lol at how i'm not even trying to do this every day

hey everybody! (-^ _____^-) i just want to pass on the good~feels a friend of mine gave me this morning! XD sometimes our anxieties and fears can get the best of us and we us forget just how much control we really DO have over ourselves, our lives, and the things and people we love. remember not to let “what if’s” rule your day. even if your goal is something as simple as getting out of bed~ do the best you can, and show yourself the same forgiveness that you show to others! you deserve kindness, love, and respect, just as much as every other human being ~ and deserve it from yourself too! <3 (^  O ^) take your meds, drink some water, and be sure to eat (^   w ^) good luck in all of your endeavours today! YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!! (7^  O ^)7


   Happy birthday to you,Jung TaekWoon, who owns the most important place in my bias list (what bias list? there is none! thanks for VIXX they’ve owned me totally) heart. I just want to say that I’m happy I was able to actually know the you who exists without pretenses;the you who may have a few words and smiles but is able to convey how thankul and sincere and caring you are towards us;the you who is always humble;the you who isn’t afraid to say what we did wrong;the you who encourages us when we’re having a bad day;the you who gives a lot;the you who shares his music and talent to Starlights and the you that always is sorry because you think you’re not giving enough (you give so much tbh).You always say that you do not deserve all the gifts you’ve been receiving but I think that you deserve every bit of it.You’ve been trying your hardest and you’ve been working so hard to show us new and improved stages and performances and we can’t thank you enough because with all of these,you have put us in mind.Thank you because you make us happy.

   Starlights exists because you (and VIXX) exists!I wish that you stay healthy and happy and blessed always.Changing is a part of life but I know that if you’re gonna go through it,it’ll be for the better.Thank you for sharing more smiles and laughs and happiness,take your time,Starlights will definitely wait for that time that you are able to shine much more brighter and become much more confident.

   Thank you for being born TaekWoon! Happy birthday!


CAROLIGHT FIC WEEK ~ 7th - 13th November 2016

HERE IT IS! The first Dwight x Caroline fic week! I know…. I’m super excited too!

So, for every day in the week after the finale there will be a prompt/theme for you to play with and post a fill of Dwight x Caroline fanfiction for! How exciting! 

No real rules, just write as creatively as you can for the themes as you like and post your wonderful work on the corresponding day. You can do every day, one day, a few days–as many as you want. It can be a drabble, a oneshot or even the first chapter of a multi-chapter!

7th November - MISSING MOMENTS - anything the series missed? A quiet, non-plot progressing scene you’d like to have seen? More forest encounters? That goes here!

8th November- ALTERNATE UNIVERSE/MODERN AUs- How would Dwight and Caroline look transplanted into modern times? Coffee shop AU? Or, keep in the time setting but change their story. What if they met in a different way? Or the elopement [sob] didn’t fail? 

9th November- CAROLIGHT WITH HORACE!- anything you want as long as it involves everyone’s favourite pug <3 

10th November- PINING IN THE TIME JUMPS/TIME APART- anything set in the times they’ve spent apart in S2–could be in the year between episodes 4 and 5 , the seven months between episodes 5 and 6–or if you can bear it, after they’re separated in episode 7 onwards :(

11th November- CAROLIGHT WITH THEIR FRIENDS/ENEMIES- the rest of the cast’s time to shine! Dwight talking to Demelza about his feelz? George being his usual snakey self and goading either of them about each other? Their relationship from Ray Penvenen’s perspective? Anything involving another character and Carolight is for this day.

12th November-  SMUT/INTIMACY– riding for pleasure as it were ;). If you don’t want to write smut (it IS hard to write PWP for the 18th century!), just interpret this as any kind  of intimacy, so physical intimacy that isn’t smut, or even emotional intimacy. It’s up to you.

13th November- WRITER’S CHOICE DAY!– You have free rein to do whatever kind of Dwight x Caroline takes your fancy or tickles your pickle!

These themes are guides for your writing to give you some ideas but don’t feel confined by them! Fic week is really just to build up the number of Caroline/Dwight fics we have so really… anything goes as long as you take part and post some fic! Again, you don’t have to do all of them, or even most of them. Anything you feel you can contribute will be much appreciated :)

Tag your work with ‘#dwight x caroline’/’#caroline x dwight’ or with either of their names and I’ll be sure to find it!

Let me know if you have any questions but other than that, get writing ready for fic week after the finale!