lol at his trunks

BTS As Things My Brother Has Said Pt. 2
  • Seokjin: Nobody’s allowed to use my Spider-Man spatula
  • Yoongi: Do you hear that? That is the sound of my soul dying because of your stupidity
  • Hoseok: I’m your hoe
  • Namjoon: *falls waist-deep into a hole of water in the glaciers* Well good thing I wore my waterproof pants today
  • Jimin: If I puff up my hair do you think it’ll add to my height
  • Taehyung: These caterpillars are the exact same shade as guacamole. But they are not one
  • Jungkook: The football team has started calling me “Ninja” because of how stealthy I am on the field. Oh, and also because I’m Asian
  • - Eden ≧◉◡◉≦