lol at her thinking that would work

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Tbh I feel like the only other member that could be a leader in Twice is Jeongyeon. Period. She'd be an awesome leader actually, but Im 100% glad my girl Jihyo got that place.-- But yeah, Nayeon could never be the leader cs (maybe its just me) I feel like the members at times dont respect her as an Unnie at all lol...which is fun to watch but if you think abt it its kinda sad...😕

It would be interesting to see Jeongyeon as a leader, and I definitely could see her in that role but it would probably stress her out. I feel like the reason the younger members don’t show Nayeon as much respect is because they like to joke around with each other, and Nayeon is known to behave like the adult maknae at times. But yeah I agree, she could potentially be a leader but it would be way too much hard work for her, and it would really restrict her playful personality I think.


Margherita Lucilla Siani - Overwatch OC: Overview

Ta-daaaa! This post has been stocked in my scraps for like… a decade! I’ve been changing things, names, dates so many times that I have issues myself to remember who and when. But we are finally here!

Some general, basic informations about my Overwatch Child, Margherita. It’s the first time ever I go this deep with an Original Character, so I really hope you like her! More infos, skins and backstory will come soon.

Fancy to tell me if you’d like to play as her? Ahah! I totally would!

I wrote more detailed explanations about her abilities, but I’m gonna hide the rest of the post since I talked too much. LOL

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I think the blog is called Gabbah

Oh you talking about his OC lily? ‘Cause that’s like part of her personality.

She doesnt mind being topless, she’s all outgoing and peppy.

I dont think that would work with any of the characters here.

Plus, I dont want to? This was mostly an excuse to draw fanart. lol

Seriously tho, when Mia in Resident Evil kept freaking out, she said that she could feel “her crawling her way back inside of me”…

doesn’t that sound like a thing mr.antisepticeye would do in said series i wonder?

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Light Me Up | Chapter 1 |

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Pairing: Vernon x OFC featuring S.Coups & Jeonghan

Genre: Fluff, angst, suggestive smut

Word Count: 2842

[ Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 ] + Moodboard

Summary:  Just as the moon had her scars and imperfections, so did she. And he loved every bit of it. To him, she was the moon that shone brightest in these rare moments. The moon who’s light had been dimmed. To her, he was the sun that would eventually, light her up in every way. Only she hadn’t accepted it yet. She hadn’t yet accepted the light slowly growing inside her chest, but it wouldn’t be long until she did.

“If you can love the wrong one so much, just imagine how much you can love the right one.”

A/N: ALRIGHT! It’s finally here! I have been working on this for weeks, maybe even a month lol. I think I got a little too many people excited for this. This is a little different from what I’ve previously written. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, I can promise you that. A huge thank you to @tookorean. Thank you for editing! You’re the best. Here’s a little present on my birthday to you all <3 Enjoy!

The colorful lights bounced around while the music swallowed the place whole, beating against her eardrums. This wasn’t anything new. She was more than used to this atmosphere.

Her uncle owned the club and about a year ago, he left her in charge as he took care of his other businesses. He trusted her enough, as she was of age and more responsible than any other twenty-one-year-old he’d met. She, respected him in return, treating him like her own father.

Besides, there wasn’t anything particular she planned to do with her life anytime soon. Any plans were washed away with her past relationship. She had lost her motivation and enthusiasm, burying both deeply within herself.

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I agree with you 100% about the murphy Abby thing. I don't think stealing medicine was about him "working on Abby" at all. If it was he would've given it to her and left. But he stayed the whole time and even tried to keep Raven from coming in to give them privacy. He wouldn't of let Raven say all those things to him without standing up for himself if he wasn't serious about what was happening. Murphy is a good man and him saying he did it to get on Abby's side is him lying to himself lol

Murphy is an imperfect man with deep flaws and great mistrust and horrible damage. He is self-interested and unreliable.

But at his core he believes in doing right.

I think his life broke him and caused him to lose faith in humanity and made him very very angry and vengeful.  He did terrible things and he did them not out of the goodness of his heart or because he thought they were right. He did them because he was angry and vengeful and wanted to cause pain like the pain he suffered.

Don’t romanticize his negative qualities. Because the truth is, if you look close enough, you can see the wounded little child in almost any harmful, abusive brute. A sad backstory is NOT enough to make it okay for people to harm others.

That said… we’ve seen John Murphy go on a moral journey where he learned to reject the system that hurt him and that he needed people, just like he needed love as a child. The moment when he rejected Jaha, who was offering all sorts of things, preferential treatment, an easy life, a father’s love, that’s when John Murphy proved himself to me as a traumatized, morally gray character who looked into the darkness of existence and said, “No. I choose to not do evil.”

Don’t you fool yourself that he couldn’t have gone the other way. HE COULD have chosen injustice and sacrificing others for his own survival and benefit, and he DIDN’T. 

He faced down his own demon, the man who floated his father, in fact, and he said, NO. I will not become the demon. I will be better. I will do better.

We talk about abuse a lot. About what it means to be from an abusive family, relationship, system. 

Do we talk about what it takes to recover? To not embrace that darkness? To stand up and say, what was done to me was wrong, and I won’t allow it to happen to anyone else. 

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I was thinking about Philip Schuyler and how he was very picky about his daughters' suitors. I think he turned down at least two (Church, Morton... ?) and they went ahead and eloped against his wishes. I guess I was wondering what you think Ham would have done if Philip had said "no" to him. I wonder if he would have accepted it or eloped with Eliza like the others did (and would Eliza have rebelled against her father and gone along with that?)

I’ve thought a lot about this (even have a whole AU worked out about it lol).

I actually think Eliza would be the more likely one to press for an elopement if her parents refused Hamilton’s request to marry her, since Angelica did it and got away with it and because we know her and Ham still thought about eloping, even after they were told not to. That decision, Ham left to her.  Of course, he had her parents’ permission already, so it’s more forgivable, I suppose.  

Ham going through with an elopement after being refused is a trickier thing.  Remember, he worked for Washington, who was good friends with Philip Schuyler (Washington is probably the one who told Schuyler Hamilton was a good kid and he should allow Alex and Eliza to marry).  If he pissed Philip Schuyler off, it might impact his job, especially with Schuyler close to Washington and Schuyler in Congress.  Or, god forbid, Washington steps in to try and soothe any tensions so he can keep his friend happy and keep his secretary.  It would be pretty bad for Hamilton to marry someone against her parents’ wishes and then lose his job when they don’t have family back up.  From his courtship letters, we know he was worried about being a good enough provider for her, and that’s when he knew the Schuylers were in his corner.  I don’t know if he risks Eliza’s happiness and security by risking this. Add to that he might think it dishonorable, could lose his job, etc., and I’m not sure if I see Hamilton willing to elope, much as it might break his heart to not be with her as he was clearly deeply, deeply in love.

But let’s say they do elope.

I think the relationship with her family depends then on why the Schuylers said “no.”  Was it the lack of money?  Was it his background?  What?

Because they didn’t like JBC because they knew nothing about him.  Meanwhile, Washington Morton (and Stephen van Rensselaer) came from good families (or in Stephen’s case, their own damn family) and the Schuylers still didn’t like them or think they were good enough.  Stephen may have been an age thing and was eventually forgiven and embraced by the family.  Washington never was.

So I think it depends on why they said no to Hamilton as to whether the Hamiltons are forgiven for eloping or not.

One of the big things that seemed to be a problem with Angelica and John’s elopement was their refusal to apologize until the grandparents steppe in and basically told Angelica and John to apologize and Philip and Catharine to accept it.  Things slowly warmed after that.  So the Hamiltons would have to start there.

I also think, though, that, like Cornelia, Eliza would be easily forgiven (more easily than Angelica was).  And Morton wasn’t, like, banned from the house!  They just never warmed to him.  Well, knowing what we do know about Philip and Hamilton’s relationship, I think eventually Philip would be won over by Hamilton.  Maybe they’re never as extremely tight as they were, but they seemed to vibrate at the same frequency and I think they’d find their groove and Schuyler would probably embrace him.  They agreed on much and got along perfectly and, let’s be real, as soon as that first grandson is named for him, Philip Schuyler turns into a softie.

So yes, that’s what I think might likely go down.

Now, the AU is like 100x more complicated and everything goes wrong because that’s more fun, of course. lol

I just realized that Drautus probably assigned Nyx to protect Luna so that Nyx would get attached to her somehow - so that he’ll eventually to lead the glaives to the Nif ship trap unknowingly. He knew Nyx would stop at nothing to rescue the princess, since he was the one with the “always wanting to save someone” attitude and somewhat blind to what was actually happening at first because he had a nice interaction with Luna earlier thay made some sort of bond, even if it’s short (there’s probably more interaction in the party that the movie didn’t show). And having bonded with her would just psyche him in just giving his best in rescuing her.

In other words, Drautus was technically a LuNyx shipper (LOL!!!), or at least played a subtle matchmaker for them, albeit for the wrong reasons xD.  I just imagined him thinking like “Ulric and the princess… hmmm… He’ll get attached to her and she’ll be perfect and charming around him. Nice. Perfect. It’ll work” And then when the party came and he saw Nyx giving her the hair pin he’d be like “Oh yes! I knew it! Even more perfect! I can already see the heart eyes.”

It’s probably just me and my shipping goggles but yeah… it’s hard not to think about it like that LOL. 

Don't get me wrong...

I love the MC in voltage games but sometimes I wish she wasn’t always the innocent, shy, clumsy, food loving girl! Like for once could she be classy or mature or flirty or confident to a fault. Like why can’t she love working out and being fit or be one who loves adventures and taking risks? Theres so many different and exciting hobbies she could have. I really think that would shape her into a deeper and more interesting character. Yes it’s cute that she’s so innocent that even a simple thing as brushing shoulders with the guy she likes sends her into a tizzy, but I’d like to see a time where she doesn’t react that way. Frankly it’s predictable. Like what if the MC is somewhat promiscuous? Where she’s the one who makes guys nervous instead of the other way around. I don’t know maybe I’m just rambling… Or complaining… But there’s so much room to be creative! The MC can be anyone and anything but yet she stays pretty much the same in each story! Lol maybe I’m just bored but just think about it! Who would you want to be if you were the MC?

Elia has a spine like a spear, and she breaks for no man, not even her husband.  If she cries, she hides it.  She would certainly have never shown it to Ashara.

As they ride south, Ashara looks at Arthur.  He rides beside Prince Rhaegar, his white cloak shimmering in the sunlight it seems.  Fine silk, brother, she’d told him when she’d first seen him wearing it.  He’d grinned at her.  It had been so soft to the touch—softer than a warrior should wear, she’d gone on to say, but Arthur had shrugged.  I don’t wear this one into battle—fear not, little sister.

He is a good man, fear not little sister.  That’s what Arthur had told her before she’d first been introduced to Prince Rhaegar.  He is my dearest friend, and clever as a cat.  He’d pressed her nose, as he had done when she’d been a little girl, and that had brought a smile to her face.  If Princess Elia was unknown to her, at least if she was to be in the royal household, her brother’s dearest friend was with her too.

He is a good man, Arthur had promised her, and so too, had she promised her princess when first she’d come to court, slim and sickly and guarded.  My mother told me that there are serpents at court, Princess Elia had confided one night while they’d both waited for sleep to take them.  It is true, Ashara had thought.  But what she’d said was what Arthur had told her.  Prince Rhaegar is a good man, and clever as a cat.  That had made her princess smile.  

Princess Elia rides in the wheelhouse with two other ladies.  You’ll want to ride with your brother, I’m sure, she’d said.  Ashara had ridden horseback north, why should she not south, but it had shaken her.  Does she think I would choose Rhaegar’s folly over her? Ashara had wondered, bewildered.  Had there been no one else there, she may well have asked, but there are serpents at court, and feeding the serpents can be dangerous.  So instead she inclined her head and mounted her horse, but even so, she could not bring herself to ride with Arthur and Rhaegar.

He is a good man, and clever as a cat, Arthur had promised her, pressing her nose.

Clever.  She could laugh.  How is it clever to present a laurel to a girl so young, not even yet a woman?  Perhaps he thought himself clever in doing so, but he was not.  He’d been stupid, and hardly a good man, and perhaps there were no good men in the world.  She looked at Arthur in his shimmering white cloak.  They are riding in silence, the two of them.  Arthur and Rhaegar, a stunning pair to behold, a more puissant pair of warriors the likes of which could not be found throughout the kingdoms.  

Are you so stupid as to think he is still a good man, brother?  She wonders.  For this—this is a damage he could never undo kind of stupid.  Perhaps he did not see it.  Perhaps he didn’t know, perhaps neither of them did.  But Elia’s spine was like a spear, and it was clear to Ashara if to no one else—a new kind of stupid.  A you didn’t think this through kind of stupid.

Princess Loreza had warned Elia that there were serpents at court.  Were not dragons a kind of wyrm?

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tbh if it were possible i think that Rebecca S. should be the only one to board/write episodes since she can at least draw and write her own characters correctly (tho with how lazy they do everything now i doubt there would be height consistency like there should be but they wouldn't be total off-model messes if she did like nearly all the boarding if she could lol)

That’d be ideal, but realistically I think she should take more control over how the art looks in each episode so then at least all the episodes would look more like her work even if it’s not drawn by her.

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Have you seen Modern Family? Haley, the oldest daughter of the het marriage in the show reminds me a lot of Jackie sometimes. When she opens her mouth I can't help but think "is this Jackie Burkhart's daughter or...?", that's how I imagine their girl. She looks a little like Mila to me lol

My brother is a big fan of Modern Family and I remember a scene were Haley goes for a job interview with an ass fashion designer I think? And the guy tells her off, so she comes back all angry and Jackie-like telling him she won’t go without her interview because she is perfect for the job. Then she tells him what is wrong with the outfit of the girl working there and she gets the job, lol. So yes, I can see were are going with that. 

And you are right! The actress does looks like Mila, I mean!!!

Hyde will have two grasshoppers to take care of and that drive him crazy. Maybe the girl would be like super secure in herself in some things, I mean, look at her parents, and have insecurities of her own like what if she doesn’t get to do something great like her mom did as a host in talk shows, what if she doesn’t find a great love of her life like her parents, or what if she doesn’t met her parents expectations, while Jackie and Hyde only want her to know they love her no matter what and that they will try support her doings like their parents never did for them.

I also imagine her to be a big daddy’s girl. I can see her saying something like “daddy will know about this!” to everyone, and she can’t take any big step without telling her da, but her biggest accomplice is her mom since she doesn’t want to disappoint daddy (without knowing Hyde would probably be pretty open about whatever she wants to do, unless he thinks is not good for her, but she is a good girl in general); so Jackie always knows where she is, with who she is, and what is she supposed to be doing, she would have that relationship she always wished to have with Pam: being her mother someone she respects, but also her friend, someone she can talk to when she needs her.

Imagine Eric burning Hyde because he become that dad, the kind of dad who lets his daughter do whatever to him and kind of agrees to everything she wants, but he denies it. Jackie knows better. What if he lets her paint his nails like Red lets Laurie? lol And Jackie takes pictures of it all.

GRUVIA :: Happy Halloween 2015!

I’m planning to do Fairy Tail Pairings as monsters (or Halloween creatures? Things??) to celebrate Halloween this year since I have so much time now..

Of course I would start with my favorite shipping (just in case I didn’t have time to do the rest T.T…! LOL!! I wanted any excuse to make my man a sexy vampire ;D

I was thinking of making Juvia a mermaid because it suits her more.. but a mermaid and a vampire? Not really a good mix?

I hope I finish the rest though T.T…

Up next (hopefully) :: Jerza, NaLu, GaLe

Their costumes will be a secret ;D

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Adeles album was truly not Grammy worthy compared to lemonade. Lol and seeing you go off on a rant about it makes it clear you missed the point of her thanking/dedicating it to Beyoncé. She didn't even feel like she deserved the win and no one forced her to say anything nor would think she's wrong if she didn't mention Beyoncé. Beyoncés been snubbed the award 3 years in a row when she's been nothing but deserving of it

No, I did not miss the point. I understand that Adele did not feel that she deserved to win, she adores Beyonce and respects the work that she does. I also understand that Adele believed that the award should have gone to Beyonce. Clearly you are the one who missed MY point of the post I wrote. 

What so many people fail to understand is the idea of raising someone higher does not mean pushing someone else down. I commend Adele for making her acceptance speech about Beyonce, that was very modest and humble of her, but I also feel that it is sad and disappointing that Adele does not realize the amount of talent that SHE has. This is not about putting down Beyonce’s album, or degrading the work she does, it is about wanting Adele to realize the positive impact SHE HERSELF has, how empowering her voice is and how much she matters in the music industry. 

I, and many others, just wanted to see Adele take rightful credit for what she deserved. It broke my heart that Adele did not feel confident enough in 25 to feel that she was worthy of the win, because she was. Not saying that Beyonce was not just as worthy, but saying that Adele TOO deserves this honor. Adele is has an outstanding voice, she writes beautifully and she moves the hearts of millions. 

When I said that Adele felt pressured to talk about Beyonce, I did not say she was forced to. If I was in Adele’s position, winning over a culture icon, I too would feel that the audience may feel angry, or feel that I wasn’t deserving. That’s what I believe A PART, not all of it, was a reason Adele did what she did. I believe that Adele may have felt it was necessary to praise Beyonce because she felt that not only was she not worthy of the award, but other people, like yourself clearly, believed it too. And that’s sad, because I am tired of people in society thinking that someone succeeding means has to be about everyone else being snubbed. 

Adele is allowed to feel proud without everyone telling her that she was not AS GOOD. Beyonce is equally as talented in her own way, and Adele winning does not take any of Beyonce’s success away from her, it is just commending Adele of the work SHE DID. 

So no, I did not miss the point. Adele is a beautiful, humble human being who admires Beyonce and did not feel that she deserved the award she won. But, I as a fan, would have wanted to see Adele take pride in her own work and acknowledge that she too is worthy of something beautiful. 

Sound of Madness

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Pairing: None yet
Word count: 2,025
Request: Anonymous. Hey! So I have a tall order. Could you write something, maybe a short series on the reader being thrown into season 11 and she’s seen every episode except the last one. So casifer captures her because he thinks she’s a seer because that’s the lie she told Sam and dean so they didn’t panic but luci ends up caring for her and just play around with what happens. Sam and dean care for her as a little sister but something like French mistake happened. Lol! Her and chuck talking would be funny!
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Part 1 of Fade to Black

The last thing you remembered was going out with your friends. It had been the last night of con, and you wanted one last night of fun before going back to work. You and your friends were chatting over getting pictures with the cast of Supernatural, getting autographs, and all the awesome cos playing you saw.

How the hell did you wake up in the back of… Baby…? Your eyes came in to focus as you looked around. Sitting up, you nearly screamed when you saw Jared sitting there. That couldn’t be right, though. Season eleven had finished. They were filming season twelve. “This is the weirdest dream ever.” You muttered.

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Speaking of Romancedy's love life, have there ever been any characters that you dearly wanted to ship with her?

Omg yes lol there are so many cool ponies that it’s hard not to be like “ Omg would they look cute together would it work? ” It’s embarrassing to me too cause you wanna draw art and are like “ oh no they’d think this is so weird. ” Let Romancedy kiss all you ponies #2017


Author’s Note: For some reason I was thinking about Soryu, and this happened.  (Things happen when I let my brain go wandering around lol)

It had been a long flight back to Dubai from Japan. He wished he could have taken her with him - he was certain Eisuke would have had no issue arranging for her to take time off her maid work, but he was still reluctant to involve her heavily in the politics of the Ice Dragons, so he had left her behind on this trip.

Rubbing at his eyes with thumb and forefinger, he stood out the front of the airport, the scent of exhaust fumes tickling his nose as cars idled nearby, waiting for their passengers.

“Boss!” came the energetic voice he had been awaiting, and Inui appeared before him, huffing slightly. “We’re parked over this way, Boss! Welcome home!”

The look of joy on Inui’s face was much like a puppy. It had been said before, but Soryu couldn’t help but acknowledge it again now that it was right in front of him. With a nod, he flicked his jacket over his shoulder and followed Inui to the car with tinted windows, seating himself in the back and giving a nod to Samejima, who was at the wheel.

“Boss.” Samejima said, a slight smile on his lips. Clearly he had been missed.

They talked shop briefly, but both Inui and Samejima could tell their boss’s mind was elsewhere, so the car eventually fell silent - and he was left to his thoughts of her smile, the way she carried herself, the fastidious manner in which she did her job. He had missed her terribly.

It was nearing midnight when he finally arrived home, and Inui and Samejima took off in the car after dropping him off, stating that they were ‘giving Boss and Princess time alone!’

They could be surprisingly considerate sometimes, he admitted.

He could see lights on inside as he shuffled in through the front door, slipping his feet out of his shoes and into his comfortable house slippers. The scuffing of little feet told him she was on her way to him.


There she was, her tiny frame launching toward him and her arms squeezing him as tightly as she could. He returned her embrace, letting his fingers comb through the ends of her hair.

“I’m home…” he murmured, and they shared a gentle kiss, their lips lingering afterward, as if to say they missed one another.

“Welcome home!” she chirped, looking altogether bright eyed despite the lateness of the hour. “I made you food, please come and eat…”

Soryu’s nose already knew what to expect, he had smelled it the moment he entered the house. He had a weakness for her omelettes, and she knew it - he could almost taste the fluffy eggs as he followed her into the dining room, and he couldn’t help but smile at seeing everything set up on the table…along with two extra place settings.

“Inui and Samejima won’t be joining us tonight,” he told her, and she looked half-relieved, half upset. “I’m sure I can eat their share, though.”

That brightened her expression, and she quickly re-plated the food. It was, as always…perfection. He could eat her omelettes forever, especially when she looked so happy to see him enjoy her cooking.

After dinner, they curled up together on the couch to watch a detective movie she had rented just for him. Soryu found himself getting dragged into the plot, and - clenching his fists during the action scene - he gazed at her to see if she was doing the same…but saw she had closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. A wry smile appeared on his lips.

He wasn’t surprised, if he was being honest. Just looking around the room he could tell she had been cleaning furiously in preperation for his arrival and waiting up for him. And she likely hadn’t slept the night before due to excitement, or worry.  That was simply the kind of woman she was, and he loved her for it.

Her head on his shoulder was a comfortable, soothing weight. Shifting slowly to be able to hold her properly and rest his cheek against the top of her head, he inhaled the gentle fragrance of her shampoo, the movie forgotten.

In her warmth, surrounded by her little gestures of love. Love he hadn’t known until he met her.

This was home.

More fanfics at my MASTERPOST!

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can we talk about how the best dads in the universe (rafael & sonny in case ya don't know lol) would be when elisa got her first period? Like how they'd behave & react but also how she'd behave because i love me some elisa. thanks 4 being awesome!

I love me some Elisa, too, anon, I was actually thinking about her and her daddies a whole let today. (’:

Okay, but luckily Elisa has super awesome aunties who have made sure that she knows all about how her body works, so when she does get her first period, she’s not completely freaked out and confused about what’s going on.

Literally, she just pops her head out from behind the bathroom door and says, in a quiet voice, “Umm, daddy? I think I got my period.”

Sonny is super dad who runs down to the nearest convenience store to grab a gigantic box of pads/simultaneously texting Rollins about how, “Omg my baby girl is growing up Amanda!!!” while Rafael sits outside of the bathroom door, talking to Elisa through it about random things just to get her mind off of the whole situation.

Once Sonny gets back to the apartment he shows Elisa how to use the pads because he’s figured out that much, thank you very much. 

Sonny and Rafael go just a teeeeeensy bit overboard the first night, constantly asking Elisa if she needs anything for pain or if she wants some ice cream, but Elisa just appreciates it and tells her dads no with a big smile.

The next day, auntie Amanda comes over and teaches Elisa how to use tampons, because as much as Sonny and Rafael love to be a part of every step in their daughter’s life, that’s one thing that they sure can’t teach her how to do, lol.

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lol I just realised how caroline is only "working" when it's convenient to the story line. Like in season 7 she was the anchor for her channel, shouldn't we be seeing more episodes of her on tv and she's reporting what's actually happening but has to change it up a bit to keep the news off Stefan's trail, like I think that would make the show a liittle bit better than her going to report some stupid events whatever it was at the high school

RIGHT. Like can we actually see her at WORK? And this season she’s only in the office to look at footage to find Damon. Like?!