lol at jack sleeping in the background

[PREVIEW]Jelsa Week - Day 3: In Another Life |
| The Queen and the Beggar [Viking AU] 

It might not seem like much to you, but I’ve been thinking about a Jelsa Viking Era AU since forever. I reaaally love Vikings (no wonder I’m in Denmark lol), I’ve read a lot of myths and stories and tonight got super inspired while listening to Wardruna, so there you go! This was also an idea for the Winter Solstice, aka Yule, aka happening now, so I really tried to at least have this sketched.

[[ I’ll add some background story after I get some sleep, but the basic idea is that Jack (Jökul) is descendant of the Ásynjur (basically gods, Ullr and Skaði for example lol). However, he died as in RotG (plus added plot), and hence, can’t go to Valhalla nor to Niflheim. He comes back to life (tell you why and how later) and wanders the earth as Jökul Frosti, a semi-deity (nor human nor god). As for Elsa, her parents die and the little kingdom is left to her. After this, her ice powers are revealed and she’s both feared and desired by other kings *cough*Hans*cough* wishing to anex her land to theirs. Jack will fall in love with her and, disguised as a beggar, tries to win her heart. And a lot of shit happens *falls asleep* ]]

More things I noticed on 9th rewatch of Magnificent Seven!

- Faraday is sweating actual real sweat in the disappearing ear scene, shows you this production really took this practically
- Horne telling Teddy he did good right before he gets hit in the leg by an arrow
- Sam affectionately tugging on Goodnight’s hat when they reunite!
- Bart Bogue, the robber baron, that’s his reputation
- Still can’t see Vasquez’s first name on the warrant
- One of the men who was playing cards with Faraday at the beginning of the movie is there with Bogue’s men at the gatling gun when Faraday makes his run and gets shot by this same person
- Billy and Goodnight turns their heads at the same time when the guy at the quick draw says he wants to do it for real lol
- Billy actually knocks can off fence first by a second faster
- Horne killing Pigeon brothers is so dramatic but the group is just like “okay sure why not” - team is so chill about it
- Sam and Goodnight waxing poetics, using big words, dorks
- Billy swings his leg off of the horse from the front like a fucking ballet dancer lol
- Billy also takes the reigns of both he and Goodnight’s horse to lead it away and tie it up, Goodnight goes to join him after he introduces himself to Emma
- When Goodnight goes to introduce himself to Emma, Sam gives him that fond warning look like a big bro, like “don’t even think about it you charming bastard lol”
- Vasquez really likes to nap, he is like the first to sleep and last to wake up
- Goodnight actually shields a townsperson when they were all ducked inside the church from the first round of the gatling gun
- There is at least one African American man in the town who survives the fight, you see him in the background, also there’s one African American little girl who was among the kids being led back into town after the fight