch too! So technically that isn’t a freckle by definition, just a stray pattern spot :) The pattern is permanent and doesn’t go away with shedding.

But! I’m pleased to tell you that there ARE in fact ball pythons who have freckles! Most notably the Coral Glow/Banana morph (my snake is one of those, haha)~ Those morphs are mainly yellow and hatch with few to no “freckles” (which are small black-ish spots in their case), and with each shed they get more and more freckles! Once a freckle appears it’s there to stay, so they just accumulate over the years. I don’t know what causes the appearance of those freckles, but it sure is a thing that happens!

Have a pic of my son Sokrates to demonstrate :)

You can clearly see the freckles in various shades of black/brown-ish :) Like the dots in vanilla ice cream!

fernikart57  asked:

So Keith has a Red Digivice, Lance a Blue Digivice, Pidge a Light Green one, Coran an Orange one, Allura a Pink one, Hunk a yellow one, Shiro a Black one and Matt a Dark Green one. What do you think?

In my Au

Allura - Pink and dark silver

Coran - Turquoise and dark silver 

Shiro- Purple and white (dude needs more colour in his life)

rest of the team like u mention with white

Zarkon- Black and dark silver

Haggar- Maroon and dark silver

Alfor- Gold and dark silver

Matt- Orange and white

Shay- Copper and blue

Nyma- Peach and blue

Thace- Grey and blue

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welp lets do this lol

1. Nicknames: i have some irl ones and one i often get called on here it meta ^^

2. Gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (probably nonbinary/female ^^‘’ actually more genderfluid tbh)

3. Star sign: libra

4. Height: 154cm/ 5′5(?)

5. Time: 5:30pm

6. Birthday: 23rd september

7. Favorite bands: i couldnt say, i like alot of bands/ music

8. Favorite solo artists: again i like many

9. Song stuck in my head: none at the moment

10. Last movie watched: dvd: curious george cinema: the red turtle

11. Last show watched: tv show? proably dad’s army

12. When did I create this blog: november 13th 2016

13. What do I post: reblogs, the occasional text post and hptos and some okayish art

14. Last thing I googled: ”is a jaffa cake a cake or a buiscuit”

15. Do you have other blogs: yeah, a few side blogs

16. Do you get asks: not really

17. Why did you choose your url: me and my sibling came up with it cuz im shit with coming up wtoo manyith names ahha

18. Following: too many 286

19. Followers: 120 (how? idk ;-;)

20. Favorite colours: most blues and the occasional black - depending on the

21. Average hours of sleep: probably like on the holidays - 10-11 hours? but during the week when i have school its like 5-6 hours

22. Lucky number: none(actually proably like 7 or 707 lol)

23. Instruments?: i used to play the piano

24. What am I wearing: dog socks, jogging bottoms and a black tshirt with white dots on it(it reminds me kind of, of space)

25. How many blankets do I sleep with: 2 - blaket then a duvet then another blanket

26. Dream job: no idea tbh - probably something im passionate about

27. Dream trip: to meet my soul in the dark obis umm space?  irdk ;-;

28. Favorite food: hard to choose

29. Nationality: english/british

30. Favorite song right now: i like many i cant choose a favourite

31. what fandoms are you in: too many

okay now for the tags - do this if you want to dont feel like you have to its just a sugestion ^^

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again you dont have to do it if you dont want to ^^

landofplagueandlullabies  asked:

i really love your art!!! (esp your black and white stuff, but your colors are wonderful too!)

ahhhhhhhh thank you very much for your kind words!! black and white i can do with ease but my paintings are just proof of my lacking knowledge in colour theory haha. Thank you again, hope you have a nice rest of the week!


Magi Chapter 337 hit me like a truck so I drawed this picture for my most favorite character <3

I think Judar is still an innocent child, deep inside. I love him ;-;

The white lilys reflect the innocence of judar. They have a reddish tone because of the blood he sheded. wow such deepness lol :D

Watercolours have become my current favorite medium ^-^ even though i said i hate them hehe.

Also my Magi portrait collection is growing!  Morgiana, Yunan and Judar done so far <3


The anatomy and such is incorrect but im starting to accept thats gonna be my thing lol

Colouring this also failed so lol I also uploaded a black n white version - but ah Jimin his voice is heavenly and hearing him sing a whole intro is wonderful