lol at iker


En El Corazon De La Copa rewatch   The one where Isco can’t keep his hands off Alvaro 

The reason why it takes us so long to see any Seriker picture
  • Sergio & Iker : *taking selfies*
  • Sergio : *humming cheerfully while edit their selfies with a bizzare frame*
  • Iker : ffs sake Sese what is it with you and THOSE frame?!!!!???
  • Sergio : but it makes our pictures so pretty
  • Iker : no it's not, it's hideous
  • Sergio : it's not hideous
  • Iker : it is
  • Sergio : no it's not
  • Iker : SERGIO
  • Sergio : IKER
Euro 2016 Champions: Portugal!

I think by now you guys know that my fav teams have always been Spain and Germany. Spain naturally because I am a Real Madrid fan. So, when the final ended up being Portugal vs France, I was shocked because Germany was the best team in the tournament in my opinion but I was slightly bias towards Portugal because of Ronaldo and the fact that he plays for Real Madrid. So the win would still be in the family somehow even if my two fav teams were out. 

Then when the match finally started, he was injured 2-3 times and couldn’t play on. At first I thought oh it’s minor accident he’ll be okay but it just got worst to the point where he actually called himself off and cried too because it was the finals and he wasn’t going to play. I will never understand why some people make fun of him for crying. There is nothing wrong with a man crying about something he is so passionate about. It’s actually beautiful. I like a man who can cry and smile. It shows he has a heart and feelings. And in return, I started crying while watching him be carried off the field. It was so sad. He’s so passionate about football that all I thought was you have got to be kidding me!? Why is this happening now of all times? The entire mood in the stadium just went downhill from there. Even the commentators didn’t know how to express joy for the rest of the match. It was just a dull and bitter atmosphere. It was as if the winner had already been announced so there was no point in playing. I feel like losing Ronaldo to an injury right at the start of the game not only affected the Portugal players but the France players too. No great player should have to leave the field like that, beat them in the game, don’t injure them so terribly. 

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I’m really touched right now, excellent interview. Iker made it easier definately. Having a player of this dimension is a blessing. Who am I to talk about this football giant? (…) Iker, if you’re watching this, I know you haven’t done a huge save or won us a title yet, but, thank you Iker.
—  Porto Canal’s commentator Cândido Costa, after watching Iker Casillas’ interview live