lol at me trying to do good edits

Can I just say I have a lot of opinions about JJ, especially from a Westerner’s point of view? Specifically, the way he’s treated by the other skaters in YOI? JJ is loud, boisterous, and toots his own horn at every chance. Does this make him a bad guy? No way. In fact, all it does is paint a picture of how the rest of the world views people from America. Now, I’m from the US, so I can’t really speak for Canada, but I have quite a few Canadian friends and we are all, by definition, “North Americans”. I notice that our cultures aren’t really that different- specifically our social culture. Most Western young men act A LOT like JJ does- making jokes at other peoples’ expenses, trying to one-up everyone around them, be it verbally or otherwise, being really competitive and thriving in a competitive atmosphere, and generally just being very loud and obnoxious. 

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Sketching out the son—because I’ve suddenly gone into a teenie, tiny art block, but we’ll see how long it lasts. Drawing Prompto usually helps get me out of that rut, but sometimes he doesn’t…Maybe I need to change the pace a bit—watch some good ol’ anime or something LOL Oh well, hope you like the sketches tho! Might add color to them later!

NU’EST W Part Change Version as promised for their 1st win in 6 years!

🐯 Baekho is JR- Dressed as spongebob 

🐢 JR is Baekho- Dressed as Stitch

🐰 Ren is Aron- Dressed as Smurf

🐶 Aron is Ren- Dressed as a Korean nobleman (a coincidence after the famous Aron nobleman edit on twt lol)

Turning the volume down so we can hear JR’s blood curdling screeches trying to do Baekho’s highnote was a really good artist choice!!  

Henry Cavill: Do I need to shave my mustache for this?

DC: nah it’s good we’ll just edit it out in post

Fans: look at this next level meme shit

Chris Evans: hey guys do I need to shave my beard for the film?

Marvel: Are you kidding me? That beard is gonna bring in 50% of our revenue for this movie if anything you need to grow it out

Fans: holy shit Marvel’s trying to murder us


‘Mark is a pen…’
‘Jack is a highlighter.’

Part 1 of 2

Based off the quote ‘Mark is a pen
Jack is a highlighter
Mark drew the world
And Jack made it brighter’

This is my first proper photo edit that’s required more than just pratting about with effects so they’re probably kinda crap lmao 😅
But anyway, I like how they’ve turned out for a first attempt, and they were done with just my fingers on a mobile phone app so all things considered, I think they’re okay (I hope).

@marielgum hope you like it (obviously I’m the edit anon lol) I love your edits and hopefully soon I’ll be able to edit videos too, but they’ll be nowhere near as good as yours, but you inspired me to try this so, thank you.

I would love it if @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier would see this (they probably won’t) be if yous do, I’m fairly new to the communities and it’s possibly the nicest groups of people I’ve ever seen in fandoms, both to themselves and other communities, and no matter how much you guys play it off in your videos as that being down to us, it was you two who brought us all together, and thank you so much for that because I finally feel like I’ve found a group of people that I belong with.

Anyway, sorry for a really long post it’s probably pissed off a few people lmao but this was just a couple of things I really wanted to say even if no one sees them.


i’m back again !! i’ve had such a fast week, i finally met my love ( we’re in a ldr ), but he's gone already … its been the best week of my life, i love him so much !! sorry everyone, i’ve been a little late making my botm for this month, hopefully you can forgive me heh \(・∀・ ) i hope everyones well, i feel like i’ve missed a lot ( ι´ Д ` )ノ

r u l e s

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good luck everyone, and happy blogging !!

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Edit/Icon/Header reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone that requests for edits are open. I will make Icons, Headers, or just regular edits. Just send me a message with what you want, who you want it of, and an idea of the color scheme. I will get them done as quickly as possible. This Month featuring: CHRISTMAS EDITS!

Please do reblog this and get the word out. I have made icons and headers for my Tumblr wife @addictionmarvel so you can message her about the quality of my work.

This has been a PSA lol. And remember no matter what your race, religion, sexually, gender, and fandom, I love you all. Happy Holidays!

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I need your help!

Hi everyone! 

So I need money for Uni and for a Cambridge English course+certificate. The exam costs around 200€ and that doesn’t include the course nor the materials and it’s going to be really useful once I get into Uni. The Uni admission exam costs 60€ so yeah I’m in need of some funds

So I’m desperately trying to make a tiny bit of money and I set up a RedBubble shop:

where I’ll sell mostly stickers with lyrics and quotes. All edits made by me.

I used to buy stuff from RB all the time and trust me it’s good stuff. They’re also pretty cheap! Which is good for you and bad for me since I only get 20% of the price shown lol. 

Also, if you buy 4 stickers you get 25% off and if you buy 10 you get 50% off.

I really need money tho so I’m gonna try this way. I might just end up buying my own stickers. 

If you liked some edits I posted on here, be sure to check my shop! I’ll be uploading ALL my edits there. If you want me to make some stuff custom made, just send me a message and I’ll do my best!

Even if you’re not interested, please repost. Help a girl out

stoneybalonie  asked:

WCIF that cat shirt that Aria is wearing? It’s so cute

Oh goodness,I can’t remember! I’ll do some searching and update this post later when I find it! :)

Edit: If anyone happens to know who made the shirt Aria is wearing in my most recent posts (the one where the cat is in the pocket) please let me know…I’m trying to find it but not having much luck,lol. I’ll continue searching in the morning :)

update: Hey all you beautiful simmers out there!!! I want to let you all know I’m super sorry for the delay in my Sugarplum posts… Some unforeseen things happened in my life and playing TS3 has taken a back seat recently. Cool things I can tell you: 

  1. I’m moving to another state! Where I don’t know anyone! (lol kinda scary but also exciting? idk, I’m gonna keep trying looking at it as a positive.)
  2. I SET SOME SCREENSHOTS ASIDE (good job, past me) before all the craziness in my personal life started up so I can still start a queue and (hopefully!) by the time it’s up I’ll have had some time to play.

So, I’m editing the pics tonight since I do miss Marzi and the babies. Also, I want to thank you all for sticking with me even in my lack of posting. I know it might sound silly but you sticking by me really means a lot to me.  ♡ ♡ ♡ Thank you.


Cold Spice - First, I have to thank Simmehs for making the glorious Hans Spice edit and inspiring me to do a comic strip version!

I’ve always loved the randomness of these commercials, lol! I was also looking for an excuse to try drawing a shirtless Hans, as I don’t have much experience with drawing bodies yet and I know some of you have wanted to see this. ;) T'was a good challenge.

My Kallura loving ass has been blessed this morning. Good way to make the early morning of work better lol. Sorry about the inactivity the past couple days, I’m finally caught up with remaking the icons I had to scrap, now I just need to figure out how I’m going to edit the new ones so I don’t have Photoshop getting hella fussy on me again. I owe a couple people drafts and one person a starter that I really want to try and get to today. I’m always on @katieundercover when I’m not on here so if I don’t do my starters here someone please come and kick my ass over there to come back here and get shit done.

So @hellomeganlee told me to sit on this rock… But one click & I got eaten by a wave, wiped out & cut my foot on a rock. LOL… oh the struggles of getting a photo just right… I guess this’ll do 😂 good job Megan, got it on the first try 👏🏻 she got them photographer skills #northshore #Hawaii #하와이 #물노리


so it’s been 11 months almost a year since i made my first follow forever and well a lot has changed since then, i made many good friends on here, gained A LOT of followers, got better at making edits even tho they still could be better lol, somehow passed another semester and now i’m starting my 4th year, among other things, so yeah i’m really thankful.
and i think a ff is the best thing i can do to show some appreciation.
last time i talk about how i got into kpop and how it help me go through my first year of college, and this time i honestly just want to say thank you.

last thing... as a game or something try finding your url on the edit :) some are really easy others not so much lol that can be kind of fun after all i didn’t make it for nothing

bold - mutuals

♘ special people who have made my time on this website more pleasant:
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also last year i had 450 songs, now i have 620, that goes to show that this thing of being a kpop fan isn’t going anywhere… basically i’m doomed.

imsquirrelflight  asked:

Wtf even is that anon? Like LOL? PLEASE. Ari how do u find the patience to not bust out the guns? Like how they go after u and they dont even know u lol

lmao <3<3<3
duuude Tyler i don’t  know lol  like im trying to be a good kawaii person & u o u leave my diesel past behind  but idk look what happened to me …

{ EDIT: deleted all the anon  stuff , thank you to everyone who sent me such nice messages love you guys <3  ^ 3 ^  <3  }


Hello everyoooone!!! :D And here it is my second follow forever! I still can’t believe I reached 2k followers in one month >.<. It means a lot to me! You all are so amazing and kind to me! With your strength and support I could surpass some tough times in tumblr, grew little by little and lost a some of my shyness to talk with ya! I’m such an shy ass! LOL… Sorry if our conversations are little lame >.< I try my best to give a good conversation and each of us having a little fun :). I’ve done more friendships with new ppl and for some of them, ppl who I already follow some time, could be friends with them too, which makes me really happy! Hehe :D I just want to thank you for everything! For being awesome, sharing cool and nice posts everyday, show graphics/edits which always inspire me to continue doing mine and for being here :).

I love you all! Hope we can continue talking and being friends :D *hugs*

bold- favorite blogs *most of them cough*

italic - friends that I talk and share everything :D



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I need to stop worrying about things I can’t control and and not let myself be affected by some of the negative things that have been written about me. I looked at artists liked Taylor (Swift) and Beyoncé who are so much more in command of everything they do. I’m so inspired by women who are confident enough to be themselves. That’s what I’m trying to do.