lol at collarbones

Dress code

I got dress coded because my bra strap was showing and too much of my shoulders were showing, So while teacher was talking to me my BFF looked around and saw a our friend Brandon (he’s the hot guy in our class)who has muscular arms and shoulders so she tipped on that teachers shoulders and shouted “OMG!! BRANDON’S SHOULDERS ARE TOO SEXY FOR MY BRAIN TO WORK!!!! HE HAS TO COVER UP AND PUT A PAPER BAG ON HIS HEAD OR ELSE I GET DISTRACTED!” Brandon saw her staring and shouted"I DIDN’T MEANT TO BE DISTRACTING FOR GIRLS IN PUBERTY" the teacher just was really angry and was about to shout when my French teacher (his wife) came and whispered him “If you don’t shut up about the whole bra strap, Shoulder and collarbone dress code for girls then I will make you pay. A lot.” He calmed down looked terrified and left. Was a good day.

Also, to the anon who requested the collarbone fic: thank you so much for allowing me to waste all my time just staring at his collarbones bc yes holy fuCK he’s got good collarbones and i had completely forgotten 

Bert carrying his girl’s guitar~ (this looks better in my notebook i swear)

my favorite thing:

someone posts a picture of themselves at two different weights, i.e. either overweight vs. underweight or a ‘healthy’ weight vs. underweight…

“you might not believe it 😮 but BOTH OF THESE PEOPLE (me, they’re both me, look) had eating disorders 😮i was JUST as unhealthy in this ~normal weight picture as i am in this picture where i’m severely emaciated!!! 😮 no, i clearly don’t realize that you, another eating disordered individual, are still gonna focus on my protruding collarbones!! this is ✨educational ✨ so it’s okay!! anorexia doesn’t have a size!! but look at my collarbones lol”


I like how his first sentence is “I want to see your collarbones" not the expected “Nice collarbones.” No, that wouldn’t be weird enough. Instead, the MC walks into the room wearing a high-cut shirt, and Luke is immediately down to business like, "Collarbones! Now! Let me see ‘em!”