lol at collarbones

Dress code

I got dress coded because my bra strap was showing and too much of my shoulders were showing, So while teacher was talking to me my BFF looked around and saw a our friend Brandon (he’s the hot guy in our class)who has muscular arms and shoulders so she tipped on that teachers shoulders and shouted “OMG!! BRANDON’S SHOULDERS ARE TOO SEXY FOR MY BRAIN TO WORK!!!! HE HAS TO COVER UP AND PUT A PAPER BAG ON HIS HEAD OR ELSE I GET DISTRACTED!” Brandon saw her staring and shouted"I DIDN’T MEANT TO BE DISTRACTING FOR GIRLS IN PUBERTY" the teacher just was really angry and was about to shout when my French teacher (his wife) came and whispered him “If you don’t shut up about the whole bra strap, Shoulder and collarbone dress code for girls then I will make you pay. A lot.” He calmed down looked terrified and left. Was a good day.

Bert carrying his girl’s guitar~ (this looks better in my notebook i swear)


I like how his first sentence is “I want to see your collarbones" not the expected “Nice collarbones.” No, that wouldn’t be weird enough. Instead, the MC walks into the room wearing a high-cut shirt, and Luke is immediately down to business like, "Collarbones! Now! Let me see ‘em!”

Collarbones (RoyalChaos One Shot)

I let out a load groan of annoyance, flicking my eyes over to the larger man pacing around his small bedroom, phone pressed firmly to his ear. Dissapointed with the lack of reaction, I raise my tone, earning a slight warning look from his brown eyes. 

“Chilly,” I complain quietly, sitting up on the bed, crawling to the edge and walking slowly over to him, letting my hand rest on his large bicep. He had been on a call with Ebay’s costumer service for almost an hour about a box of Yu-Gi-Oh cards he had bought a while back that never came. Unsurprisingly they hadn’t been that helpful and he was on hold for a third of the time he’s been on the phone, and personally I was bored out of my mind without his company. “Anthony.”

He shakes his head in my direction, turning his back away from me, making me pout slightly with rejection, determined to get at him now. With my other hand by my side, I use it to reach up and roughly grip onto his shoulder, digging my nails softly into his firm skin, biting at the exposed skin on his other shoulder. Thank god for his love for muscle tanks. 

“Steven,” His voice was mostly likely supposed to come out as a warning but came out more as a growl that reverberated through his ribs and my teeth. I hum innocently, continuing to nip and suck softly on his freckled shoulders. “I’m on the phone.”

“Hang up,” I say quickly before using his shoulders to pull myself up a bit higher to reach the nap of his neck, licking it softly to clear his skin before continuing to work at his soft skin, finally getting a soft moan out of his, making me smirk with accomplishment, but also turning me on a bit more. I slowly grind my hips into the back of him. 

“Z-Ze, I’m not kidding, I need to finish this call,” His voice was already breathless and shaky, making it obvious I had my way with him now, I could do anything now, he was putty in my hands. 

I take a step back, coming to stand in front of him to find his face red and eyes dark. “Alright,” I nod, giving him a smile, but taking a step forward, pressing my lips lightly to the skin closest to his ear, whispering. “But I’ll be finishing up my business here, feel free to continue your call.”

He shivers under my touch and I let my hand trail along the band of his boxers that were slightly peaking over his khaki shorts. “Oh-Uh-Hi, yes, Hello,” A breathless stutter comes from above me making me curiously raise my head to stare at his flushed face and fluttering eyelashes, a smirk consuming my lips when I realize just what was going on. This just got ten times more fun..

I roughly grab the evident bulge growing uncomfortably in Chilled’s pants, making him softly moan which he tried to cover up with a cough. “Uh, sorry, coming down with something, what were you saying?” He mumbles into the phone, giving me a pleading look, only making me press my palm more into him, making his eyelids close, as I begin to suck onto his collarbones, making him break out into a full blown moan throwing his head back giving full access. 

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” He says quickly into the phone before hanging up and setting it on the desk behind me. 

I look up curiously, only for a moment before I feel two strong large hands grab onto my wrists and my feet stumble below me. 

White plastered wall and my back meet, opening my closed eyes I meet the dark lust filled boy eyes from the man staring down at me. “That was very naughty Ze,” He begins to bite my earlobe, working his way down my neck. “I could’ve gotten into a lot of trouble because of you.”

Letting out a hopeless moan, arching my back against the wall and into his rough kisses. “You should be punished,” He growls. 

“God, I should interrupt you during calls more often.”